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  1. The thing that helped me the most , is conserving your hitpoints. For example: If i play a game in my T-54 and i´m on a map not good for the tank , say westfield (top spawn south side) let´s say you try to poke the ridge and get shot by a JDPZ E-100 for 900 hp. there are a number of things you coud do. 1. stay at the ridge and try to get spots of on the heavies revealing as little of the tank as possible (doing this it´s verry important not to stick around to fire at anything) i personally wouldn´t do this , unless that flank is being pressured and you need to get spots off to s
  2. i have a 960 i can max the game at 60 fps with some framedrops here and there , so a 970 should be good for just playing the game . if you want to record stuff live or stream he might want to get a GTX 1000 series GPU
  3. Hello, i have recently gotten the T-54 , however my results havent been that good (this is my first "real" tier 9 medium), im not sure if it is becuase the holiday teams are screwing my gameplay over or it's becuase this is my first tier 9 medium. Here's a replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3197388#karelia-jellefly12-t-54 Also i'd like to note that i have been having shitgames scince this weekend so that might be a reason why i am not doing so well in it - Jellefly
  4. hello, How do i get decent results during this period in my games. i dropped from 1900 recent wn8 54% to 1780 52% in just 2 days i mean i cant make any progress because of these shitgames i get and these stupid teams Any suggestions on how to avoid the xmas potatoes? -jellefly
  5. A game i had in my pz III/IV and i would like to know what i could have done diffrent to win this game Link: http://wotreplays.com/site/3161622#live_oaks-jellefly12-pz_kpfw_iii_iv - JelleFly
  6. Hi , I've been having some really really really shitgames today and i cant get out of them doesnt matter what i do / what tank i play i cant get decent results (with a few lucky exceptions) so here's one of them in patriot: http://wotreplays.com/site/3142805?secret=d5d5b4d16ec82b64c159485083c2855f The reason why i poked is to try and get them to bounce on the turret but i think i had to go to far over and it's pretty pointsless just sitting there doing nothing. The next is with crommy on mines in a T8 game with no map control so i cant flank . i tried to
  7. And how am i suposed to do damage if i have to sit back and wait for something to happen I guess its just bad luck... scince ive tried to get betetr the onley thing thats happend is that i got more shit . my this is the 3rd day my daily wn8 has gone down by 200
  8. Hello, need some help . started off pretty good but its just like the game decided i wasnt going to do well today ... Keep having these stupid 1 damaging shot games http://wotreplays.com/site/3065253#mountain_pass-jellefly12-t-34-3 - Jelle
  9. hello, I'm looking for someone to help me play more consistently. I either do well or dont do well at all . (doing just average doesn't happen that often) Also . platooning with me or helping me figure out what went wrong in the bad matches as my results deviate a lot from my (recent) average (both ways...) here's an example of that deviation with my T-34-3 bad Match: http://wotreplays.com/site/3065253#mountain_pass-jellefly12-t-34-3 (this one is from today) Good match: http://wotreplays.com/site/3062568#winter_himmelsdorf-jellefly12-t-34-3 I also tend
  10. Hello, My name is jelle ign: jellefly12 . I want to get serious about getting better @ tanks . So i figured the best way would be to find me a clan where i can do this i can do TS and am almost 17 . Any suggestions would be welcome. - Jelle
  11. Welcome. I'm a newbie aswell! Good you finally decided to get onto the Wotlabs forums! Something that i just got advised and i already noticed that i'm doing morre damge a/game: And about you being a scrub...I have just about 14,5K games on my name , so don't complain lol Wish you good luck here and may you learn a lot If you have got any tips for me (Beause your stats are better then mine...) Please Send me a PM ~Jelle
  12. Hello, My name is Jelle (ingame name JelleFly12) I've been playing for years . and have just come back to the game from a one-year break. My god did the game change a lot in that year I've about 15K games on my name as of this post, but my preformace in some games is just bad.... I'd like to become better. (as i said 15K games. i know most of the game mechanics) But heres the problem. I have no idea how to become any better. and how i should play.SHould i be sticking to all the others and be verry agressive. Or should i play verry careful and support the flank with the least number of allie
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