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  1. Well, it's been ages since I posted here. Just as an update, World of Tanks: Generals officially closes its servers on April 15. Some Russian guys are re-making the game in Unity if you wanted to try this out again. The Russian site is https://vk.com/directive901 and the US site is https://www.facebook.com/directive901/. They've posted a YT video of a late alpha build, so I assume it might be playable in the near future If you liked WoTG but hated how Persha killed it, maybe it can live again.
  2. http://wotgenerals.eu/en/news/pc-browser/general/development-stopped/ Just in case anyone is still interested in this game.
  3. Listen, don't confuse me with your facts. This is an opportunity to make WoWP jokes! That's so 2014!
  4. Probably going to be waiting a long time on this one... BUT in the meantime you can log into WoWP and spend that gold!
  5. For a brief time, I thought having a game focused on minion combat, but then making it more interesting by having a grid would be a good mechanic to add to a digital card game. Then I found Duelyst, which does the same thing with the grid concept but actually made an interesting game with a deep card pool (still in open beta and fathoms deeper than Generals) and multiple game modes... and it's from an indy developer!
  6. Yea, imbalanced, riiiiight. Just like how they made all tier I HQs identical; how can it be unbalanced if it was completely symmetrical? How can Persha be so bad at game dev and still get new titles to work on? All these stupid changes actually buffed the mindless aggro suicide decks. Without equipment, you lose the ability to mulligan for defensive squads or even just play the equipment that protects your HQ for 1 turn. Don't forget the removal of the cheap, effective defensive squad that everyone used to have access to from day 1. I've only lost 4 games so far (plus 1 to disconnect
  7. Yup. They dropped a patch that nuked another batch of low tier cards, but added in 24 new tier 8+ cards! You know, the ones that take a decade to grind (or just $$$) at a tier no one is playing while everyone else just lost even more cards from an already thin card pool. It's funny, removing all these low tier cards is probably their strategy to get more people to spend $ to get to the "interesting" cards. The end result will most likely be a swift death, just like what Persha did to WoWP: 75% loss in population within the first year.
  8. Persha is the dev team for WoWP, so that should color your expectations appropriately. And yes, the grind is atrocious and for everything, not just new HQ. They tried to bill the game as having no "RNG packs", but instead they put in the same grind and tier system that they use to monetize all WG games. The game has (some) potential, but it is very very far from achieving it especially when other online card games are already there. If you like Generals' gameplay with a battle board and moving units around, check out Duelyst. It does everything that Generals (tries) to do but way bet
  9. What do you expect from Persha? No prior announcement of a release date, no notice when they did pick a release date, and they didn't even put a notice up on the Tanks portal. No one is even playing enough to find out how bad it is.
  10. With 0 prior warning and no pre-orders available, WOTGenerals is now live for NA (and no longer "beta" elsewhere). They completely gutted the early game, taking numerous free basic cards and putting them into the tech tree at a higher tier. They also took many low tier cards and put them in higher tier HQs. The end result is 0 variety in tier 1 decks with almost nothing besides basic cards. Also, deck size for tier I is now 30 since there are so few cards. Enjoy grinding just to get access to the already limited card pool! Long Live Persha!
  11. It is very low on strategy at the moment. There are very few things to do within the game. Most cards are just basic tanks that attack and take damage, some have a few keywords, but there is very little card text. It is definitely much lower in complexity than Magic and even lower than Hearthstone. The fact that is follows the typical WG monetization scheme with tiers and grinds and premium will probably kill the game before it ever really goes anywhere. And Persha is developing it, the same team that failed with WoWP. It's a fun little game to dick around with, but not worth any $$$
  12. Par for the course for Persha: another month rolls by with 0 communication on what is going on with game development.
  13. Total speculation here, but the bots have to be on the level of the general pubbie. If they are "good" bots and pubbies get wrecked, then there will be huge outcry. The pubbies have to be able to beat the bots, which means they are going to be terrible bots. What if they just take the current bot AI they have in game and put them into PvP? That would be worse than 3v3 battles with no bots. For the maximum WG screw-job, watch the bot kills not count for missions
  14. LOL bots in PvP mode now in the super test. I guess there's too much pride on the line to just pull the plug, huh?
  15. That's the thing, they got everything right a one point during the game's development, but never at the same time. IF you could Frankenstein's-monster-together the controls, MM, flight model, weapon characteristics, etc into one coherent package with the best of each from alpha/beta/release, it would be a playable (perhaps even enjoyable) game. Instead, they continuously tinkered with every aspect of the game whether or not that aspect was working, so the end result is shit.
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