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    If yout think the O-Ni is insane, just wait until you get full gold HE type5 lmao
  2. You play it like a support tank. The derp is actually a very nice tool with current retarded mm and tier 10s. Being able to damage 268 V4s for example is something that literally any other tier 8 could only dream of. As retarded as it sounds like, let bulkier heavies take hits, and derp enemies whenever they reload or are not focusing on you. AP against certain tanks that you can overmatch like Object 257 can be extremely powerful (but risky) tool once mastered. Generally you dont rely on armor unless against lowertiers (in current MM? haHAA). Best way to use it is overangle and then have an ally, or a small obstacle and use it to hide your side. This also solves depression issues, but it takes some time to do it properly. The platform is quite shit but tbf it never has been good. Its all about that derp. My DPG in recent half a year is still 2050ish or so, which is higher than any other of my tier 8s. It can still work, it just takes a long time to get used to it (well I have played 3000 battles in total...) and you actually need to think in order to play the tank, unlike pretty much the entire the rest of the branch.
  3. Thats a fair point, to be fair. I mean, 705A is not really a clone of anything, so I guess its something. I still want one...but jeez 0.44 base accuracy seems like somewhat aids at tier 10.
  4. E5 gets nerfed right before powercreep started, which seemed a reasonable nerf bur nowadays E5 sucks. Type 5 was a massive pos before buffs, being way shittier than the Maus, and then it became one of the best tier 10 HTs, and then they gave it the most useless nerf they have ever given to any tank. If anything, these recent armor changes has negated those nerfs completely because the Type 5 can damage all these overarmored piece of shits in situations where others couldnt. Funnily enough, the last time WG actually nerfed anything was the Maus and Type 5, and latter didnt even get an actual nerf. At this rate its more likely they just keep buffing everything to the 268 V4’s level instead of nerfing the 268 V4 cus LOL powercreep WG hasnt done almost anything properly recently tbh
  5. I dont think this thing/line was necessary at all. No matter what you do to the 705A, it wont be very unique. Make it bit more a superheavy (armor buff but mobility nerf)? Basically a Russian VK 7201 K. Make it more a mobile HT with big boomstick? (mobility buff, possibly a armor nerf a bit)? Its just a rear turret AMX M4 54, I.E more awkward version of it. I mean new tanks are new tanks so its something. Wish they prioritized on something unique like Japanese TDs. Whatever happens to the 705a, the gun really does need to be buffed.
  6. Never played the 705, but that is from my experience fighting against one as well as opinions from others 122 has even shittier pen which kinda sucks (also lol APCR).
  7. 0.44 base accuracy with shit DPM and HEAT that is on a shitty side in terms of pen seems like an aids combo in a current meta filled with overarmored tanks. Shit accuracy + shit pen + shit DPM combined together was (and still is) the biggest reason why Type 5’s 14cm is so shit. 705A’s gun actually seems very similar to Type 5’s AP gun, just bit better pen and alpha for mega shit accuracy instead of just shit accuracy. IS-M in theory is great but it suffers heavily from tier 8 MM, and tier 9 705 seems like a VK B that trades turret armor for everything else. Neither of them are fun to play I guess (I hated the IS-M). And then we have the 268 V4 which just renders 705A obsolete - it is essentially 705A that trades turret for 2x reverse speed, more than 50% better forward mobility, +100mm LFP armor, and a much better gun. I guess that is another factor. 705A doesnt seem bad at all - in fact, it seems pretty good, just not fun at all with mega shit gun stats, and the line doesnt seem very fun either. I think the easiest solution on making these tanks more popular and fun was just to buff the base accuracy. 0.44 is just aids at tier 10 no matter what; no gun should have less accuracy than 0.40 at tier 10, other than arty and derps. That being said, it also looks really sexy, so I might get one eventually.
  8. Sold it, too. I can see the meme/troll potential but overall seems like a very unfun tank to play. Didnt have a crew for it either. Rather play the T-10 which is just so nice to play.
  9. QB was so overly hyped about it because how ”unique” it was. The Kran competes for worst TX HT in the game tbh. The tier 9-10 French HTs are quite close to be very nicely done vehicles. They even have weakspots! Almost feels like they are done by old balance team if anything. Tier 9 is strong but somewhat balanced, and the tier 10 just needs small adjustments (mostly gold pen buff on 130 to 290-295 and HP buff to 2400/2500, then its perfect).



    ...Full O-Ho teambattle (plus an O-I).

    All of my yes.

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      Just like what I am - cancer :serb: 

  11. A full Japanese LT branch is not possible btw unless WG has found some designs for hgher tiers. Expect high tiers to be WG creations if the line ever comes. Swedish arta lol, rip
  12. leggasiini

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    If you wanna play the tier 10 AMX, you use the 130. Period. 280 gold pen is trash, but at least you have good mobility (good enough so your not forced to brawl superheavies all the time) and good accuracy. DPM is bad but it has fucking nice alpha damage for a tank that is not slow, which is its biggest niche. Lets say it this way - 130’s gold pen sucks, but 120’s combo of shit alpha and shit DPM on a huge platform with shit HP is absolutely fucking terrible combination. The 120’s main advantage is ”ability” to fight superheavies - but because of shit DPM AND alpha and shit HP pool you will lose anyway. So with that in mind the best ”advantage” of the 120 is mitigated by its shitty flaws. And then the all situations where the 130 is superior. And 120 is bland and uninteresting and outclassed by Cyka Conq in all matters. 560 alpha on HT that isnt as slow as superheavy is at least unique. If you are going to play it with 120 mm, why the fuck won’t you just play the tier 9, then? The 120 M4 54 is most weak upgrade from tier 9 to tier 10 in the game IMO - it is practically identical to M4 51 except +300 HP. Yay. TL;DR: either you use 130 because alpha + shit DPM > shit alpha + shit DPM or sell it and play tier 9 instead
  13. Dragon Ridge 5 + 1 = 6. DON'T DIEEE YEEETNorthwest 25Pearl River 50Port 19 - 3 = 16 I have overall positive memories from this map but like said, when they reworked the shooting mechanics through walls, the map became kinda bad and with that in mind the worst of this bunchSouth Coast 32
  14. Dragon Ridge 11Northwest 24 + 1 = 25. Like Pearl River, removed for unreasonable reasons when it easily could have fixed. Basically the only problems were the pubbie trap at south and slight unbalance but thats about it. We have BS mega unbalanced maps like Live Oaks and Mines encounter that still are in the game :vPearl River 50Port 22 - 3 = 19. It was a fun map but became substantially worse with introducion of the ability to shoot through brickwalls.South Coast 30
  15. 14cm is a terrible gun, tho. It would need to be ultrabuffed in order to br even a remotely viable option to the derp. Thats just how strong the derp is, and cancerous as hell. Remove the derp, buff pen to 255 / 295 and buff accuracy to 0.38 or buff gun handling. Done. Armor layout needs an overall overhaul.
  16. Problem with the Object 268 V4 in especial is that it is extremely minmaxed, but minmaxed differently than many other minmax tank. 268 V4 goes to whole next level and has very unusual combination of minmaxed stats: - ridiculous straight line mobility; as mobile as mediums - frontal armor is basically T95 levels; basically a fuck you to majority of gold shells - very high penetration - it has extremely bad traverse speed - the gun stats are so terrible that if the pen was lower, the gun would be flat out worse than the ISU-152's gun, a tier 8 TD!. As whole, the gun is worse than not just any tier 10 TD but also worse than any tier 9 TD. - awkward rear casemate and poor gun depression Shit gun (with some quite strong parameters, I.E pen and alpha, while lower than most T10 TDs, is still high) on very broken but wonky platform. This thing has speed AND broken retardproof armor. Its very hard to say how it will be. In some scenarios its basically a horseshit version of 268 (which is also horseshit), in some scenarios its a turretless medium tank with more front armor than super-heavies and alpha and pen close to T10 TD levels. Its no doubt utterly broken, as its minmaxed like that but will it actually be good or bad as a tank, its hard to say. General problem with these tanks is that they are "balanced" with utter shit base accuracy which just makes them frustrating to play. AFAIK Russians factor tanks more from how fun they are to play; thats why they dont think that the Defender or Type 4/5 is as bad as we do; they think they are also very annoying to play with, not just annoying to play against. I guess the same problem with all of these new Russian tanks.
  17. Hit that "weakspot" and RNG penroll? That thingie is 230 mm thick so slight highroll with pen should be enough to pen the Type 4
  18. Dragon Ridge - 33 Hidden Village - 22 Komarin - 12 Northwest - 28 Pearl River - 37 + 1 = 38. Don't see why they even removed this,it was a pretty good map after reworks IMO Port - 33 Province - 27 Severgorsk - 18 - 3 = 15. Utter garbage in its both iterations. South Coast - 28
  19. Boi, I missed these. Its nice that its bit smaller than usual eliminations...considering the decreased population on the Wotlabs forums Dragon Ridge - 30 + 1 = 31. I liked this map, it was pretty beautiful; just imagine it in HD. Also it was the most ultimate fuck you ever to arties. The map was basically unplayable for arty AFAIK. Hidden Village - 30 Komarin - 27 - 3 = 24. First iteration was shit 1 minute cap games, another one was complete opposite AKA ultimate campfest until game over Northwest - 30 Pearl River - 31 Port - 30 Province - 30 Severogorsk - 30 South Coast - 30
  20. Exactly, all it does really is that it makes the tanks just more unfun to play with.
  21. And a shitty base accuracy. All of these new tanks, all of them, has among the shittiest base accuracies in the tier.
  22. Keep on mind that majority of shitty tier 8 TDs got buffed/changed in 2017. T28 is much better than it was, AMX AC has autoloader now tho dunno how it is with it, T28 proto is much better than it was, Kanonen will get 105 (probably) in future or other buffs, AT 15 got armor buffs, and SU-101 will be changed in next patch. There is that Chinese thing that is afaik terrible, but it does have more or less like a bootleg JT gun at tier 8 so by that alone its likely better than the 65t.
  23. 65t is not just terrible, its utter next level mega fucking aids garbage terrible. My DPG on it is lower than on the AMX M4 45 and only 100-200 higher than some tier 6s of mine, so go figure... Tier 9 is great doe, think M103 that is better at everything. CN TD line is very boring honestly, nothing is interisting on the line. Its quite garbage line but the masochism value is not high enough, they are just ehhhhhh
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