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  1. Picked up one of these with the trade in deal going on now on NA, I love it. First mark within 30 games, which is probably a personal best of mine. Mobility is enough, view range (especially with food) isn't 445 but at tier 6 it's workable, the chassis is a pretty narrow target. Getting penned by HE and absolutely wrecked by arty is annoying, that's any lightly armored tank. The gun handles pretty well, has good penetration, and 600 clip potential in 4 shots/6 secs is really solid. Lovely practice for autoloaders and pretty fun in its own right. Just wait for a good opportunity, play
  2. The only reason for the 13 75 to exist is to pad stats. Bad players like me get 3k WN8, with 1 clip of APCR loaded. It isn't absolutely terrible, the main issue is that the tank is the closest to a pure scout in a game where scouting in and of itself is nearly dead. Good LTs need to have the firepower to actually leave their mark when they are flanking or rushing, and the AMX 13 75 just doesn't have that.
  3. Shaming myself for a 5.8k 9 kill loss in my Pershing. I'm not good enough to carry this much dammit.
  4. Just triple marked the T20 a couple days ago. Can't wait for mah bb to go HD. T20 USA MT 7 248 58.47% 1238 98.38 1.89 1.1 71% 622 154283 2129
  5. T20 HD model is coming. Oh yeah bby.
  6. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to mount a spall liner on a CDC.
  7. Fatton for first tier 10, here I come. Pershing pen buff is also nice.
  8. Echo_Saber


    Can confirm Pershing is gud tank. Gun depression and good gun handling, combined with the trollish gun mantlet, make it a very comfy tank to play.
  9. Glorious. What is your secret to such effective chemo? :^)
  10. Bringing this thread back from the dead because the T20 deserves it. Speed, camo, gun depression, fire control, alpha, lolpen APCR, view range. This tank has it all, and it's incredibly comfy to play. Got my second mark within 150 games in it, fastest ever for me. Definitely a keeper.
  11. Echo_Saber

    T-28E F-30

    Just oneshotted one in my Bishop this morning. Yes, I'm cancer.
  12. Shaming this fail platoon of griefing shitters. They all have under 500 games, and only one of them above 75. Saw them in two games today. One I'm happy with the result: ...and the other not so much.
  13. Whether or not a player is new, bad performance is bad performance, and there is no need to sugarcoat it.
  14. Hahaha, no. I've been lurking around here for a while, it's just a total coincidence that he made a video mentioning Wotlabs the day I signed up. Total coincidence. :^)
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