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  1. How difficult was the step up from blue to purple? I'm trying to figure out what purples do differently than blues.

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    2. TheTrojanWarrior


      Not WN8 wise but I know there is a gap but I just dont know how I can make the leap.

    3. monjardin


      From personal observation, “purples” pay attention to the whole map and think ahead with quicker decisiveness. This is done while maintaining mechanics and local awareness on a consistently high level. 

      It kind of reminds me of good chess advice. Imagine the perfect position of your pieces and construct a plan to get them there while also thwarting your opponents goals. Winning is all about positioning and creating imbalances in your favor. 

      Conversely, “blue” players tunnel vision and fail to play consistently. They may choose positions that are strong, but in a different context (e.g. only when you have enough support to prevent getting YOLO’d).

    4. TheChang


      I have recent purple WN8, but I definitely don't feel like I'm a "unicum" simply because I make so many mistakes. One of the things that has helped me the most, is always being mentally active, don't be lazy. Try your best every game, not just the games that are going well for you. Increase your survival ratio. The more games you live to the end in, the more games you impact. One of the biggest things, is pulling more information from your minimap. Once when watching CrabEatOff play, I told him that I felt like he plays the game on the minimap more than on the actual screen! He's extremely good at looking ahead, and always doing the best possible thing possible all the time. Start asking yourself, aloud even. "Am I doing the best thing possible right now? If not, what is the best thing I can be doing right now?" Pay attention to your map and your teammates, and use that information to make correct choices. If you make a choice, and it doesn't turn out well, analyze why, what you should've done, and what you will do next time to prevent the mistake from reoccurring.