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  1. As I predicted from the beginning, this thing is indeed in the Christmas boxes this year. Can't wait for tier 8 to have donkeys yoloing with Calibans, Tornvagns wanking on ridgelines, and ofc more people getting the Skoda T56.
  2. Caliban was added in-game files in 1.14.1, and has been tested by testing team at least on RU server in random battles as of recent. It's also getting some major changes: • Dispersion on the move reduced from 0.40 to 0.38 • Dispersion on hull traverse reduced from 0.40 to 0.38 • Aiming reduced from 6.52 to 3.64 • Dispersion after firing reduced from 7.00 to 6.00 • First shell reload increased from 28.76 to 38.35 • Second shell reload increased from 19.18 to 23.97 • Intra-clip reload buffed from from 8.00 to 3.50 (LOL) • Rate of fire reduced from 3.13 to 2.50 • DPM with
  3. This thing silently appeared in-game files around a year ago, it's actually viewable on tanks.gg with placeholder stats (that are quite frankly pretty hilarious). Now it has been finally officially revealed...and god, I wish it never was. Remember the Caliban? I thought WG wouldn't ever be able to introduce an abomination that could contest with the Caliban. Yet here we are, only a month later, they introduce what is effectively a Caliban 2.0 (before the 1.0 was even released). The Cobra seems dogshit for most part - bad armor, mediocre top speed, bad dispersion, 4 second aim time a
  4. It's pretty hilarious how WG keeps finding a way to make the O-Ho even worse, no matter how atrocious it is. It was already completely awful after the reload nerf, but now after 1.13, the derp is so bad that the stock 10cm is arguably a better gun for its stock grind. I honestly don't know why the derp gun even exists on it at this point. It's almost outright unusable, as the O-Ho relied more on chip damage instead of pens than pretty much any other derp in the game. Since it can't use the derp even for memes anymore, it absolutely has to use the 10 cm, which in return makes it a horrible, hor
  5. It's a sidegrade at best. Not tier-for-tier, actually straight up just sidegrade with tier 10 MM, so in reality it's significantly worse. Whereas the tier 9 is okay (which isn't that good though as most tier 9 heavies are at least good), the tier 10 is IMO the new contender for the worst tier 10 heavy in the game.
  6. I'm back again to revive this thread as I noticed the severe lack of the mighty AMX 65t:
  7. It's not just bad DPM + gun handling, its those combined with super low HP and unreliable armor (poor staying power for its type), and mobility that is just a bit too slow to play like a heavium. I actually can't tell what's the supposed role of the Rinoceronte - too fragile to be a heavy, too slow to be a heavium, way too poor gun to be an effective support heavy, yet it still feels too inflexible to be an all-rounder. The tank really does feel like a mashup of completely randomized, minmaxed stats. This kind of rate of fire would be "okay" if the gun had amazing accuracy and gun handlin
  8. On top of all that, all those lines you mentioned also were failures in a way or another; former became probably the most despised thing next to arty, and latter two have tier 10s that more or less useless and forgotten in months (assuming the Rinoceronte don't get buffed before release, which is unlikely)
  9. Dunno if this is a hot take or not, but I feel like that WG heavily focusing on "new mechanics"/gimmicks like the Rinoceronte is actually really bad for a lot of reasons. I feel like that is exactly why a lot of new tier 10s have either been just bad or uninteresting despite their mechanics that are technically unique, or they end up being broken and absolutely despised by the playerbase (EBRs, looking at you). A couple of reasons why I feel like that constantly adding gimmicks is bad IMO: Adding new mechanics adds an extra layer to coding, testing and balancing. This slows down d
  10. leggasiini


    I sometimes load HEAT for Tiger I or something like that, since AP has low enough pen that it can bounce due to low pen roll, whereas the extra HEAT pen can come in handy. And since it's Tiger I, it's the flattest thing ever. That's pretty much the only thing I'd ever load HEAT against, though.
  11. Honestly if the AMX 65t wouldn't exist, O-Ho would likely be the worst tier 8 HT in the game now, which certainly is quite an achievement. Keep in mind that not only the O-Ho got nerfed, but a lot of former shitholes like the KV-4 got noticeably buffed, so even the competition with other less-good tech tree tier 8s has gotten a lot tougher. O-Ho has like the 3rd or 4th lowest 3 mark requirements in it's tier; in fact, it has slightly lower expected values than the O-Ni (at least on EU). No no, not lower tier-for-tier, straight up lower despite being a tier higher than O-Ni. The difference with
  12. Yep, the derps were nerfed so hard that they more or less got removed from the game. But hey, at least they gave the Type 4 compensation buffs! ...all they did is that they slightly buffed the pen of the 14cm. That's it, no changes to gun stats, armor, speed, HP etc. Oh and they also kept the pen same at 500 meters, so the Type 4/5 have the highest pen drop off out of all tier 9-10 heavies with their standard AP. Have fun with your gold pen dropping to ~250 at 500 meters, despite the fact it's AP Type 5 got the same treatment, but on top of pen buffs it at least got some quality of
  13. leggasiini


    Yea, O-Ni dodged 1.5 Jap HT nerfs for the most part, they only took 1 sec from its reload and gave it (irrelevant) alpha nerf to the HE shell. It does 10 less damage with non-pens than before when you consider HE mechanics, which isn't all that bad when you do ~300 on average (thats like...3% damage decrease?). The tank didn't get wrecked with nerfs like the O-Ho did. It also benefits from Equip 2.0 as you already said. Turbo is really good on this because of terrible top speed but surprisingly good specific power; it reaches 29 kph speed without any issues, and Hardening boost is quite b
  14. Looking at the current list of tier 10 heavies, the Panzer VII and its branch could very well be next one to get buffs. Panzer VII isn't necessarily the worst heavy in the world, but as I highly doubt they want to touch stuff like the Type 5 any time soon (considering it got nerfed not too long ago), the Panzer VII being the next in the line would make sense to me. If the branch gets changes, the the VK B probably will as well. That being said, I have no idea whatsoever about WG's next plans when it comes to the tank balance; hell, I don't really know what WG has planned for 2021 (aside from c
  15. 300 / 380 pen would be completely absurd on any tier 10 medium or heavy, no matter how dogshit it is right now. E 50 M with that pen could be "balanced"...if it had sub 2k base DPM. Wait, that's exactly something WG would actually do.
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