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  1. Im now part of The Armored Patrol's crew


    Expect me to put up some articles there :doge: 

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    2. Nekommando


      Article request: Wildly different Finnish disposition to huge tanks with boobs or a flat fast 25 ton TD with no boobs: an explanation

    3. leggasiini


      Nah Finnish super-heavy tanks wouldnt make any sense in any way of world, Japanese and French designs are enough for me :^)

      Thoooough we could always make Finland a tree with just one premium (like Poland on WOWS with Blyskawica or what the fuck it is called). BT-42 as tier 5 derp light :^)

      But unless the thing above is done i dont want Finnish tech tree to the game. There arent even anything in archives, most likely. 

    4. Nekommando


      Eh, I was talking about how different in taste between Finnish players. We have you, then we have a certain person who shalt not be named

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