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  1. Oh yeah, the tier 10 stats were leaked recently: I called the standard HE alpha - 1600. I'm not even surprised. However, with current HE mechanics, it won't do that much damage, though it'll still be able to pen your MT ass for 1600 and potentially oneshot if it maxrolls. The HESH is worse than I expected, honestly. 1050 alpha is still batshit insane, but its somehow lower than I expected, and the pen is the same as the tier 8. The 152 mm is interesting, basically a 705A gun but without completely disastrous accuracy. With it, the BZ-75 is basically a 60TP with 100 less alpha and 10
  2. The gimmick by itself looks fine, and the concept in general is pretty reasonable and not as ridiculous as you'd first expect (these were a thing IRL, just on Soviet MTs and not on ridiculous fake Chinese MBTs made into pseudo-superheavies). Rocket boosters DO have a downside of having no reverse speed and limited uses, that is correct. The problem is that the said gimmick are on fat heavies with ridiculous gun depression and very respectable armor, and it gets even way beyond worse when the said tanks also have oneshot HE/HESH derp guns. Balancing all 3 things together seems impossible.
  3. There was a no topic for these, so I figured I'd create one just because how fucking utterly ridiculous this entire tech tree/premium is. 2 weeks ago, WG announced that the next tech tree is going to be 2nd Chinese heavy tank line, consisting of total bullshit, completely fictional designs that make no sense (surprise surprise). The line will start from the Type 58, with 4 tanks at tier 7-10. Obviously, there's going a tier 8 premium for the tech tree, of which the stats were already announced: That's right, fucking 1100/800 alpha at tier 8. This abomination has a 160 mm derp g
  4. Okay, I'll take it back; more I play this thing, more idiotic it feels. Low effort +3k damage games at tier 5 are still funny I feel like tier 7s dont honestly even matter as long as you play carefully. The firepower is still absurd and the pen is enough for 95% for tanks you face. Its really only a problem against the tier 6 O-I and a few tier 7 heavies. Its mostly the open maps that still are beyond awful, but I'd imagine if you play campy Also: I'm still as (un)intelligent as ever
  5. Took this thing out for a spin again for an hour or so, and idk, I'm still not buying it. It does feel better than 3 years ago at least; the mobility feels far less of an issue because you can mount turbo on it, and having more HP helps. However, it still feels extremely inconsistent, way too much so to be that good. I got top tier Widepark and I felt like a literally invincible god, but the moment you're bottom tier, it very underwhelming. I'm not sure if things on NA are different than on EU, but at least on EU the tier 5 MM feels pretty harsh for a tank like this. Not to mention LeFH
  6. Haven't posted anything in this topic in years, so um... My boy has surely had a wild ride, probably among the wildest of any tank in the game. The Type 5 started off as possibly among the worst tier 10s to ever exist, then was slightly buffed so it was...still one of the worst things around. Then 9.17.1 completely turned the tables and made the Type 5 a degenerate derp monstrosity that continued to terrorize for next 2.5 years. And now, after the combination of heavy nerfs and power creep, its one of the worst tier 10s in the game again. The Type 5 truly is like Godzilla. It rests i
  7. Granted, I haven't played it since they buffed low tier HP, nerfed HE damage and arties excluding the LeFH (all which significantly help the tank), so my impressions are probably outdated, but to me, the O-I Experimental didn't feel nearly as good as you say it is. I did play it with both 7.5 cm as well as 12 cm + HEAT. With 7.5 cm, it's like a much slower T1 Heavy with much more armor. Pretty alright, but nothing special and not very fun to play. The 12 cm + HEAT is obviously the best choice for raw power, but even with that gun, it felt like such a hit or miss tank. Top tier and a city
  8. As I predicted from the beginning, this thing is indeed in the Christmas boxes this year. Can't wait for tier 8 to have donkeys yoloing with Calibans, Tornvagns wanking on ridgelines, and ofc more people getting the Skoda T56.
  9. Caliban was added in-game files in 1.14.1, and has been tested by testing team at least on RU server in random battles as of recent. It's also getting some major changes: • Dispersion on the move reduced from 0.40 to 0.38 • Dispersion on hull traverse reduced from 0.40 to 0.38 • Aiming reduced from 6.52 to 3.64 • Dispersion after firing reduced from 7.00 to 6.00 • First shell reload increased from 28.76 to 38.35 • Second shell reload increased from 19.18 to 23.97 • Intra-clip reload buffed from from 8.00 to 3.50 (LOL) • Rate of fire reduced from 3.13 to 2.50 • DPM with
  10. This thing silently appeared in-game files around a year ago, it's actually viewable on tanks.gg with placeholder stats (that are quite frankly pretty hilarious). Now it has been finally officially revealed...and god, I wish it never was. Remember the Caliban? I thought WG wouldn't ever be able to introduce an abomination that could contest with the Caliban. Yet here we are, only a month later, they introduce what is effectively a Caliban 2.0 (before the 1.0 was even released). The Cobra seems dogshit for most part - bad armor, mediocre top speed, bad dispersion, 4 second aim time a
  11. It's pretty hilarious how WG keeps finding a way to make the O-Ho even worse, no matter how atrocious it is. It was already completely awful after the reload nerf, but now after 1.13, the derp is so bad that the stock 10cm is arguably a better gun for its stock grind. I honestly don't know why the derp gun even exists on it at this point. It's almost outright unusable, as the O-Ho relied more on chip damage instead of pens than pretty much any other derp in the game. Since it can't use the derp even for memes anymore, it absolutely has to use the 10 cm, which in return makes it a horrible, hor
  12. It's a sidegrade at best. Not tier-for-tier, actually straight up just sidegrade with tier 10 MM, so in reality it's significantly worse. Whereas the tier 9 is okay (which isn't that good though as most tier 9 heavies are at least good), the tier 10 is IMO the new contender for the worst tier 10 heavy in the game.
  13. I'm back again to revive this thread as I noticed the severe lack of the mighty AMX 65t:
  14. It's not just bad DPM + gun handling, its those combined with super low HP and unreliable armor (poor staying power for its type), and mobility that is just a bit too slow to play like a heavium. I actually can't tell what's the supposed role of the Rinoceronte - too fragile to be a heavy, too slow to be a heavium, way too poor gun to be an effective support heavy, yet it still feels too inflexible to be an all-rounder. The tank really does feel like a mashup of completely randomized, minmaxed stats. This kind of rate of fire would be "okay" if the gun had amazing accuracy and gun handlin
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