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  1. samuelx43a

    Re-introducing myself here

    yeah, I've missed a good couple close range shots as well. the shell velocity is quite nice, but I wish the gun were to be less derpy, and make that accuracy count!
  2. Hullo again, folks! so, it has been some time since I visited this forum since I did my first post, and I thought I'd start anew, with less derpy spelling from my part(I read my first post here, and, I am not exactly impressed with my 18yr old self) I have however, been able to make some progress since then though. Even though my goal was to reach that 50%, I'm now at a respectable 51%, and going up, inch, by inch. Even my wn8 doesn't look that bad now...(I think :P) I have in my possesion three tier X tanks, those are the obj 140( a good tank, but I'm not that good in it) the E100, and the IS-7. two of the three tanks I have sub 50% in, and I'm hoping to get them to at least 52%, and see from there! my faviourite tanks have also changed, as well as tiers that I like. For LTs, it still remains unchanged, as the vk leo will always be special for me. MTs. bit of a mixed bag here, as I still do not have the med tanks that I am interested in(centurions and the high tier germans) though the panther II proves to be effective for me.(somehow forgot to mention the KV-2, my anti-stress tank) HTs. A definite favourite and hoping to buy sometime again was the E75, an absolute blast to play! The T-10 is also a very fun tank to play. TDs. T30, man alive, this thing is so darn awesome, a potent 155mm gun, a very good ret and a fantastic damage dealer. OBJ 704, now the sole tank with the BL-10, still brings me smiles. The waffle IV, a TD that presumes that has accuracy yet I've missed so many darn shots that it makes me wonder if I'll hit anything when I take it out. SPGs. yes, I do play arty and no, I do not want them removed. My reasons for playing them is a different style of play, i like my variety and I also like supporting my teammates. and no I do not drown, I honestly detest it and will fight till the bitter end. I also relocate(though I sometimes forget) to avoid any counter arty, counter arty myself, oh and I use my f8 key. The M55, what most regard as the best one in game tier for tier is excelent. Solid damage and splash, with only a 34 second reload, but also features a pseudo-ret and incredible mobility! happy tanking to y'all!
  3. samuelx43a

    Why Do People Hate On The VK 16.02 Leopard

    i loved the tank. my first tier 5 light and if you hit the right places, you can rack up the damage. not bragginf but in a tier 7 game i managed to do 1k damage, and withour gold. it is a close range tank tho. dont bother to snipe
  4. Hello here. i was atracked here thanks to surten person we all know. my name in wot and WOWS is samuelx43a. and im an average 18year old teen who loves WOT among other things. partly i came here due to being very good players here and that way i can improve my stats. to let you know, my stats are wild due to using a 2010 lapton with a procesor with 1 core :P. this hindered my gameplay as i had to play with 10-15fps average ping and with minimum settings. since this new year. when i got my desktop my stats have improved nicely. before i was a 43%. now i am a 47.7% and going up bit by bit.. my ultimate goal is to reach the 50%. other than that i love TDs and i dislike players who have a very proud behaviour. sincerely. samuelx43a signing off!