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  1. taking that hill on Malinovka, you better have superior numbers on your side. Aside from maybe not getting arty focused, it's also important to use that numbers and firepower advantage to take that windmill as soon as possible and clear the hill. The longer the slugging continues, the more punishment arty can just send out with ease.
  2. from how the Leopard is oft described it makes plenty of sense. I have to actually get myself a Leopard I to see or feel that for myself (currently at the Leo PTA)
  3. 3 defeats in a row as bottom tier T69 and all 3 battles i'm top on the team as the rest of the team potatoes.

    weekend Asia server ftw

    1. sohojacques


      Between the arty spam for the new campaign missions and people grinding for a free(ish) Caravan it's been absolute chaos in randoms. I haven't felt at all in control of my win rate since the Caravan X missions started tbh. 

  4. Felt like the M60 needed its own thread. I love this big old tank. Don't get me wrong, the M48 Fatton is great and all. But I have more fun in the M60. Maybe it's that speed, which leaves other NATO meds like the M48, CAX, and STB in the dust, and can catch up to the Leo, 30B, and BC25t. And the mobility is absurd. I may be overusing the handbrake turn, but the M48 Fatton can only dream about being able to dance like the M60. And once it gets to where you want to go, it's gun is just that bit more reliable. Almost the best aim time and decent accuracy just makes it more r
  5. Assess the map, the enemy team, and your team. Consider how your team is deploying. You can afford to be somewhat aggressive early on like in the BC25t as you do some early scouting, but do try to stay alive. The 140 can also do the same to an extent (getting to an early aggressive spot), while the M48 and 430U may be too slow for that. Being in mobile medium tanks, it's not all being about at the frontlines and in the thick of it. Observe and assess how your team is deploying, where the enemy team may be and put yourself in a position to react to those. You can try to fill the holes in a
  6. that could be said of a lot of tanks for a lot of players who just started out long ago, and coming back to it with some experience then suddenly everything clicks. sorta glad that nothing so far has replaced the T29 at tier 7 as the king of hulldown positions.
  7. I've kept the bis as I'm slowly grinding up the ter. After the bland tier 5, having that 90mm gun at tier 6 that isn't a heavy tank or tank destroyer really makes you sit up and pay attention. This thing really shits on lower tiers, and also not to be discounted by the higher tiers. Gun handling feels okay, and you can sorta accept the tradeoff for that big alpha and yet not suffer too badly for it. The front armor is surprisingly bouncy, which just adds to its bully factor and lends some explanation as to why the Italians think this tank would've been their heavy tank.
  8. Finally completed TD-15.3 after Chanka-knows how long. All thanks to the blyat-mobile Obj 263 and a healthy dose of approval from RNGesus (especially the final shot)

    1. hazzgar


      You would probably do it every other battle in the broken mobile a tier higher

    2. ThomChen114


      That's what I was aiming for. But this was a pleasant result and made it feel less dirty.

  9. That didn't hurt the Charioteer, and this one will have a bit more HP to work with. But at least now the Brits will have something to match those pesky Skorpions!
  10. while the buffs to the T95E6 seems decent, I'm gonna pass on getting it since I already have an M60.
  11. One month later... "The turret top weak spots are too weak! What do we do Ivan?" "Remove turret top weak spot!" *T110E5 cries in the corner*
  12. first ever game in the Progetto 46 and Aced it already. don't think I'll play this tank for a week as I'm not sure I can top that in awhile.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      i played like 30 battles in mine, i love it and put it up there with the lorr 40t and the 44-100

      but i cant bring myself to play more tier 8 MM. ill just wait till this weekend and play it in front-line for dank credits.

    2. HemanathanRX7


      watafaq i still haven't aced mine u pyro hacker reee

  13. Looking back to them announcing these French tanks in patch 9.7 preview, they seem to just barely glance over the low tier tanks. All they could say about these was that they were alternate lines to go and that the Somua S35, SARL 42, and G1 R are "more dynamic" than current vehicles. At the time, those "less dynamic" current vehicles were the D2, B,1& BDR G1B, and the AMX 38, AMX 40, & ELC AMX (RIP). If by less dynamic in that they had limited playstyles and options on how to play them, sure... The medium-to-heavy trio were decently armored but were better in support roles
  14. When a TD like this can bully a heavy tank or medium tank at almost any ranges, it's a problem. Maybe make the gun arc narrower to force it to have to make so much micro adjustments that throws its aim off at mid-close range and expose a lot more.
  15. What is it about this tank that makes it so controversial? Is it the gun? Is it the armor? Is it the mobility? Is there a reasonable way to balance this tank without turning it into an E5? IMO the mobility needs to be toned down. Let it keep its speed so that it can get into the fight faster and be that assault gun that it is clearly designed to be, but it shouldn't be able to turn as well or even better than a medium tank at close range.
  16. Have a good motivating playlist, or sing to yourself to calm your nerves. I personally queue the BeeGees "Staying Alive" when things get hairy.
  17. I may have been those very few people who rolled out in the M60 in Ranked Battles, just to be a hipster about it (is it a rarer sight than the T95E6 tho?)
  18. Some of the few reasons I got the M60 was because: A) It existed, B) it is still used in service in my country, and C) I hadn't gotten the M48 yet. The buffs seem like it'll be a tall Leopard I. I understand they didn't want it to become an M48 clone but then that just means it still won't be as good as the M48.
  19. Just finished grinding the AMX 65t, and as i've already also researched and unlocked the AMX 50 100 I can safely say bon voyage to this oversized Maginot Line and to ask this "tank" to go choke on a stale baguette. because there's really no redeeming feature about this tank other than being so "French". I'd even rather be in a Black Prince than this tank, since at least the BP has relatively better armor. I mostly used the 90mm gun, and it's just absurd how mediocre the firepower this tank has compared to even against same tier medium tanks. Because that seems to be how the tank is sugge
  20. ...And good fucking riddance to the AMX M4 45, after 93 battles finally unlocked the AMX 65t and the AMX 50 100 previously. Bon voyage and go choke on a stale baguette, you oversized Maginot Line.

    1. BlitzReaper


      AMX 65t is also a pos

    2. leggasiini


      Not only the AMX65t is a POS, it's even worse than the AMX M4 45.

  21. Good write-up, the Conqueror was a beast before its change, the turret front shields IMO weren't too necessary but guess does help when everyone and their dog starts to spam more APCR/HEAT, but the slight drop in DPM as balance, while barely noticeable for what is still an overall great gun, just means you either make your shots count or pay more to make your shots count the M103 WG can't fuck around with as much as we'd like them to since it actually existed unlike a great deal of the recent tanks they just introduced. it can be good in the right hands and can still perform, but its not
  22. Researched:
    Object 430 researched.

    Undistributed experience spent: 260,000.

    Free Experience spent: 0


    Obj 430 purchased.

    Credits spent:


    Decent price for a tier 9 and 10 i'd say.

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      I managed to get mine with the tier 10 discount from holiday ops, was nice.  Basically getting a free tier 10 after the patch

    2. ThomChen114


      I wasted my tier 10 discount on the Maus. And I'm still at the Tiger(P). Maybe I'll get to make use of that late this year, inb4 they add the Ratte

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