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  1. Short review of French HTs. Have written a more excessive one on forums and could do it here but dont have time for it now so here is a very short one:


    - AMX 65t is fucking useless trash. No hull armor, tier 6s can pen you, turret is full of holes, slow as shit (17 hp/ton feels like 10 hp/ton) and guns are bad as well. Stock turret is better than top one but then you cant use 120 and the 100 mm on that has 3.2 sec aim time. With shitty alpha. GG. Worst tier 8 HT in the game by far, probably the worst tier 8 altogether if Kanonenjagdpanzer didnt exist (and even that is at least fast and has camo)



    - Tier 9 is amazing, it has good armor, amazing guns and good mobility. Imagine Conqueror with bit worse sidescraping ability and -2 less depression, but more DPM, much stronger LFP and much better mobility.



    - Tier 10 is way worse tier for tier than tier 9. The 120 mm is actually trash (despite the amazing GH) and 130 mm is the only option IMO. People bitch about how shitty 280 gold pen is, but they dont realize that 400 alpha with barely better DPM than tier 9s on a huge, low HP platform is infinitely worse. The platform is not suited for sniping or exposing itself for long, yet 120 mm involves doing exactly that. The 130 mm is quite fun tho, 560 alpha with good-ish gun handling on relatively mobile platform makes it unique. Its not particurarly competitive but its fun and unique which is good enough reason for me to play it. 560 alpha means that you can outtrade most things because anything that has more than 560 alpha (non-TD) is a slow superheavy.

    6.5/10 as tank rating, however the fun-rating is higher.

    TL;DR: tier 8 is worse than M4 45 even without gold spam gun, tier 9 is amazing, tier 10 is not as good as 9 but workable and pretty unique

    1. hazzgar


      This is why I didn't bother going for that line. So much grinding for a great t9 but meh t10 and shit t8? 

    2. Vindi


      thanks Legga, this is the exact reason why I will grind this line, probably for the tier 9 which I will 3 mark eventually. Could be the 3rd place behind e50 and m46 patton in garage :))

    3. leggasiini


      Tier 10 is technically good, its just the powercreep meta that makes it seem bit more meh. If it came year ago it would have been amazing.

      That being said, my suggestion is to get the tier 9 and keep it, and then give the a try.

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