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  1. You mean you asked her if you could wear her pants?
  2. Frequent the WOTLABS channel IG, it's where I got my initiation into learning the game behind the game.
  3. I should've never posted this here... All I want for Christmas is a Type 59.
  4. I cant access WG from work, what is the "Contender" mission set?
  5. You're going to get many opinions on this topic so stand by. Mine is wait until you're at T8. T8 is where you should really be putting it all together as you probably have crews that are at a minimum 2 skills/perks, and you have a working knowledge of AMPV (armor/map/pen/vision). Most clans at least want to run stronks, so having a viable collection of T6s and T8s is usually imperative to decent clan membership. JM.02c *edit... many clans are "okay" with TS lurking. If you had a bud in a decent clan, maybe he asks leadership if he can "friend" tag you, and then hang out there socially. Don't be a boob or an ass, and you'll become a regular to them, and play with players much better then what you might find in a low tier clan.
  6. From WG... Historically, Gladiators were allowed to keep any prizes or gifts they were given during gladiatorial games, and we are offering you the chance to win prizes in conjunction with our Gladiatorial Arena mission: "Contender". Start time and date: 6-26-2015, 9:00am PDT End time and date: 06-29-2015, 4:20am PDT Finish the Mission "Contender" to enter into a random drawing to Win either a Type 59, AT 15A, Gold, or Premium Time! 5 tank, premium time, and gold prizes for a total of 15 Prizes! 2 winners will recieve the Type 59! 3 Winners will recieve the AT 15A! 5 Winners will recieve xx gold! 5 Winners will recieve xx Premium Time! One entry per mission completion! This means that if you complete the mission "Contender" 25 times, that's 25 entries! Please take a screenshot of the mission counter screen and post it here for your entry. One image per post please. If you would like to enter your first mission completion, please post the screenshot. For your 2nd, 5th, etc.. Please just replace your original sccreenshot with the new one. The mission counter will keep track of the amount of times you completed the mission, so only one image is needed. The image requirements are as follows: format —JPEG, PNG, or GIF; resolution — between 800x600 and 1024x768 pixels; size — up to 700 KB. Good Luck! ---------------------------------- The topic can be found here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/449634-mission-contender-contest/unread/
  7. I am constrained by my employers limitations on computer/internet capabilities. Blame Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen.
  8. All paint chips are edible... Especially the ones below...
  9. What do you think you're doing right now?
  10. What are your future interests? College, education, career... Interning in something that branches off your above three is a great way to gain insight. Just remember that intern usually means free...
  11. This would make sense as the top gun on the IS-8 is the same gun as the IS-4...maybe a plan is afoot to give the IS-4 a better gun? You won't have to worry about unlocking the gun on the IS-4...provided you haven't sold it on the IS-8. And I wouldn't count on WG giving you anything but fits (and crappy T1 or T2 tanks).
  12. Google translate would even have trouble translating that gibberish.
  13. Most of us have done it. The charm, the new tank smell, the speed, the agility, the BACK TO THE GARAGE... In time grasshopper, in time.
  14. My point...you played the T-44 cautiously, smartly. The T-54 has made you throw caution to the wind.
  15. What is it with boogers on the walls in the men's bathrooms above the urinals? Do guys actually wipe them there, or are they just sneezed there? WTF...



      People wipe them there. The bathroom at my work is littered with boogers. I like to play connect the dots while I pee. No, I don't put them on the wall myself. That's rood.

  16. Think of it in this manner... Point #1: The T-54 is great at T9s, and decent at T10s. It can still do good work at T10. Point #2: The T-44 is good-great at T8, not great at T9, and in most hands fodder at T10. The speed of the T-54 can feel mesmerizing as you swerve and dance around other tanks at your tier and above; you're not as cautious as you would be in the T-44 as the T-44 is outclassed above it's tier, whereas the T-54 is not. My guess without watching is that your over-extending too early on.
  17. What he said^. A large community with plenty of room to grow. Come to the Mafia website and find the clan that best suits you right now http://www.jklmafia.com/
  18. You should do what you want to do, and not worry about others. No matter what you do, there will be someone to condescend, critique, ridicule, vent, rage, complain, attack, stalk, or spam chat to you. Just enjoy the game while you can.
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