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  1. I used to love this tank back in the day when I bought it and havent played much wot for the last year so this might just be me or all the guns that have 220+ Pen these days that prevent me from playing this thing as agressively as I used to play. But how do you play the jt88 these days? Maybe its just the 5x weekend that is a bad time to play outdated premiums but I went from averaging 1300 dmg to barely 600 dmg in the thing am I just bad at the tank now or is the 203 pen and hull armor not that good anymore? Of course many have said just go hulldown and mow down enemies, however
  2. I am new to these forums and since posting here seems like a better thing to do than make a new topic. I got myself an E100 a week ago (running the 12.8cm), and I feel like im doing terribly in it, always getting killed by artillery or end up showing my lfp or getting gold spammed to death and only time I do 3k dmg or block 3k dmg is on a loss. < Leaving the wins to be games where I do 1500 dmg and die. So is there any video or a guide where I could learn to use the armor better or to avoid artillery? since none of the above really were a problem for my E75.
  3. Hello Jingles, since you are doing this Ill give you a few questions that I've had in my mind for a while 1.If you could get any tank you want in world of tanks for free, what would it be? 2.How would you describe your relation ship with RitaGamer? 3.What countries apart from Japan do you want to visit? 4.Do you like kittens? 5.What is the craziest thing happened to you in the navy? How about when you were not in the navy?
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