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  1. Reading comments of latest DezGamez's video, lmao.

    I cant stop laughing because how many retards cry about ISU-152 losing the BL-10. Bloody fucking shit it still has 260 pen + 750 alpha + stupidly high DPM for that alpha and now it has +190 HP so its actually a buff if anything unless its in tier 10 match.

    So bots cry that ISU actually maybe need to aim. Do they seriously fucking think that 750 alpha + almost tier 10 TD pen + almost tier 10 TD DPM at tier 8 is good for game?

    WG's decisions are retarded, but the average playerbase is even more retarded so its understandable that WG always doesnt bother to listen.


    1. SchnitzelTruck


      OH NO!!! ANYTHING BUT 17 PEN!!!!

    2. Marty


      I think most pubbies don't even realize that it's getting basically the same gun with small pen nerf. They hear "removed BL-10" and go apeshit, they must think it's now gonna be stuck with the 390 alpha gun :jebaited: 

      I also bet that more than 2/3 of the pubbies that babyrage about ISU losing BL-10 cried about it's alpha and called Russian bias at some point.

    3. SchnitzelTruck




      I also bet that more than 2/3 of the pubbies that babyrage about ISU losing BL-10 cried about it's alpha and called Russian bias at some point.

      It's only OP and Russian biased if they aren't driving it

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  2. IS-3: 28 Object 416: 23Lowe: 36T26E5/Patriot: 31Rhm. Skorpion: 21 Obj. 252U/Defender: 32 + 1 = 33. Its annoying to play at times but the way it inflates WR ATLEAST 4-5% with no effort, no matter how retarded you are just tells how bloody powerful this tank is. Also, alpha is king.Lorraine 40t: 8 - 3 = 5. The worst one remaining. Fat + no armor + no HP gives it piss poor survivability, which is problem even with near-HT levels of firepower and near-LT levels of mobility.
  3. The best value for me is that fact its free garage slot and I have 30-40 unused slots, so... I have no interest in playing tier 3s, even less so because for next week everyone plays the same tank. pz2j would be nastier than ever because it pens these things no probs
  4. I have turned to 18

    ...Yay, I guess?

    1. hallo1994


      You're going to die.

    2. Jaegaer


      On ‎07‎.‎08‎.‎2017 at 10:18 AM, Fulcrous said:

      You make me feel old at 23.

      What if I am more than double that old :(

    3. kolni


      I always knew, fully developed brains cant enjoy BBW-bukkake tanks :serb: 


      I've been 20 for like 4 years soon :doge: 

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  5. Im pretty sure it will atleast stay as an option The Challenger and Conway just got bigger guns to make the gameplay of line more logical
  6. Id much rather fight against only 3 tier 10s in a battle with a Defender or Löwe than fight against 5 tier 9s with a pretty much any tier 8 pref heavy tank When it comes to meds (50t is a med as we all know) its maybe not that bad tho (then again...how many pref mm meds there even are? FCM...and T-34-3? Type 59 is hard to get and Spershing isnt a real medium sooo...) but pref tier 8 heavies are simply aids VS regular mm tier 8s. The powergap between pref MTs and regular MTs is also way smaller than gap between pref tier 8 HTs and regular tier 8 HTs soo. The tier 8 pref HTs also relied on bullying lowtiers more than pref MTs I would say
  7. Expect this is absolutely not the case on EU. Pref MM tanks are even worse than regular tier 8s now. On EU, you get very often into full tier 8 match or 5-10 tier 8/9 with your preff MM tanks. What the hell is the point of sacrificing 40mm of penetration if you still keep meeting mostly same tier tanks or tier 9s? When I played KV-5 i didnt really see tier 6-7 any more often than with regular tier 8s. FCM 50t is maybe different because it has pen, however every other pref tier 8 is absolutely horrible now. IS-6 is trash because lmao 217 APCR against overbuffed premiums and superheavies, KV-5 same story, Spershing has atleast gold pen but it still relied on seeing lowtiers so its screwed too, type 59 and T-34-3 are kinda screwed too because of pen and JT88 is just useless junk in general. And while FCM has good pen, I would say that big majority here thinks that FCM is also shit these days.
  8. The tank is terrible with 14cm. Sinple as that, its same tank as pre-9.17.1 Type 4 (expect for thicker lower side armor which is irrelevant because when you can even use the side armor of the tank) and that tank was a horrible piece of shit tank. The gun itself isnt completely terrible at tier 9 (on tier 10 its shit tho because pen is real problem and alpha is notably less scary there than at tier 9) but as the platform is shit...it is still bad with it. As I already said, 14cm Type 4 is almost the same as before 9.17.1, and it was widely condiered as worst tier 9 (among with T95 and Foch...and T95 got gigantic mobility buff and Foch will get buffs too so yeah...). The derp gun (only with full gold spam tho) however kinda makes up for it. Its broken gun on poor platform so it works well if you play it like KV-2 that is slower but can tank lower tier tanks nicely.
  9. - very hard to spot because camo is ridiculous - basically immune to sub 122mm guns frontally, and if LFP is hidden bounces sub 150mm guns fairly frequently - extremely good accuracy, it WILL hit you - extremely high pen, so not only it always hits you it also always pens you - retardely high DPM - reverse speed allows it to run away when spotted, making it even more pain in ass to deal with Its redline machine that is hard to spot, and when its spotted not super easy to kill, and it can run away. You cant basically take risks against it because it will hit and pen you. Due to this, its extremely annoying to play against; enough annoying to consider it as cancerous.
  10. no colors feelsbadman IS-3: 26Object 416: 27VK 100.01 (P): 5Lowe: 34 + 1 = 35. Go Löwe, you have risen so far from bottom of barrel in so short timeT26E5/Patriot: 30AMX M4 49/Liberte: 5 - 3 = 2. You are forgetting something significant: Libete has more than twice as thin side armor as VK. Also VK has more fear factor with 440 alpha.Rhm. Skorpion: 24Obj. 252U/Defender: 32Lorr. 40t: 17
  11. WT was rarely even that pain in ass to deal with, because: - it was almost always driven by red shitters - it wasnt that hard to outplay because of camo and no armor - you could kill it with literally any tank during its reload with HE - it wasnt even very common before they removed it Sure it could ruin your game, but at same time there was opportunities when it was nothing but delicious XP farm on tracks that you could blast with HE shells. It would be only worse these days because arty could now more reliably shit on it, Type 5 Heavy exists and generally there is more armah around. And there are quite a few other aids to play against tanks like 103B, type5 and so on It was awfully broken but it wouldnt be end of the world for me if they released it. Still, I rather not see it in-game, but they have done more retarded things than potentially readding Waffle.
  12. Actually the Lewandowski tank is not the same tank as the superheavy I posted. Its apparently a 60ton HT with 200mm front armor or so. But yeah that tree is full RU clone and absolutely pointless branch. WG wont introduce clone tree, they said them themselves that they want to bring unique branchs. Chinese TDs are an expection because they were meant to be CN exclusive but Russkie community wanted them for some reason so much that they decided to bring them to other servers too. And Chinese TDs arent full clones either. That polish branch is literally a clone line.
  13. AFAIK the weight of the tank was corrected to more closer to 60 tons at some point
  14. leggasiini

    Strv 81

    Wouldnt be surprised if Swedish hightier mediums were announced at Gamescom. Its only 3 tanks afterall (tier 8-10 after Leo).
  15. It looks completely terrible trash. - still has the terrible engine so it will move like prebuff T95 or Type 4 - its gun is same VK 100 but aimtime is marginally worse and DPM is same or slightly worse - The cupola is only 160mm thick, 70mm thinner than VK100 - machine gun port is weakspot now as well and as weak as KV-5's R2D2 - worse side armor than VK100 - turret mounted on so much front that it cant even sidescrape very well. It also cant angle its front from corners like Jap heavies because it has LFP - Turret is shaped like Mäuschen so there is bigger areas than VK100 that sre pennable. If the turret is exactly like Mäuschen but thinner, then the mantlet is also a pennable for 230+ pen, making the pennable area much bigger than VK100 and thus massive gold magnet - UFP is weak enough to be penned by tier 10 HEAT shells reliably Slow as shit (like REALLY slow, almost prebuff T95 slow) with high alpha but shit everything else gun, front mounted turret and armor that gets shit on with gold spam? And since its front turret superheavy I assume it gets ammoracked alot? Waaaait, doesnt that sound eeriely familiar? Oh yes. Ladies and gentlemen, this tank right here is literal reincarnation of Type 4 Heavy before any buffs at tier 8. The only difference is that it doesnt have hull cheeks but instead a tumor on front pennable by tier 6s. If you dont know how terrible the Type 4 was, let me say somehing: it was so fucking trash that O-Ho was better tier 9 than it. Literally. This tank looks like a massive joke at current state. Still, its better than 750 alpha with unplayable gun stats at tier 8 like the first incarnation was.
  16. IS-3: 26Object 416: 27VK 100.01 (P): 12 Lowe: 32 + 1 = 33. Probably only tier 8 heavy that didnt get hurt too much by MM because it can contribute very well in T10. Even Defender can be ass against tier 10s because of penetration + acc + gun handlingT26E5/Patriot: 29AMX M4 49/Liberte: 14 Rhm. Skorpion: 22 Obj. 252U/Defender: 31Strv S1: 3 - 3 = 0 inflexible camp machine, dieLorr. 40t: 20
  17. Buffed 268. All they are doing is buffing the gun arc (to the same levels as the WZ-113G FT) and shell velocity.
  18. As we know, thanks to constant requests of our fellow Russkie community, Chinese TDs are coming to all servers in the next patch. This thread is to generally discuss them before they appear into the game. Thoughts? Tier 10 looks so fugly I am kinda tempted to get one by that fact alone. The casemate is apparently immune to same tier HT AP shells but gets penned by HEAT with ease. The gun has better handling than 268 all around in exchange of slightly worse DPM, worse base accuracy (does it even matter that much) and after 268 buffs worse shell velocity. It also has more health and much better view range. It seems basically like 268 fitted better into corridor meta, though I doubt it will be still a good tank.
  19. It is, but it still is possible. IIRC some of the tanks found from archives are also more or less napkin designs. Having a retarded superheavy with elements of Russian heavies would make average PL players drool over it like crazy so there is another evidence why they would bring such tanks
  20. They initially planned Polish tree (or well, premiums) to be released soon after Czech tree, but postponed it, as they want to avoid clones. They recently revived the idea of Polish tree, as apparently they found some unique designs from archives or something. One of them includes 60 ton heavy tank with 200mm frontal armor (60s design). There also was mentioning of "IS-3-152" (exactly what you think, IS-3 with 152mm gun, might be derp gun or long gun, but regardless, IS-3 with bigass gun, that will durely end very well...), but not sure if such thing was actually real. You would create a weird armored HT line from that, which might hint Czolg Pancernik being the tier X: And no, im not joking, IIRC WG themselves even said long time ago thst this is legitimately the potential tier 10 candidate. Weights around 220 tons, is about as big as Type 5 Heavy or even bigger, so it would be the biggest tank in the game, has multiple turrets and a 155mm gun. Id imagine a massively overgrown T110E4 - Type 5 fusion with similar sloped bullshit plates and turret like Russian tanks. So instead of Russian MT clones, we might get some weirdass heavy branch that are basically hybrids of IS-serie heavies and Jap heavies. Considering that we have super-heavy fanatic as head of balance, it is very well possible that Polish branch will be like that. Besides, they mentioned possibility of implementing a super-heavy (sub) class, so implementing more superheavies could be excuse for doing that (even though we have plenty already). Thats also might be the one reason why they revived idea of PL tree, because it does have potential tier 10 (French super-heavies cant realistically reach tier 10) super-heavy. This is pure speculation though. Given how WG tries to bring unique tanks, dont expect RU med clones, though.
  21. Instead of fixing derp gun and buffing 14cm, they give Type 5 "weakspots" that heavies cant even pen with AP anyways.

    I got responded on forums like this:

    "We need to see how the tank will perform with the new armor values"


    1. robosapieo


      Directly from the article "However, we admit we went a bit too far with the armor." (talking about the type 4 and 5)

      More like: "We admit we went a bit too far with the armor, but we're still not gonna fix it lol ecks dee. Give us your money"

      Seriously, 260mm counts as a "weakspot" now? What in the actual fuck?

    2. saru_richard


      can't they just give it a lowerplate weak spot and be done with it ._.

    3. leggasiini



      The LFP as it is, is gigantic tbh

      Better is to rework the model so LFP is divided into UFP and LFP, latter weakspot. Make the upper armor plate like 300mm thick so its like Maus UFP

      The tank will never be fixed though if you dont touch the guns

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