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  1. Panther II is overwhelmingly useless piece of fucking gigantic garbage, holy fucking shit

    I have DPG that is barely acceptable at tier 6, kill meeee

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    2. kolni


      because 260 pen with 7,5 rld on .3 makes for incredibly reliable damage outputs at that tier

      not to mention most t8 meds are around 1,9-2k dpm with 240 alpha anyway which either lack the pen, gun handling or final acc

      it's a tradeoff for having the best all-round gun stats on a t8 med


      easily 3k dpg-able

    3. Ham_


      @Kolni "If it has APCR you are a retard not to use it" :serb:

    4. mati_14


      you should try out going for that 3k, because the highest is around 2600(EU) and that was probably with old mm.

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