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  1. Decided to uninstall this shithole game.

    I used to enjoy this game quite alot until last 2 months, and especially last week. It has been nothing but complete shitfest and every single session have been extremely frusating and I cant find any form of enjoyment.

    The game is going down the shitter at amazing speed since last few months, and only becomes worse and worse. WG implements only more retarded premiums, P2W shit, refuses to implement stuff people actually wants (ESPECIALLY THE NEW MAPS, fuck HD maps, I know looks matter too but this game desperately needs more maps or atleast fix the completely awful, 100% unenjoyable shitter maps like Paris). And all thanks to the fucking mongoloid who became to the balance lead.

    Probably will come back some day if they do something, but until then, WoT and WG can go fuck themselves in the ass, and hard.

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    2. Evelyn
    3. WhatTheSkara


      good, one less shitlord playing japanese heavies.


    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      I've been off for 3 weeks. Well, bar the 1 ranked battle over the weekend for the lols. 121B is meta, i swear. 

      It feels fucking great. I'm not getting pissed off at other people, the rng, superheavies, etc (granted i never really dwelled on it long anyway) and am really enjoying other games. 

      I might be back for CW when the season starts but i don't see myself playing random/ranked battles.

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