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  1. did this during grinding the cancerous pilot missions:



    KV-5 is just fucking amazing, i love it :kreygasm: 

    1. snowdude21325


      How does it feel about the defender meta?

    2. leggasiini


      they are annoying to deal with but there always has been tanks that were annoying for KV-5, so its not that new

      The fact i can still win shitton with it (got 70% WR after 300 battles, 50/50 solo / platoon with one other KV-5) and achieve higher DPG than on my Löwe, Liberte and even my beloved O-Ho means that it isnt obsolote at all. People just need to adapt to the changes.

      Though personally i didnt mind if they buffed APCR penetration to around 230 so it could pen few stuff like Defender LFP bit more reliably, and at same time AP pen to around 180 to not make AP - APCR gap too big, but even with current penetration it works pretty well.

    3. GazT4R


      Not played it for a while but I'd imagine the height helps shooting slightly down onto the top hatches.


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