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  1. How does one play swamp from north spawn in a heavy.

    1. RC_Tank


      Here's what I do in pretty much all my tanks, it's very effective from what I've experienced.


      Green squares are areas where I stop for shots, I usually stop at the first square to get shots on the 0 line and to make sure TDs arent sitting at the second square. Don't push to the second square until your team begins pushing the tanks they sent to the 0 line, or you'll get shot as you try to play the ridgeline. Once you can safely play the second square, it's relatively safe as long as you have support from like D5.

      As the game progresses you'll need to push. Depending on how many tanks they still have, I either push around the 9 line or just clean up by pushing south through the second square.

      Some things to watch out for is when your side almost inevitably loses the castle/city, they'll eventually have shots on you if they push towards your base. If your team loses the 0 line you can't play the middle safely, but thankfully that doesn't seem to happen that often (on NA.)

    2. Assassin7


      I just go north. Go to like C7, wait for our meds to clear the north, push accross to the ramp. Though i play mainly fast heavies.

    3. Fulcrous


      I literally snipe then push to hill underside or reposition for sniping. Swamp is immensely camp oriented and its just not worth being aggressive on it.