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  1. Ah the joys of the wot NA forums, talking to a guy who doesn't understand why I berate him for "suiciding because I don't like the map". 

  2. Bro you ever thought to yourself that maybe the reason people don't like you is because you make yourself out to not be liked.
  3. Stuck wondering how to break the mold and go from 2600 wn8 to 3k+.

    1. hazzgar


      Don't grind your credits in tanks super unis like :D

    2. Strigonx


      light tanks

  4. I think if I had a luck skill in life it would be maxed out. I make bad trades because I am damage hungry and want to get as much as I can in a short time but usually I do this as a cost of throwing HP away for no damage at all. Before this thread I never heard of "game plan". I usually just go wherever I think I want to do at the time, trying to get early shots which I admit are really risky. You were commenting on the Paris game about how the bush right next to me would've been better. I know about that bush but I'm never comfortable with bush mechanics because I don't use them properly and usually die trying. My aim right now is 3K a game and I get frustrated when I don't make that. With decisiveness and making the call to do something, my clan mates point out that I am really undecisive. I'm afraid of making plays to other sides of different maps because I usually just play that singular side all game. I have very little variation from game to game. I have to admit also that the M48 Patton until recently was up there with my most hated tier 10 medium in the game.
  5. Looks like my replays like to be retarded just like the person that made them. RIP
  6. Why do I picture the Chadadome as an under ground fighting ring now. Last post off topic in this thread btw sorry.
  7. Dougchadadome @echo9835 found it browsing youtube made me laugh for a good few minutes.
  8. That sucks @kolni, thank you for continuing despite these frustrating and angering crashes.
  9. Was probably the most autistic day in wot I’ve had in a while. Some how though it was still enjoyable despite the mind numbing teams (pushing 9 tanks down the beach in overlord for some reason). With a little reservations I can say this has been a pretty fun period in WoT for me. Quite a few things to fix but still fun for the most part. Although keeping in mind I don’t play a whole lot outside clan activities. The occasional random pub honestly doesn’t seem that bad. At least better than the Type 5 Heavy and obj 268 v 4 meta.

  10. Not so much damage wise but for some reason I've been losing a lot more games recently, I was wondering if you could critique me and my games to see what I could've done to win. The first one is a bad one on fishbay. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5308309#fisherman_s_bay-thetrojanwarrior-m48a5_patton The second one is a game on Redshire, good damage but I have a feeling that I could've done more to win this battle. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5308310#redshire-thetrojanwarrior-object_907 The third is a game on overlord. Not sure what I could've done here. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5308312#overlord-thetrojanwarrior-m48a5_patton The fourth game was on Paris. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5308313#paris-thetrojanwarrior-m48a5_patton The fifth game was on Mali. Good damage but a loss because I didn't know how to dig out the a line camp after we won the hill http://wotreplays.eu/site/5308315#malinovka-thetrojanwarrior-m48a5_patton This session was really bad win rate wise. I only won 1/7 games during this session and it was really off putting.
  11. So that was a fun NA play off to watch. 

  12. Oh man I just got the leopard 1(free because blue prints) and played a few games in it (only like 3-6) but I’m loving it. The things a damn railgun and does a meaty amount of alpha damage.

    1. Kymrel


      Yeah, I only bought the Leo post-buff after having it unlocked forever and it quickly became my favorite tier 10 tank. The gun is orgasmic.

    2. kariverson


      I find the gun unreliable as I mentioned in a recent rant lol. I don't know some games it just consistently misses everything. 

    3. TheTrojanWarrior


      Understandable the rng can fuck with you quite a lot but the gun for me is 10/10 I cant complain. The speed, gun, and camo make this tank probably my favorite tier 10 to play in pubs and clan wars.

  13. 75 loot boxes new year: E75 TS x2 double barreled Blyant mobile x2 SU 130-pm _______________________________________________ firefly vc Icantspellitsnameandamtolazytolookitup panther sexton 1 tier 2 wheely boi x3 _______________________________________________ Well over 50k+ gold well over 3.5 million credits more than 50 days of premium and all of the styles available _______________________________________________ I am very happy with the results of this years boxes.
  14. I had a lot more fun recently that I did in the entirety of 2018 while playing (that was my dead year where I almost quit World of Tanks, but like a drug it brought me back in craving more). Could be that I'm actually platooning with clan mates and playing relaxed now that I'm not focusing on stats (at least not as much as I use to). I don't know I think it has definitely gotten better recently.
  15. I have to say, I love the redesign of the player statistics page and how smooth it looks along with a lot of helpful information regarding what nation you do well with and what tank class you do well with. 

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