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    Yea, O-Ni dodged 1.5 Jap HT nerfs for the most part, they only took 1 sec from its reload and gave it (irrelevant) alpha nerf to the HE shell. It does 10 less damage with non-pens than before when you consider HE mechanics, which isn't all that bad when you do ~300 on average (thats like...3% damage decrease?). The tank didn't get wrecked with nerfs like the O-Ho did. It also benefits from Equip 2.0 as you already said. Turbo is really good on this because of terrible top speed but surprisingly good specific power; it reaches 29 kph speed without any issues, and Hardening boost is quite big because of the massive HP pool it has (gets 1.7k HP at tier 7 lmao), though I'd imagine that things like Improved Rotation Mechanism or old friends like optics can work just fine over Hardening (I think turbo is pretty much mandatory on this tho). Some people won't still like it though; I used to dislike the O-Ni compared to all other Jap heavies, mostly because of the armor layout being pretty awkward even by Jap HT standards and the really shitty turret placement (its more in the back than say, the O-Ho, or at least it feels like it). Back in a day, I felt like the O-Ho was better, or at very least way more fun, but with a shit ton of powercreep at tier 8, especially when it comes to penetration compared to 2015-2016, MM changes and then the derp getting nerfed the O-Ho is just useless now. In return, the O-Ni being one of the few Jap HTs that are still playable made me appreciate it more. O-I and the O-Ni are the only Jap HTs where the derps are still usable; funnily enough, they're also the best ones in the line. Never really understood why WG gave the line idiotic derp guns, yet made the AP guns suck ass for the most part. I'd gladly lose derps if it meant getting actually decent, fun AP guns.
  2. Looking at the current list of tier 10 heavies, the Panzer VII and its branch could very well be next one to get buffs. Panzer VII isn't necessarily the worst heavy in the world, but as I highly doubt they want to touch stuff like the Type 5 any time soon (considering it got nerfed not too long ago), the Panzer VII being the next in the line would make sense to me. If the branch gets changes, the the VK B probably will as well. That being said, I have no idea whatsoever about WG's next plans when it comes to the tank balance; hell, I don't really know what WG has planned for 2021 (aside from crew 2.0 probably, I doubt that'll make it before that).
  3. 300 / 380 pen would be completely absurd on any tier 10 medium or heavy, no matter how dogshit it is right now. E 50 M with that pen could be "balanced"...if it had sub 2k base DPM. Wait, that's exactly something WG would actually do.
  4. For more accurate/complete stats, its already on tanks.gg on 1.10.1 client: https://tanks.gg/v11010ct/tank/obj-274a Soft stats are surprisingly terrible for a russian tank, so it probably won't be as broken as a lot of people thought. Gun handling is probably the worst in tier out of mediums, terrain resists are almost IS-7 levels (though there's hidden hidden stats (reason why 277 is more mobile than is-7 even though all the hard/hidden stats would indicate otherwise) so it could still be mobile) and so on. HP pool is oddly low and the hull armor is a lot worse than I thought, tho it still seems trollish. That being said that turret armor looks really dumb for a tier 8 MT, and the combination of that pen, alpha and DPM is still nasty even if the gun handling is abysmal. It can probably somewhat compensate the gun handling with the use of its dumb gold ammo (289 APCR is same as KV-4, which in return is almost Löwe levels of good, on a medium) and food.
  5. It also originally had 390 alpha, with that said crappy DPM. It was just a super boring, crappy version of the IS-3, so WG decided to make it "interesting"...by overbuffing the armor into oblivion and buffing alpha to 440.
  6. Yeah turbocharger is pretty good on anything reasonably slow. Type 5 with turbo has the same mobility as the E 100, makes a noticeable difference. Tanks like Maus/Type 5 already have a good bloom and slow speed, so Vstabs aren't necessarily a must-have either, so I dropped those too and now run mix of speed/survivability on form of hardening/turbo/rammer. Rammer still feels too important not-to-have. Full on survivability setup sounds interesting as well, but that means dropping either the turbo or a rammer, so meh.
  7. Two year old review with little amount of games played with the tier 5 on the release date, so my opinions of the tier 5 should be taken with a grain of salt (and the review in general, most of opinions are more or less the same but I'd rate the tier 7 higher now), but overall my opinions haven't really changed regarding the tank. I didn't like the tier 5, the combination of large size + no armor (even turret armor felt useless in most scenarios aside from not being HE pennable) + bad gun handling even for tier 5 made it really awkward to play. The pen and alpha as well as speed was nice but the gun trolled me to hell, it felt like it couldnt hit anything and if I went to close range I'd just get melted. It didn't feel particularly strong to me, but I've generally heard very mixed opinions of it so it might be better now than I rated it back 2 years ago. HP buffs might've also helped it, so it might be more fun to play than it was when I played it. The tier 6 is still undoubtedly fucking abysmal, though. What is even funnier is that the BUGI (upcoming tier 6 tank of the PL medium line) is basically the same thing as 40TP but just better; it has more armor, better mobility, gun dep and to make it even more insulting it gets the same gun BUT for some reason it gets better gun stats. The only advantage the 40TP has over the BUGI is the reverse speed (for some reason BUGI has trash reverse speed for a MT, which probably will make it awkward to play as well). The 40TP even had fairly reasonable power to weight ratio of around 16-17 hp/ton on supertest, I'm almost certain they INTENTIONALLY nerfed it purely to make it a free XP pit. It's one of the most obvious examples of intentionally shitty tank to make people waste free XP. Its just like a tier 6 AMX 65t. The 65T was likely balanced around its insane 257 / 325 mm pen it originally had on the supertest back in 2016, but that massive pen got giganerfed to below-average for tier 8 to fit the rest of the line with no stats getting compensated.
  8. T42 looks like an utterly pointless tank, no clue why they are wasting their time on yet another 90 mm single shot US medium, especially when it literally has nothing new over something like TL-1. I guess it's historical so that's cool I guess. T77 has stupidly fast clip reload so it can shit out 1k damage in 4 seconds, but that full magazine reload seems...ouch. I guess that's the gimmick - shit out damage super fast, but then have a crippled reload to balance. A shame that its yet another decent standard vehicle candidate wasted as a premium tank; it could've been either part of a minibranch (with MT autoloaders) or you could've put this as tier 9 at the place of T54E1 (make it basically a tier 9 T57), downtier T54E1 at tier 8 with 320-360 alpha and appropriate gun stats and maybe make T69 work at tier 7. Alternate tier 10 to T57 would've also worked but WG has scrapped the idea of alternate tier 10s, so eh. A crew trainer that is in line with the autoloader branch is nice and all, but wouldn't it work better as a HT if that was it's purpose? It was IRL a MT for sure, yes, but so was the T54E1 and it was redesigned as a HT to fit the line better.
  9. It clicks for 0-600 with non pens but will never pen anything. Keep in mind that is with prem HE, pleb HE does a bit less (type 5 situation all over again lol). 600 non-pens are disgusting but its inconsistent as hell and cant pen anything, and it still keeps the same accuracy. I highly doubt it'll be nearly as fun to play as now.
  10. Honestly I'm having the same feeling, the ST-II feels similar to 60TP in many ways but 60TP having consistent 750 alpha instead of either 440 alpha or situational 880 alpha with a lot heavier drawbacks (which, while high, is only 130 higher, and you get notable downsides for it) as well as bit better HEAT, larger caliber, more DPM (lol), better accuracy, useful HE and tiny cupola that is practically impossible to hit when hulldown makes the ST-II feel like a lidl 60TP in many ways. All ST-II really has is more flexibility with firing modes (but again, I'd rather take consistent 750 alpha), more side armor (which matters less than you'd think, it has hullcheeks and atrocious frontal armor so using the side armor is harder) and much better bloom, that's about it. Will likely still grind it since its a heavy and all but considering that I found the ST-II surprisingly boring (aside from the double barrel mechanic it is quite possibly the most generic tier 10 HT in the entire game), especially when I expected it to be potentially very enjoyable to me, I wont powergrind it like I initially planned. I don't know, once double barrel novelty goes off it really feels generic and boring as a tank. At least previous Russian HTs like 705A were somewhat unique without having to rely on gimmicks. Gimmicks can be cool, but I feel that double barrels, especially the ST-II, rely too much on their gimmick to be even remotely unique. Honestly I feel that the only reason why the 703 II (the premium) stands out is because it's stupidly strong, not just because of it's unique mechanics. The standard double barrels aren't that strong, ST-II in especial. Maybe I'm wrong and things will change when these tanks arrive on live server.
  11. Do type 5 heavy pls also this ^ Some aspects of the review (how he does firepower/armor/mobility and overall rating) does resemble my reviews a bit, but I don't think its intentional and it seems like a coincidence to me. Can't really tell if there are more refences, might be just that my memory is getting rusty. It's been too long
  12. Remember when this forum used to be a chill safeplace from all the idiots from official forums and in-game? Good times... Also this Dirizon dude really should fix his zero-key
  13. I think the TL-1 might be some kind of T95E2 replacement/spirital successor/something, E 75 thing is probably part of the E 100 rebalance (they likely want to wait a bit for the announcement) and Räumpanzer could just be a premium or some kind of speshul vehicle. That's my guess, but knowing WG all these 3 might just be premiums. I find it hard to believe for the E 75 thing to be a prem, though, since they just brought the VK 75.01K (and it's not even released yet). But we'll see, I guess
  14. Jokes on you I had full set of improved equipment on the O-Ho and improved rammer/vstab on the Type 5 took them off the O-Ho tho cus WG raped her to death ;__;
  15. We still do, don't worry You can still go choke on a cactus, though. ...on my "cactus" that is, KappaPride
  16. If I had to say, game balance at tier 10 is shit, but what truly culminates the main issues are the fucking maps. Literally every single new map and reworked map after patch 1.0 is absolute dogshit tier garbage. They all are same stupid shit where you have these super-easy hulldown positions to shit on entire flanks (and as you know, 2/3 of tanks now have +300 mm turret armor), crossfires everywhere, flanks are designed so that basecamping TDs can shit on anyone who tries to move from those hulldown spots, making it a forced hulldown shitfest - and to make this worse, the hulldown spots are like 150-250 m away from each other, so it ends up being super heavily RNG based gold spam shitfest or people just spam HE. Nerfs to Type 4/5 derps has made hulldown aids tanks even stronger. While those guns are fucking stupid, yes, we have reached the point where we need cancer A to counter cancer B. Good fucking job WG. This has resulted in people playing *even* more arty and base camping TDs, because trying to play anything else is either expensive or straight up cancer. You've been wondering why there's so many 3x arty games at tier 10? Yeah, that's why (along with missions that force you to play arty to complete them). Even with super garbage cancer tank meta at tier 10, some older maps that don't have this dreadful post 1.0 design can still be somewhat enjoyable because they don't culminate this cancerous meta to it's maximum. But take any post 1.0 map - Studzianki, Misnk, Ghost Town, new Kharkov, reworked Pilsen, Fishermans, Erlenberg etc, and you can feel the dreadful ebola hulldown meta that this game has become. Basically you see hulldown tanks just spam HE or gold at each other and then get shat on by arties and TDs. So many games on the new maps are tedious, long campfests. When I saw all those medium tanks starting to get turret buffs back in 2017, I was worried. I knew a domino effect would happen that goes like this "a tank A is underperforming, turret gets buffed, now it's old competition in form of tank B is underperforming, it also gets a turret buff, etc etc". And look where we are now. Almost every tank at tier 10 has a turret that would be among the best in the game if it was added in 2013-2016 era WoT. No wonder how the T-62A, once the "meta" tank, best tier 10 MT and one of the best tier 10s in the game, is quite possibly one of the worst tier 10 MTs in the entire game now. And yea, super OP mega cancer reward tanks are another stupid thing that are just straight up cancer. Anyone who plays the Chieftain or 279E in randoms can choke on a giant cactus, thank you. I also always despised the fucking idiotic S-tanks that promote horrible and cancerous gameplay, even more so in all these new maps. Sadly there's a lot of mongoloid who enjoy them and find them "uNiQuE", so there's no hope in them ever getting changed. I don't mind the wheelchairs as much, especially the tier 6,7,8 (tier 8 prem and tier 10 are annoying as fuck but thats about it) but considering how much negativity they add, they are another thing that should never been introduced to the game. Properly balanced wheeled vehicles would be really cool, but these idiotic wheelchairs that are literally designed for a 43% mongoloid who likes to suiscout in his LTs, autoaim and spam HE are not. Overly minmaxed vehicles have always been problematic (see - WT E100, prenerf 183, Grille 15, Type 5, Maus and Bobject have all been among the most problematic tanks at tier 10 and they are all super minmaxed) and never work very well, yet the tier 10 wheelchair in especial takes the minmaxing to the top. I honestly don't know why am I still playing this game. Maybe it's because i've enjoyed it for years and I still love the concept and everything. I dont know man.
  17. leggasiini

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    You got lucky, the armor isn't insane at all. Mantlet gets cheesed by premium, it has no side armor + has cheeks so cant angle at all, LFP is super unreliable too, it has cupolas too, turret sides are cheese etc etc. I think I block like 1.4k - 1.5k on average, the armor is good but nothing spectacular. 2.2k HP pool is ass too, idk why didnt they give it at least 2.4k HP. Get the 130 asap, with 120 it's so underwhelming
  18. 490 alpha, yet it has 1850 DPM (more than a lot of old 320-390 alpha heavies, more than VK 100, Mauerbrecher, Defender, MORE THAN SOME 240 ALPHA TIER 8 MTs) accuracy isn't even godawful for the alpha, it's more accurate than any of those 440 alpha tier 8 heavies wtf 0.19 / 0.19 / 0.14 bloom is pretty disgusting considering that it's pretty slow too, it has better bloom than VK 100 again and that already doesn't have THAT bad gun handling for the alpha, wtf good penetration as well, shell velocity is also less potato than other 128s in the tier turret armor, if it really is that thick with that shape, is arguably better than VK B at tier 9 it's also faster than VK B lmao. In fact, with actually rather decent terrain resists and 12 hp/ton, it's going to hit 30 easily, and it has that typical German 15kph reverse speed too knowing the armor layout of the VK B and Pz VII, it probably has strong LFP too so it doesnt even have frontal weakspots (and that cupola is probably going to be VK 100 v2.0 except its even smaller), and if UFP is 180 mm thick it's going to be around 270 effective or something It's a VK B that loses 20mm side armor, 20mm frontal armor, some penetration, tiny bit of DPM, accuracy and view range, to gain better shell velocity, better mobility, better bloom when moving (lol) and arguably better turret armor. It seems kinda fair at first, but the problem is... ...I'm comparing a tier 8 with a tier 9. Armor layout is going to ultimately judge how stupid the tank actually is but if the LFP is anywhere near 200 mm effective, then GG It seems so stupidly broken atm that I really, really feel like they are going to nerf it (at least the alpha...why does it need a 128, giga-alpha isn't even the main thing of the line, just give it Tiger II's gun or something). WG really hasn't introduced super-P2W premiums in a long time (especially now that Murazor is gone); their recent premiums (other than omegalul buffed IS-3A and possibly some other tanks too) are actually somewhat well balanced. I guess they need to fix that by introducing the next generation bullshit tank. Part of me thinks that this will probably be the next marathon tank; this or the new Skoda.
  19. Yeah, HE tanks are cancer, but it says how fucked up the meta is at tier 10 when some tanks are almost like balanced around it. Ranked is going to be a mess, though with the new XP system I suspect that there’s going to be at least some variety compared to previous seasons. Guess I’ll just play 60TP and spam hulldown SConqs and other shits with HE
  20. @Kolni sums SConq up pretty well. I still think the SConq is pretty stupid and should be nerfed. Not to mention the Type 4/5 nerf is gonna indirectly buff it. Right now one of the best (or well, should I say ”one of the only”) counters to SConq is a prem HE type5 because it can blast it for 600 even when hulldown. And since the derp gun is as good as dead next patch, especially when any Type 5 with brain is going to use the 14cm now, thats a whole two tanks less to worry about. I know people who also doesn’t like playing it but it’s mostly because the playstyle isn’t for everyone. It’s not retardproof like some other broken tier 10s. You don’t push people, you punish people that push into you. It might not be only hulldown tank at tier 10 but none of them have a full package of ridiculous turret armor, ridiculous gun and -10 gun depression. And unlike most heavily hulldown based tanks, it can still fight corners because it has high HP pool and it can actually sidescrape. Fun to play or not, it’s pretty toxic (it’s probably or at least was the most unhealthy tank for Ranked meta considering how hard it was spammed there) and with Type 5, Shitbarn and now 430U getting nerfed, it absolutely should be the next tank on the chopping block.
  21. Time to die, Glacier. Won’t miss that garbage ebola map and since most of my friends are also going to disable it, I won’t even have to worry about it in platoons. 2nd option for me would probably be Mountain Pass, which is another map I dislike with every tank class. Something like Paris and Fjords can atleast be decent in a heavy, Mines is tolerable at lower tiers, Fishermans Bay isn’t AS awful as it used to be with the changes and so on, but Mountain Pass is just unfun corridor fest with corridors isolated from each other so much that its unfun to play even for tanks that are good in corridors, namely heavies and slow assault TDs.
  22. I really really doubt that the suspension for the STB is going to be like the Swedish TDs, that would be whole new level of retardness. There is a good reason that why they decided to do it differently with the Swedish MTs. Its almost certain that the STB will have similar suspension to those things instead of the Swedish aids TDs. Still, the proposed changes are retarded and overly complicated just to achieve nothing. Should just give it better gun handling (aim time, bloom), give it Swedish MT style hydro suspension (would have more gun dep) and then probably buff top speed to 55, and that should be enough. Would fix it and make it unique enough, win-win situation if asked from me. Even better would be if they downtiered the tier 8-10 MTs, made Chi-Ri a premium and added Type 74 as new tier 10 (which is basically an even sexier STB). But knowing WG, they leave the rest of the line shit and implement these retarded changes. Other proposed changes are actually cool apart from some questionable choices, though. 430U getting nerf is great news. Now that and Type 5 is getting nerfed, fuck the Sconq too while you are at it
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  24. Type 5’s derp is a far bigger problem than the armor, tho. Technically speaking its the derp + armor, but the derp is still the biggest problem out of the two. Without the derp type5 isnt really more problematic than Maus or many other abominations at tier 10 with retarded armor Agreed that the shitbarn nerfs are a failure though, though anything to lower their popularity is good I guess
  25. can we talk about the fact that Type 4 derp is literally worse than KV-2 derp and O-Ho's derp is straight upgrade to both Types LUL Good tho, the derp should be removed but since thats never gonna happen I guess KV-85 122mm approach (aka keep it but make it total shit so its an idiot bait) is better than nothing. The gun is really shit now, it's arguably worse than full HE E-100 (gun is worse, platform is better). The HESH is total dogshit too, it's basically slightly worse version of Conway 140mm HESH with far worse accuracy at higher tier on a platform that goes 25. As for the 14cm, its pretty bad atm but the small pen buff helps more than it seems like because 290 pen is going to be more reliable against E 100 turrets, Maus turrets and other Type 5s, so thats something, especially with buffed mobility and gun handling. It won't be great but it should at least be usable now I think that WG should buff the 14cm a bit more tho (like buff pen a bit further to 255 / 300 and buff DPM by 150-200 or so) and then give the tank a proper weakspots and it would finally be fixed after 4 years lul but this is still much better than nothing shitbarn changes are shitty as hell though, basically it does literally nothing but makes it more unfun to play; it does doing nothing to the very thing that makes the tank frustrating to deal with in the first place. The accuracy nerf nerfs the AP shell even more than HESH, since you can still derp people with ease even with worse accuracy but now with the worse accuracy the AP shell is even less reliable
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