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  1. Tbh, its WG...literally anything can happen now. Just look at stuff that will "never come": - tier 10 MT/TD will never come...look what happened - tier 10 arty will nevet come...look what happened - tier 10 LTs will never come...oh look, those are here aswell - wheeled vehicles will never come...those are now considered - "we will never add tanks from 60s" (afaik even Leo 1 was considered "too good" at some point), now the game has tons of them - "okay, we added tanks from 60s, but we will never add tanks from 70s" (hightier Swe TDs, Type 64) - chinese TDs will never ever come to other servers (and this opinion also was solid as rock until recently). Its not certain that WT E100 will come, but introducion of CN TDs, which atleast some of them are as fake as WT, opens the door for atleast possibility of reintroducing WT.
  2. I need to see the armor model of tier 10, but it does not seem like very good tank. Significantly slower 268 with worse DPM and gun stats but more health, view range, depression and probably more armor? Bleh, 268 after buffs is lot better and even still 268 wont be amazing. This is probably most unhype new tank branch that ever has been added (if you exclude arta ofc).
  3. Mod1 is getting quite a meaty buff next patch. It wont make it great, but you can blame the MM more for that. IS-6 is said to get some buff at some point. FCM is powercreeped and people tend to just use Liberte for French heavy trainer, though it would be smart move to buff FCM, because Liberte is very slow VS all other hightier French HTs. IS-3A? I forgot that tank even exists
  4. @MntRunner It seems like people are not familiar how the voting system actually works on the tank eliminations. I suggest you to go on Rexxie's or my elimination thread and copy paste the rules for more clear instructions, and just replace every "tank" with "ship"
  5. Not my fault, I wasnt the one who posted it
  6. IS-3: 24 T32: 6 - 3 = 3. This gun at tier 8 LUL, atleast Chrysler has 260 APCR pen and can afford spamming moar APCR because prem statusObject 416: 25 UDES 03: 9VK 100.01 (P): 21Lowe: 26 + 1 = 27. LLLLÖÖÖÖÖÖEEEEWWWEEET26E5/Patriot: 26AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20Rhm. Skorpion: 20Obj. 252U/Defender: 28 Strv S1: 15Lorr. 40t: 23Chrysler K GF: 9
  7. Havent really played WoWs at all for past ~9 months and I generally havent played enough to know which tier 10 performs well and which doesnt (these days), so it will be interesting to see how this goes. Good luck!
  8. TOG could carry almost 30 APCR shells Gold limit is not a solution, really. Keep the gold the way it is and its still broken mechanic, just limited to use but still broken for certain amount of time. And it doesnt matter that much, if multiple people spams gold at something that has armor, there is still enough gold ammo flying around so it feels exactly the same as if people didnt have limits. Remove the gold ammo concept and nerf damage on majority of them. Just rebalance ammo types accordingly. Ofc this requires lots of changes to (super) heavies, and maps, but I think it could be done. Penetration is balance paremeter anyways. Some HEAT shells have like what...more than 100 less pen than IRL? Honestly im not against smoothbore guns as long as they are balanced properly. Just give T62A 115mm smoothbore, rename it to T62, give it high penetration (+20-30mm higher than average medium pen) but as tradeoff give it notably shittier DPM than for example Object 140. Also guys, while he is balance head it doesnt automatically mean these changed comes to the game. Other devs may disagree with him and so on
  9. But anti-german bias is gone since dawn of Murazor. Look at Maus.
  10. Because SEA server exclusive. No point of putting tanks there that only small minority if this forum has even access to.
  11. I was meant to do the thread many times (like 4 or so), but I always forgot to do that, and then I forgot about its existence until this thread Only thing it has going for is best base acc of all LTs (negated by shit-at-everything-else gun) and ridiculous stationary camo, and thats about it. It could be quite nice for LT missions tho
  12. VK 100 should be at 20, not 17. @hazzgar had -3 on it but then had -3 on another tank with explaination so I assume you changed it or something. Also features @Kolni's votes IS-3: 22M26 Pershing: 11 - 3 = 8. I remember how this was considered as one of the best tier 8s. Nowadays its just yet another 240 alpha med, and imagining this even remotely near to top of tier 8s in current meta and mm, lmaoT32: 20Object 416: 23AMX 50 100: 11Emil I: 3UDES 03: 15VK 100.01 (P): 20 Löwe: 26T26E5/Patriot: 24AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20Rhm. Skorpion: 18Obj. 252U/Defender: 23 + 1 = 24. balans comrade))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))Strv S1: 15Lorr. 40t: 23Chrysler K GF: 14
  13. ...Or instead of raping Bat buff the tier 10 LTs. No need to rape Batchat "because it outclasses T10 LTs". It is more because of the fact T10 LTs are shit tanks instead of Bat being too good. I wouldnt mind all around view range nerf with T10 meds and heavies to like 380-390 and keep LT view range at 400-410, though. Wouldnt have retarded view range to spot everything like in Sandbox, meds and HTs still wouldnt be blind as shit but LTs has clear advantage, then LTs needs other buffs like accuracy and DPM buffs. Low alpha and pen are fine, but there is no reason for them to have shit accuracy and tier 8 DPM.
  14. Im shitter on mobile so no colors IS-3: 20M26 Pershing: 20T32: 20Object 416: 20AMX 50 100: 20Emil I: 20UDES 03: 20VK 100.01 (P): 20Lowe: 21 + 1 = 22. Most fun tier 8 prem HT to play, because its useful even at tier 10T26E5/Patriot: 20AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20112: 20 - 3 = 17. Pref MM tier 8s got just shafted in 9.18. 175 regular pen with that shit gun handling means that you have to spam HEAT quite alot, and due to handling and acc it will miss alot. Its probably one of the better pref MM tanks, and is probably not bad as tank, but I assume it has quite shit credit making potential now and is probably worst one in the list.Rhm. Skorpion: 17 Obj. 252U/Defender: 20 Strv S1: 20Lorr. 40t: 20Chrysler K GF: 20
  15. I meant the Chi-Ha TD is like archer + SU-100Y, which would be ok premium, not the tier 10 thing. Its not big barn like SU-100Y, though, but the gun is comparable. It is literally just gun mounted on Chi-Ha chassis so it should have stupid good camo. The Ho-Ri III, the tier 10, has 125mm UFP sloped 70 degrees and 250 mm (some sources state 200 but WG probably would use the 250 anyways) casemate with similar sloping to 263 that it can make bit stronger by abusing the gun depression. Side armor is reall weak, though, but WG just buffed Foch side armor so they would do the same for the Ho-Ri III too. It really depends how you implement it. With Chi-Ri like 3 round autoloader it would be nasty, but I think it would be possible to balance it wihout autoloader. The tier 8-9 Ho-Ris are harder to do without that thiugh, because they are bigger and have no armor.
  16. Yep. Imagine hybrid of SU-100Y and Archer, though it is not certain if the gun was fully traverseable. Tier 8 and 10 candidates has rear mounted casemates. Then again, isnt 263's depression and gun arc also very limiting? Ho-Ri III should have like twice better gun arc and atleast -10 depression (the gun test mount was able to depress -15), which obviously is massively better than -4. Ho-Ri III should also be much shorter in length than 263. And yes, Jap TDs generally have subpar alpha, but they should have very nice DPM, gun handling and penetration. Similar to Swedes though not as extreme given that they doesnt have siege modes, obviously.
  17. More like hybrid of TVP and 263. But yea, reason why I want Jap TDs is because they would be unique designs while not being like 183s / JP E100, Waffle-like class cannons, or generic shitty 750 alpha TDs. There are quite a few other funny desgns like long 120mm naval gun mounted backwards on Chi-Ha's chassis.
  18. type 5 with chi-ri autoloader would be better
  19. WG hates Brits. Notice how they have announced exactly zero changed to British tanks for 9.20, even though the patch is supposely a major balance patch and there are tons of British tanks that needs love.
  20. Yes, expect tier 10 candidate has pretty good frontal armor but terrible sides (severely modified Chi-Ri hull). Think Japanese 263 with smaller gun but -10 depression. Other than that, as good armor as Chi-Ri or worse. Gun-wise, 105mm guns at hightiers, probably with similar autoloader to Chi-Ri, but could be single-shot as well.
  21. Jap TDs are nothing like heavies, tho. Only thing they have in common is boxy design
  22. Lol if germans get 3rd td line before introducing jap TDs...and as an icing cake, WT E100 at top FeelsBadMan
  23. Dont be scared, they changed the stats right after they replaced it with Grille. They have been like that on tanks.gg for long time already. It took this long to update the stats for it on official site, lol
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