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  1. Just to notify you guys. The AMX M4 49 is being sold on RU server. HOWEVER, its not in its "VIVA LA FRANCE" Liberte colors, but instead it has regular color scheme and inscriptions, so it doesnt look ugly AF, dont need mods to remove the color etc. And it has been buffed too (DPM has gone up by 300), so its not as trash as it used to be.

    Lets hope that we EU fags and you fat muricans get the AMX M4 49 in its regular colors instead of ugly console-like "hero" tank colors :P 

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    2. _Goliard


      $40 or €33 for the tank + garage slot is surprisingly cheap, considering they sold the VK4503 for $36.

    3. leggasiini


      33 euros? Thats pretty damn cheap, MIGHT consider if it comes to EU aswell without fugly camo scheme

    4. _Goliard


      In b4 it's only sold with an overpriced bundle on the other servers. That money to prop up WG's RU playerbase has to come from somewhere.

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