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  1. Come check BURDY and PM if you're interested: http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000007494
  2. If I'm not dead in a ditch within 5 years then I'd be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Can't wait though I feel like playing a 4X space game now for some reason like Master of Orion, Endless Space, and Sins of A Solar Empire.
  4. This. The cause of the BSOD could be anything from HDD failure, bad drivers, or failing RAM.
  5. I liked the first AoW but didn't like the second one. It's just isn't as memorable and I haven't played Shadow Magic much at all. I should probably get back into that. HoMM 2 and 3 were pretty awesome. I learned the hard way that turtling isn't the best strategy in these games. Disciples 2 was pretty good especially the art style but for some reason or another, I can't complete the elven campaign. I'd recommend the Kohan series but those aren't really fantasy 4X games.
  6. Zamza

    Minecraft Thread

    That's awesome! My kid sister recently brought her own Minecraft copy and she and I played over the LAN all the time. She's more buildy sort also and I'm more of above ground explorer. In the older Technic modpack, I was proud that I built a nuclear reactor without having it blown up in my face and a huge chunk of the house.
  7. Zamza


    Nah, I just play with randoms and other BURDYs. My in-game name is Madcat_Zam, look me up and we'll run some bosses or towers. Whatever your fancy.
  8. Zamza

    Dark Souls II

    New Trailer: I have the weirdest boner right now.
  9. Zamza


    Me and a couple of clan mates are playing it currently. It's confounding how many things require credits to do. Buying a blueprint: Credits. Building stuff with materials you own: Credits. Transmuting mods you own to make an equal mod that might be shittier than the four mods you put in: A shit ton of credits. But it's still pretty fun.
  10. When the patch hits, I'm sure most people will try to catch a flying turret on their upper front plate instead of running away from it. I know I would.
  11. So not only will I derp like I normally would, I'll also get killed by flying turrets and flipping my tank over? 0% survival rate, here I come!
  12. Well, here's another suggestion. See if you could get a copy of the file from someone you trust (either a friend, family, or even a clanmate) who knows that the file works then replace it with your corrupted one. Also, if you re-install make sure you put it on a different directory other than the (X:/games/World of Tanks).
  13. Hmm... right click on the launcher then go into properties then go into the security tab. Does the admin group have full control? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2669244
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