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  1. Yeah I'm with you on this. They could easily have created a new Tier V Light Tank to replace the ELC. The ELC could be an alternative from the AMX 12t (It could be your decision if you want a Tier VI autoloader or not). But alas it is what it is, and we need to get used to the new ELC. It's still a fun tank but of course it's not what is was before.
  2. lol I receive a lot of these messages after some battles as well. I never reply to them but it's always amusing lol The ELC with Vert Stabs and the improved gun handling is indeed very good specially when you need to perform a handbreak turn to kill someone. The only thing that I really hate is the engine sound. It sounds like a lawnmower. It's awful. I'm pretty sure that this isn't the engine sound from 9.17. 120/150 pen isn't great but it's decent. Now we can't just blast a heavy tank from the front anymore, we will need to work our way and flank even harder specially if we are fac
  3. Since WG unveiled the new Tier X Light Tanks and the subsequent nerf to the other Light Tanks in order to "fit" the new MM everybody started to complain because their favorite Light Tanks aka Bulldog, ELC, VK, were getting nerfed pretty hard. After I finished updating the client I decided to take the ELC on a battle to see what WG had done with one of my favorite tanks and I must say that I don't see a lot of difference. This is my first battle after Patch 9.18 went live: http://wotreplays.com/site/3514965#sand_river-boselli575-amx_elc_bis I'm ve
  4. Hey tankers. I don't care much about stats, of course they are nice but I play mostly for fun. The school vacations started in july so during the month I had a lot of bad games (the enemy winning by 15-0 was being part of my life) so my stats decreased and also my sanity. But july was not a bad month, I had some decent games so I'm going to show you two of them and I want to know what I did wrong and what I could have done differently. Type 62: I love to play with my Type 62, it's an amazing tank and I always manage to win a lot of credits when I play with him. I was in Malinovka in this gam
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