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  1. Thanks for the tips; I will ruminate and cogitate on these equations. lol - and perhaps just give up on the damn things....it's just not fun aiming and missing - despite planning and positioning. But I'll take all this on board, Thanks a million,
  2. Do you feel indebted to War Gaming - since without WoT - your celebrity status would not have taken off. (I can imagine you on some midnight celebrity show - like GamesMaster...LOL)
  3. I've been a lover of the tanks and that explains my huge 30k battles, but still mediocre Win performance. Lately with these missions - I've been wanting to play RT more seriously since I've never really played them before with any amount of dedication. To my horror and frustration - I find them still impossible to play with any amount of consistency. I've even gone and installed that RT mod, which helps a little - but still the aiming is aggravatingly impossible to learn. What I'd like to know - is - is there actually a way to aim reliably with RT - or are you completely at the mercy of RNG; w
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