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  1. I had a lot more fun recently that I did in the entirety of 2018 while playing (that was my dead year where I almost quit World of Tanks, but like a drug it brought me back in craving more). Could be that I'm actually platooning with clan mates and playing relaxed now that I'm not focusing on stats (at least not as much as I use to). I don't know I think it has definitely gotten better recently.
  2. I have to say, I love the redesign of the player statistics page and how smooth it looks along with a lot of helpful information regarding what nation you do well with and what tank class you do well with. 

  3. At this point I'm looking just to return my tier 10s to +50% instead of the 45%-50% they're at now.
  4. In most of my tier 9 tanks have a 50%+ win rate and I do really well in them, but when I step up to tier 10 I absolutely suck ass at them. I cant win in them, carry in them, or make myself valuable to the team in them. I don't understand why this is and how I can make myself stop sucking at my tier 10's. The most recent examples would be: WZ 111 1-4 step up to WZ 111 5a Conqueror step up to Super conqueror I need help with this and hoped that the players on wotlabs can explain and help me with this issue.
  5. going back and rewatching my last stream, my stream kept freezing on for the viewers during certain points in the gameplay like whenever I shot what is this caused by and how can I prevent this. Also my fan on my computer is the loudest thing in the world (I swear this fan could drown out a whole orchestra of russians playing the soviet anthem) so as you can imagine my mic picks the noise up pretty easily. I don't have many friends in game that I have chemistry with (I dont work well with them) so would it just be better to solo pub it?
  6. Question number 3: Would anyone here be willing to watch my stream to tell me what I could do to improve?
  7. Would it help if i had a friend that would play with me in platoons?
  8. I have installed streamlabs obs and it has helped a lot considering I've never edited anything before. I'm not funny for most people to watch and there are a lot of better players to watch than me playing the game. I'm indeed in trouble for streaming it would appear but I guess that gives me more reason to improve my gameplay. Thanks for the tips .
  9. So I've just downloaded a program called OBS and I want to try my go at streaming world of tanks and other games. How ever I have no idea where to start and how to actually be able to be entertaining to people if they watch my streams. My talking mostly consist of off the shot comments that aren't even funny. With that being said I would like to get a few pointers on streaming if anyone has any.
  10. I do feel the attacking side has a disadvantage. I have yet to win one game from the attacking side and have won all of mine from the defending side.
  11. And just when I started to regain faith in wargaming with this new gamemode here comes you to smack me down again .
  12. I think wargaming did a really good job with this game mode. It stands out as one of the most fun things I can do in wot right now. It almost feels like this should become the standard game mode if they only added more maps to it and now I have a place to escape to and play my tier 8's in without having to worry about getting blasted by the OBJ Iambraindead v4. I will use the gamemode to grind out all the credits I'm going to need while I can.
  13. I hope that there will be a fix soon, how ever if I know anything about wargaming this will take 1-2 years to address. Will sending in a ticket with this vbaddict data help anything?
  14. The new tier 10 tank looks interesting to me, besides the intra clip reload and weak armor, I think I could find enjoyment in that tank due to the versatility.
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