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  1. O M F G. XdDDD

    Suddendly in QB's stream chat (yea i know, im that bored) someone, nicknamed "aitokurittaja95", said:

    Hei leggasiini, tapa ittes. Tapa ittes vitun paska, which is translated as "hey leggasiini, kill yourself, kill yourself you fucking shit". And then he ends the sentence... Terveisin Gasai, translated as "regards gasai"

    Thats right, it was Gasai telling me to kill myself :serb: But it gets better...

    Then i say "no terve natsiweebi, mites menee?" (Oh hey naziweeb, how ur doing?). Then he answers that nazis did nothing wrong... :serb: 

    I will update if he says more funny shit. 

    1. Archaic_One


      I am so f'ing jelly that I'm at work and cannot watch - or speak Finnish.  :brokenheart:

      Say hi for me, and ask if he is still reading wotlabs - I hope he liked my Gasai-Jeezus

    2. Strigonx


      pls tell him to die in a gas chamber

    3. PrinzEugen478


      I recommend whispering him :serb: and taking screenshots :doge: 

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