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  1. Exactly, all it does really is that it makes the tanks just more unfun to play with.
  2. And a shitty base accuracy. All of these new tanks, all of them, has among the shittiest base accuracies in the tier.
  3. Keep on mind that majority of shitty tier 8 TDs got buffed/changed in 2017. T28 is much better than it was, AMX AC has autoloader now tho dunno how it is with it, T28 proto is much better than it was, Kanonen will get 105 (probably) in future or other buffs, AT 15 got armor buffs, and SU-101 will be changed in next patch. There is that Chinese thing that is afaik terrible, but it does have more or less like a bootleg JT gun at tier 8 so by that alone its likely better than the 65t.
  4. 65t is not just terrible, its utter next level mega fucking aids garbage terrible. My DPG on it is lower than on the AMX M4 45 and only 100-200 higher than some tier 6s of mine, so go figure... Tier 9 is great doe, think M103 that is better at everything. CN TD line is very boring honestly, nothing is interisting on the line. Its quite garbage line but the masochism value is not high enough, they are just ehhhhhh
  5. I think the 2nd 122 is before the tank on the research path, while on the IS-3 you need only the 1st one, so that could explain the lower XP cost kinda like how they did with the amx65t
  6. Afaik you need only sub 60k XP for the IS-M so there is that
  7. >proceeds to miss a type5 from 50 metres as the tank is "balanced" with 0.80 base accuracy
  8. It can overmatch Swedish TDs so it has that going for it, also the 430's armor at tier 9 could be really trollish. Im also surprised that it's just 390 alpha instead of 440, though. Maybe they'll change that
  9. Afaik it had pretty good bloom but shitty accuracy and very shitty gold pen, might be a placeholder doe
  10. Also don't forget that since it's MT, it will have an actual camo unlike the 113. We'll see how the mobility, depression and gun stats are tho. The first leaked gun stats were unimpressive; 0.40 accuracy is extremely laughable for a tier 10 MT, though having good bloom could kinda help with that. Even the 121 has like 0.35 base accuracy with it's 122. 113 does have +300 HP to trade more efficiently, as well. I don't know if it will kill the 113 entirely, but then again, the 5A is already kinda superior to 113 in many scenarios, and because of 490 alpha and -7 depression, I think that the 5A is still superior to the 430U as well. 121 is completely fucked, though. Rest in peace.
  11. ^sad but true As for the tank, extremely uninteresting and useless tank with no purpose to exist. The absolutely totally the only reason to get it is the collector / historic value. There is literally zero reason to get it for any other purpose than that. As a tank itself its extremely useless when you got massively better RU prems at same tier anyway. Rudy even has BiA crews already so you can use that for farms
  12. It might seem like so from leaked screenshots, but I don't think that thing can be very small, when it weights 100 tons. It's AT LEAST as big as an IS-7, likely longer than it considering the extra roadwheel, and the IS-7 is not a super small tank either.
  13. IMO, make the 120mm before the AMX M4 51 so you have to research it but in return make the M4 51’s research cost like 50k less or so. Progress itself takes as long but you dont need to worry about separately getting the 120mm. The tank needs: - massive terrain resist buff, should go 40 reliably on flat - turret armor majorly improved on top turret - bloom improved on all guns - 100 mm aiming time reduced by like 0.5 sec
  14. TVP VTU is way better than this, at least the gun semi-works and it can somehow move unlike this piece of trash. Its worst tier 8 in the game, probably worst tank altogether on tiers 7-10.
  15. Like all tier 8 240 alpha meds more or less, its kinda powercreeped and hurt with recent changes. Its one of the best ones still thanks to HEAT shells, DPM, GH and depression, but its still a 240 alpha med that constantly faces retarded creations of balance department at tier 10.
  16. Im kinda enjoying it. Its definitely not easy to play well (despite the fact its a HE cannon basically), but im having fun with it. Its definitely not a good tank but it has meme potential for sure.
  17. On open maps, redline outside from view range aka as far from possible. On city maps, use HTs as meatshields and poke when enemies are reloading
  18. Highlight: ARTY PLATOONS ARE GONE. ARTY HEAT/AP IS GONE. Lowlight: tier 8 mm rip, retarded armor buffs, all in all just fucking retarded stuff What I wait from 2018: TIER 8 MM FIX PLES, also interested how kurwa tech tree looks like also gib Jap TDs
  19. O-Ho ho ho, merry Chi-Ristmas!

  20. leggasiini

    IS3A verdict?

    Because its basically extremely uninteresting, mediocre vehicle that brings really nothing to table and Defender is just flat out better? I forgot that it even existed until I saw this topic.
  21. So how many battles would be needed to have accurate statistics of how the tank performs for that player?


    I wanna know as im doing M4 54 review on forums

    1. OperatorError


      DPG should be fine at 100 games, if you're playing all of those with the same gun. Win rate is still rather iffy at the point, but it should be +-1-2% I think.

      50 games is more of a "sample" for most purposes IMO.

    2. Darvek


      WR is nowhere close after only 100 games.

      Just an example from my stats - I ground both these lines around the same time, so my skill didn't change.
      Nashorn (Tier VI turretless TD) Games: 112  WR: 66.96%  DPG: 1088  KPG: 1.53

      Jg.Pz. IV (Tier VI turretless TD) Games: 72   WR: 45.83%  DPG: 1181   KPG: 1.94

      Unless you believe that kicking in an extra 100 dpg and 0.4 kpg should somehow result in a 21% lower WR there's probably some significant random variation in those numbers.

    3. kaneaaa


      I was told even 200 isn't enough... I second after 100 games game has too many random variables, so you can get wild fluctuations from the right value at this point still. 

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  22. M103 is basically a flat out shittier version of AMX. Like literally.
  23. T-10 is kinda different, it is bit better heavium than this but way worse as actual heavy. AMX is more like Conqueror if anything that has way better LFP, better mobility and DPM but worse depression and complete lack of sidescraping ability.
  24. Short review of French HTs. Have written a more excessive one on forums and could do it here but dont have time for it now so here is a very short one:


    - AMX 65t is fucking useless trash. No hull armor, tier 6s can pen you, turret is full of holes, slow as shit (17 hp/ton feels like 10 hp/ton) and guns are bad as well. Stock turret is better than top one but then you cant use 120 and the 100 mm on that has 3.2 sec aim time. With shitty alpha. GG. Worst tier 8 HT in the game by far, probably the worst tier 8 altogether if Kanonenjagdpanzer didnt exist (and even that is at least fast and has camo)



    - Tier 9 is amazing, it has good armor, amazing guns and good mobility. Imagine Conqueror with bit worse sidescraping ability and -2 less depression, but more DPM, much stronger LFP and much better mobility.



    - Tier 10 is way worse tier for tier than tier 9. The 120 mm is actually trash (despite the amazing GH) and 130 mm is the only option IMO. People bitch about how shitty 280 gold pen is, but they dont realize that 400 alpha with barely better DPM than tier 9s on a huge, low HP platform is infinitely worse. The platform is not suited for sniping or exposing itself for long, yet 120 mm involves doing exactly that. The 130 mm is quite fun tho, 560 alpha with good-ish gun handling on relatively mobile platform makes it unique. Its not particurarly competitive but its fun and unique which is good enough reason for me to play it. 560 alpha means that you can outtrade most things because anything that has more than 560 alpha (non-TD) is a slow superheavy.

    6.5/10 as tank rating, however the fun-rating is higher.

    TL;DR: tier 8 is worse than M4 45 even without gold spam gun, tier 9 is amazing, tier 10 is not as good as 9 but workable and pretty unique

    1. hazzgar


      This is why I didn't bother going for that line. So much grinding for a great t9 but meh t10 and shit t8? 

    2. Vindi


      thanks Legga, this is the exact reason why I will grind this line, probably for the tier 9 which I will 3 mark eventually. Could be the 3rd place behind e50 and m46 patton in garage :))

    3. leggasiini


      Tier 10 is technically good, its just the powercreep meta that makes it seem bit more meh. If it came year ago it would have been amazing.

      That being said, my suggestion is to get the tier 9 and keep it, and then give the a try.

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