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  1. my waifu is fucking ded

    that is all

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    2. Wanderjar


      Nagasaki is calling them home....

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Reverse mushroom cloud 

    4. Wanderjar


      Gojira beaten back into the sea finally

  2. Game uninstalled, did I win? :^)

    1. hall0


      see you in a month or so

    2. NightmareMk9


      Not unless you :

      Convert all your gold to credits

      Sell all your tanks

      Dismiss all your Crew

      Then buy and sell tier 10 tanks until you have no credits

      Then ask WG to delete the account and close out that email account

    3. j_galt


      only if you stop posting about it

  3. Panther II is overwhelmingly useless piece of fucking gigantic garbage, holy fucking shit

    I have DPG that is barely acceptable at tier 6, kill meeee

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    2. kolni


      because 260 pen with 7,5 rld on .3 makes for incredibly reliable damage outputs at that tier

      not to mention most t8 meds are around 1,9-2k dpm with 240 alpha anyway which either lack the pen, gun handling or final acc

      it's a tradeoff for having the best all-round gun stats on a t8 med


      easily 3k dpg-able

    3. Ham_


      @Kolni "If it has APCR you are a retard not to use it" :serb:

    4. mati_14


      you should try out going for that 3k, because the highest is around 2600(EU) and that was probably with old mm.

  4. Polish line review done. Will release a Reddit version tomorrow and probably bring it to Wotlabs as well just for those who are still alive around here :^)

  5. Any possibility on having Polish tank section? I know that forum is kinda ded, but it would be nice regardless...

    tier 6 is such a giant piece of shit, jesus

    1. Vindi


      I free xpd it and bought it to realize after 4 seconds its a friccin MEDIUM tank and I have 0 crew for that.. will free xp the tier 7 too probably to get farmed by tier 9.....

  6. I have finally done it, haHAA


    am I the reincarnation of Satan

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    2. Wanderjar


      this is almost more cancer than arty

    3. leggasiini


      @Errants yes except for the O-I Exp which was marked before the changes

    4. Archaic_One


      :eww: congrats I guess

  7. I have dreamed about 3 marking the TOG since they introduced MoE system. Back then though, I had like 1200 recents or something, so it was nothing but an impossible dream.

    Almost 4 years later...


    I have finally done it ;__;

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    2. leggasiini


      Admire myself and produce autistic noices, obviously :>

    3. Archaic_One
    4. BedakCoa


      Gratz man :poi:

      May I ask what are requirements for 3 marks on battleship?




    ...Full O-Ho teambattle (plus an O-I).

    All of my yes.

  9. O-Ho ho ho, merry Chi-Ristmas!

  10. So how many battles would be needed to have accurate statistics of how the tank performs for that player?


    I wanna know as im doing M4 54 review on forums

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    2. OperatorError


      DPG should be fine at 100 games, if you're playing all of those with the same gun. Win rate is still rather iffy at the point, but it should be +-1-2% I think.

      50 games is more of a "sample" for most purposes IMO.

    3. Darvek


      WR is nowhere close after only 100 games.

      Just an example from my stats - I ground both these lines around the same time, so my skill didn't change.
      Nashorn (Tier VI turretless TD) Games: 112  WR: 66.96%  DPG: 1088  KPG: 1.53

      Jg.Pz. IV (Tier VI turretless TD) Games: 72   WR: 45.83%  DPG: 1181   KPG: 1.94

      Unless you believe that kicking in an extra 100 dpg and 0.4 kpg should somehow result in a 21% lower WR there's probably some significant random variation in those numbers.

    4. kaneaaa


      I was told even 200 isn't enough... I second after 100 games game has too many random variables, so you can get wild fluctuations from the right value at this point still. 

  11. Short review of French HTs. Have written a more excessive one on forums and could do it here but dont have time for it now so here is a very short one:


    - AMX 65t is fucking useless trash. No hull armor, tier 6s can pen you, turret is full of holes, slow as shit (17 hp/ton feels like 10 hp/ton) and guns are bad as well. Stock turret is better than top one but then you cant use 120 and the 100 mm on that has 3.2 sec aim time. With shitty alpha. GG. Worst tier 8 HT in the game by far, probably the worst tier 8 altogether if Kanonenjagdpanzer didnt exist (and even that is at least fast and has camo)



    - Tier 9 is amazing, it has good armor, amazing guns and good mobility. Imagine Conqueror with bit worse sidescraping ability and -2 less depression, but more DPM, much stronger LFP and much better mobility.



    - Tier 10 is way worse tier for tier than tier 9. The 120 mm is actually trash (despite the amazing GH) and 130 mm is the only option IMO. People bitch about how shitty 280 gold pen is, but they dont realize that 400 alpha with barely better DPM than tier 9s on a huge, low HP platform is infinitely worse. The platform is not suited for sniping or exposing itself for long, yet 120 mm involves doing exactly that. The 130 mm is quite fun tho, 560 alpha with good-ish gun handling on relatively mobile platform makes it unique. Its not particurarly competitive but its fun and unique which is good enough reason for me to play it. 560 alpha means that you can outtrade most things because anything that has more than 560 alpha (non-TD) is a slow superheavy.

    6.5/10 as tank rating, however the fun-rating is higher.

    TL;DR: tier 8 is worse than M4 45 even without gold spam gun, tier 9 is amazing, tier 10 is not as good as 9 but workable and pretty unique

    1. hazzgar


      This is why I didn't bother going for that line. So much grinding for a great t9 but meh t10 and shit t8? 

    2. Vindi


      thanks Legga, this is the exact reason why I will grind this line, probably for the tier 9 which I will 3 mark eventually. Could be the 3rd place behind e50 and m46 patton in garage :))

    3. leggasiini


      Tier 10 is technically good, its just the powercreep meta that makes it seem bit more meh. If it came year ago it would have been amazing.

      That being said, my suggestion is to get the tier 9 and keep it, and then give the a try.

  12. French HTs in nutshell:

    Basically you die a long and painful death (AMX 65t), and then you get into heaven (AMX M4 51).

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    2. TheMarine0341


      I watched Circon play the tier 9 for a couple hours yesterday: Two battles nearly in a row with 1300+ base EXP, 2nd class medals.

      I laughed

    3. DHP


      ah ah i can even tell you 1405 baxe xp is also 2nd class... It's just amazing. I'm gonna keep it with a female commander we got at Christmas i think.


      Honestly i'm expecting the T9 to be nerfed and T10 and 8 be buffed.

    4. FavreFan4ever


      My body is ready. I'm enjoying the challenge the 65t brings, but I'm beginning to think that the .31 accuracy is just rounded up to .4

  13. AMX 65t is probably the worst tier 8 I have ever played :eww:

    1. Vindi


      explain pls

    2. kukis12345


      Because it doesn't have an O-HO armor profile :kappa:

    3. leggasiini


      Imagine Liberte.

      You know what is the best thing it has going for? Oh yes, the frontal hull armor.

      Now imagine the AMX 65t. 

      Basically take the Liberte. Remove the frontal hull armor. Nerf view range. Nerf aim time which is already bad. Make it fatter. Nerf HP.

      And you got AMX 65t.

      And thats the tank in its best configuration. Top turret is actually worse because it has much worse armor layout, is huge and bloated and gives less gun depression and elevation, for 100 more HP, marginally higher RoF and 0.2 sec aim time. THe bloom does not even improve with it. And 120 costs like 50k XP and is unnecessary for the tier 9, so...

  14. Anyone have tank inspector for test server or have an account for tanks3dmodels websife or whatwver it is called?

    They have added ”vk 168.01 mauenbecher” on test server, I wonder if they have updated its stats

  15. At least I got to play the French Superheavies in some form :kappa::kappa::kappa: 

    1. Siimcy
    2. leggasiini


      The halloween event maybe...? :doge: 

      Franken and Stein are the FCM F1 and FCM 2C haHAA

    3. saru_richard


      maybe they may show up in about 3 years, then we can forgive you for that time you claim that french super heavies where coming 

  16. Reading comments of latest DezGamez's video, lmao.

    I cant stop laughing because how many retards cry about ISU-152 losing the BL-10. Bloody fucking shit it still has 260 pen + 750 alpha + stupidly high DPM for that alpha and now it has +190 HP so its actually a buff if anything unless its in tier 10 match.

    So bots cry that ISU actually maybe need to aim. Do they seriously fucking think that 750 alpha + almost tier 10 TD pen + almost tier 10 TD DPM at tier 8 is good for game?

    WG's decisions are retarded, but the average playerbase is even more retarded so its understandable that WG always doesnt bother to listen.


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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      OH NO!!! ANYTHING BUT 17 PEN!!!!

    3. Marty


      I think most pubbies don't even realize that it's getting basically the same gun with small pen nerf. They hear "removed BL-10" and go apeshit, they must think it's now gonna be stuck with the 390 alpha gun :jebaited: 

      I also bet that more than 2/3 of the pubbies that babyrage about ISU losing BL-10 cried about it's alpha and called Russian bias at some point.

    4. SchnitzelTruck




      I also bet that more than 2/3 of the pubbies that babyrage about ISU losing BL-10 cried about it's alpha and called Russian bias at some point.

      It's only OP and Russian biased if they aren't driving it

  17. I have turned to 18

    ...Yay, I guess?

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    2. hallo1994


      You're going to die.

    3. Jaegaer


      On ‎07‎.‎08‎.‎2017 at 10:18 AM, Fulcrous said:

      You make me feel old at 23.

      What if I am more than double that old :(

    4. kolni


      I always knew, fully developed brains cant enjoy BBW-bukkake tanks :serb: 


      I've been 20 for like 4 years soon :doge: 

  18. Instead of fixing derp gun and buffing 14cm, they give Type 5 "weakspots" that heavies cant even pen with AP anyways.

    I got responded on forums like this:

    "We need to see how the tank will perform with the new armor values"


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    2. robosapieo


      Directly from the article "However, we admit we went a bit too far with the armor." (talking about the type 4 and 5)

      More like: "We admit we went a bit too far with the armor, but we're still not gonna fix it lol ecks dee. Give us your money"

      Seriously, 260mm counts as a "weakspot" now? What in the actual fuck?

    3. saru_richard


      can't they just give it a lowerplate weak spot and be done with it ._.

    4. leggasiini



      The LFP as it is, is gigantic tbh

      Better is to rework the model so LFP is divided into UFP and LFP, latter weakspot. Make the upper armor plate like 300mm thick so its like Maus UFP

      The tank will never be fixed though if you dont touch the guns

  19. Decided to uninstall this shithole game.

    I used to enjoy this game quite alot until last 2 months, and especially last week. It has been nothing but complete shitfest and every single session have been extremely frusating and I cant find any form of enjoyment.

    The game is going down the shitter at amazing speed since last few months, and only becomes worse and worse. WG implements only more retarded premiums, P2W shit, refuses to implement stuff people actually wants (ESPECIALLY THE NEW MAPS, fuck HD maps, I know looks matter too but this game desperately needs more maps or atleast fix the completely awful, 100% unenjoyable shitter maps like Paris). And all thanks to the fucking mongoloid who became to the balance lead.

    Probably will come back some day if they do something, but until then, WoT and WG can go fuck themselves in the ass, and hard.

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    2. Evelyn
    3. WhatTheSkara


      good, one less shitlord playing japanese heavies.


    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      I've been off for 3 weeks. Well, bar the 1 ranked battle over the weekend for the lols. 121B is meta, i swear. 

      It feels fucking great. I'm not getting pissed off at other people, the rng, superheavies, etc (granted i never really dwelled on it long anyway) and am really enjoying other games. 

      I might be back for CW when the season starts but i don't see myself playing random/ranked battles.

  20. O-Ho > Type 5 Heavy




    the module damage is actually dissapointing for the amount of times i shot him

  21. Im now part of The Armored Patrol's crew


    Expect me to put up some articles there :doge: 

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    2. Nekommando


      Article request: Wildly different Finnish disposition to huge tanks with boobs or a flat fast 25 ton TD with no boobs: an explanation

    3. leggasiini


      Nah Finnish super-heavy tanks wouldnt make any sense in any way of world, Japanese and French designs are enough for me :^)

      Thoooough we could always make Finland a tree with just one premium (like Poland on WOWS with Blyskawica or what the fuck it is called). BT-42 as tier 5 derp light :^)

      But unless the thing above is done i dont want Finnish tech tree to the game. There arent even anything in archives, most likely. 

    4. Nekommando


      Eh, I was talking about how different in taste between Finnish players. We have you, then we have a certain person who shalt not be named

  22. 750 alpha damage at tier 8 surely is balanced comrade)))))



    Feels good to mark it, my favorite TD in the game probably

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Yeah i discovered it by chance. The first time i tought i got lucky, but then i bounced a shot of a t95. I was laughing so much. No russian bias. Have you played the 704 yet?

    3. leggasiini



      Yea i have played 704 and i enjoyed it much less because the gun is same tier higher, and unless your getting shot at its exactly the same tank tier higher. I mean, 600 HP more is great extra, but 750 aloha is so much less special on that tier.

      268 got sold in less than week, got rebought few months later and got sold again like week later. 

      For me this line ends on ISU.

    4. nabucodonsor


      The 704 is different since it has armor to play with and it has way more survivability. It can be used for as an assault gun also but only for a short amount of time. The only thing that i would love from the isu is the fantastic mobility. If the 704 had the same speed it would be fantastic. Anyway the best tank of the line is the su-152. That thing is a monster

  23. My dream has become true. World of O-Hos.


  24. Okay i need to stop thinking about fucking French superheavies...

    Each time i think about them, i remember this, and get really pissed off: 


    I know roughly know how Yuri's line would have looked like. I mean, the tier 7 would have been this (ARL Tracteur C40):


    12m long, 145 tons heavy and 155 mm derp gun as upgrade. Its literally result of TOG fucking a Jap heavy. And it was like an inch close of coming to the game.

    So close, almost for me to be loved and cared. But it didnt come.


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. leggasiini


      @hazzgar I got TOG II for free from TOGtober marathon. Back then, i was 100% F2P pleb and pretty bad at this game. 

      I got tired to fucking hell from playing the BDR and Wolverine for 1k battles each in order to farm credits (and i had 2 tier 10s, 1-2 tier 9s and several tier 8s, so go figure), so i said myself i just gotta keep TOG if i want to make credits bit faster.

      I eventually ended up playing TOG like 800 battles. Thank god O-I Experimental came so i got crazy good credit farmer (probs better than TOG lmao). 

      The fact how much i wanted Jap heavies since 2013 has also helped me to love slow bricks.

    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Its a TOG fucking its mortal enemy, the KV-2. This is forbidden love...

    4. BlackAdder


      Because game needs more weeb like tanks... :QBSeal:

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