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  1. leggasiini

    The Lansen (tier 8 Swedish Medium Premium)

    I don't think we have any 320 alpha meds either, not ones with -10 gun dep and that kind of hp/ton, at least.
  2. leggasiini

    The Lansen (tier 8 Swedish Medium Premium)

    The article never mentioned it being a premium, and this thing from what I recall has been the tier 8 MT on Swedish tech tree proposals, as well as it being quite similar to the Leo, so... I am smelling tier 8-10 Swedish MTs incoming.
  3. leggasiini

    Farwell Yue Yang, you beautiful bastard

    Nah, 268 at least has improved gun arc and shell velocity unlike in the past, so it can at least be considered as an "upgrade" now. It's still a weak upgrade but it would still be better than the 704 if they were put into same tiers. Before the 9.20 buffs the 268 was literally a sidegrade, though, so it's more or less the closest thing we will get to "downgraded tier 10". Some could argue that T92 is a downgrade from M53 but 1. its an arty so who cares 2. T92 is almost as different from M53 as far as differences between arties can go, basically
  4. Just pointing out, isn't the armor values on Tanks.gg bugged like hell? LFP is absolutely not that weak, from my experience on fighting against those, I'm almost certain it's Pz VII levels, and the side weakspot seems to be still there. Not to mention those 0 armor track links on the turret, lul IIRC the armor layout is similar to Pz VII except the mantlet holes are somewhat fixed. Correct me if I am wrong. The armor is strong regardless, though
  5. Cyka Blyat 2: The return of Blyat
  6. leggasiini


    There's already a topic for tonk, btw I dont play CW but I doubt it will have any viability there. If it had -10 depression I could see it being a high alpha alternative to Squonk but other that, nah. Its great in pubs tho
  7. leggasiini

    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    Maybe sixth sense isnt as important (Id still take it personally), but I still think repairs are way more useful than extremely marginal gun handling improvements. Jap heavies actually have pretty good bloom, but long aim time and awful base accuracy. Gun handling skills doesnt boost aim time and accuracy, so they are even less useful. Repairs are important on all tiers. Like, without repairs, risk of getting permatracked is way higher. Also, just imagine all the games with more than one arty: imagine burning your repair kit, and then getting bombed by arties and tracked. +10 sec repair time with stun, so much fun. You could even get permatracked by arties, thats even worse. With good repair crew you dont have to necessarily burn your repair kit right away, since it takes only 5-6 sec to repair instead of +10 seconds, so you can save it in case you get tracked in worse situation few seconds later. Repairs are not gonna make your tank massively better... but think about it: How often do you miss a shot just because you didnt have those super marginal improvements of handling skills? And better yet, how often you actually get screwed ovee because of it? I personally dont feel even any difference by boosting turning and turret traverse bloom by less than 0.01, so I take those skills only after repairs and BiA. I still heavily recommend repairs. In fact, IMO repairs are better st higher tiers, not less useful. Its so much easier to destroy tracks with one shell at higher tiers than at lower tiers, not to mention people are way more likely to actually track you, and arties having bigger splash contributes, too (sure low-midtier arties have better RoF, but they most likely need to directly hit to track you). I would take BiA right when you hit 2nd skill, if you really dont care about SS, though (I still recommend it).
  8. leggasiini

    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    I recommend not to use HEAT, its pointless IMO The pen is too shitty for a gun like that. AP has worse pen yea but with normalization it isnt that much worse, and anything HEAT can pen, AP can as well. Not to mention the best thing about AP is overmatch ability, which the HEAT lacks. You can overmatch 49mm armor and below, which is huge for its tier. Tanks like T-34-85 and Cromwell are autopen for AP pmuch since sides get overmatched and front is weak when not angled. Not to mention AP is much cheaper It can be better than AP for some niche targets, but thats about it. O-Ho's much faster reload and better handling means that HEAT is slightly more useful there than on O-I, but even then AP is superior. I dont remember ever loading HEAT with O-I lul. You should spam HE most of the time, tho. Both AP and HEAT are basically gamble. I load AP only when top tier. Shitty crew may contribute as well. You dont need good crew, but not having full repairs and SS sucks ass for the O-I. You want at least those. Food obviously helps. It can burn but not too often. Fuel tanks are on the upper-side-rear section (how you even call that lul). Also you really shouldnt rely on your armor. Just dont. Its there as an extra if anything, really. Play it like KV-2 that has extra armor as bonus to shit on tanks with sub 160 pen. EDIT: Saw your crew, and I can see it being contributor to yiur results lul. You WANT to have repairs first. Significantly more useful than any of the other skills you picked and should be number one priority with any armored heavy, especially a tank like O-I. Obviously you want sixth sense on commander, but I vastly recommend to retrain everyone else to get repairs. Its worth it. And when one of the loaders gets too 100%, get safe storage. Jap heavies have severe ammorack issues. Lastly, situational awareness doesnt stack, so you having two of them on two radiomen is literally a waste.
  9. leggasiini

    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    >I dont have the top gun yet Thats the issue. O-I's armor isnt godlike considering the MM and gold spam, but its still there to completely shit on tier 4-5 and some 6s who refuse to fire gold. Thing is, derp does the same trick as the KV-2 does. It has slightly worse reload (irrelevant tbh) and a bit worse HE pen, but better handling and accuracy so the derp isnt even worse. Its much bigger (tho KV-2 is already big) and slightly slower but in return the worst trait of the KV-2, the abysmal view range, is completely fixed. So all in all its almost as good as the KV-2... and then it gets immunity against anything with sub 160mm gold pen. Thats why the tank is still dumb as hell; its just not even close as good as it used to be. All the earlier comments were posted when the MM was better and when it still had 150mm ass armor, hence. 10cm O-I is actually bad now, whereas the tank used to be OP even with that gun like 2.5 years ago. Just play it like KV-2 with some extras in some situations.
  10. leggasiini

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Type 4 should be at 20 points, you take off 3 points, not just 1. Add that and my changes cus mobile lul T-10: 31 + 1 = 32. Still pretty damn nice. Object 705: 11 - 3 = 8. Basically VK B with russkie turret and bit better mobility but much worse guns and hull armor so it isnt any better, maybe worse, even, and VK B got kicked out first, so...die
  11. leggasiini

    Polish tanks wn8

    Wtf, really? WG you mongoloids D:
  12. I already did a full line review, but figured that this thing itself deserves its own topic. I adore this thing. Looks gorgeous yet so autistic. I also love big guns and this has a really big gun, with better accuracy and velocity than E 100. This on a tank that is rather compact for something with 2600 HP and then it has great turret with -8 dep. The only issues are the shitty HEAT pen and crap hull, but bloody hell is it fun. :^) One of my new favorite tanks in the game and my go-to tank when I’m bored or having a bad session. Anyone who didn’t slit their wrists with the 40TP, how do you like this thing so far?
  13. leggasiini

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    On mobile as well: T-10: 35 + 1 = 36. Fun to play and a great tank, one of the few tier 9s I kept Object 430 V2: 15 - 3 = 12. Yeah, its probably one of the only very few tier 9s that you can say it’s objectively just terrible. Should go out first, no doubt Also @Assassin7 starting points should be 20 IMO, not 30. Back 2 year ago the original elimination threads by Rexxie had 20 starting points, and lets not also forget that Wotlabs was less ded back then, not to mention it still took a good while. None of the tanks are below 10 yet anyway so you could still very well do it
  14. leggasiini

    My impressions of the Polish line (Wotlabs edition)

    Armor is a lot worse overall though, I found the tier 9 to be weakest of the tier 8-10 though they are all good