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  1. Tier 10 is not that bad tbh. I am actually quite enjoying it. That being said, 120mm is trash and you should never use it. People ree how bad the gold pen on the 130 is, but they forget the fact that having one of the worst base DPMs in its tier with 400 alpha on a big platform with not much HP is muuuuuch worse. My stats began INSTANTLY GO UP after I got the 130 mm. Its definitely not as good as tier 9 but its still quite fun.
  2. French HTs in nutshell:

    Basically you die a long and painful death (AMX 65t), and then you get into heaven (AMX M4 51).

    1. TheMarine0341


      I watched Circon play the tier 9 for a couple hours yesterday: Two battles nearly in a row with 1300+ base EXP, 2nd class medals.

      I laughed

    2. DHP


      ah ah i can even tell you 1405 baxe xp is also 2nd class... It's just amazing. I'm gonna keep it with a female commander we got at Christmas i think.


      Honestly i'm expecting the T9 to be nerfed and T10 and 8 be buffed.

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    3. FavreFan4ever


      My body is ready. I'm enjoying the challenge the 65t brings, but I'm beginning to think that the .31 accuracy is just rounded up to .4

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  3. Bought the tier 10 today, will play it tomorrow a bit. We’ll see how it goes.
  4. Imagine a T34 with -2 less depression, 30 mm worse pen, worse accuracy, much less useful hull armor (cannot sidescrape), bigger profile (lol), massively worse turret (230-250 effective and full of weakspots) and irs not really even faster unless downhill, all that for 50 more HP and 150 or so more DPM, and you have the 65t. T34’s main strenghts are the lololol penetration, depression and turret combined with alpha, 65t has only alpha.
  5. TVP VTU is better than this as well. KV-5 would be better than this if it had regular matchmaking.
  6. Its really as shitty as it seems. My DPG with this is lower than my tier 7s.
  7. Tier 9 is really good so far, even when stock. A gigantic improvement over probably the worst tier 8 in the entire game.
  8. Just PSA, they buffed the engine power to 1600 HP with the release of 9.21. No other changes, though. Im still pretty confused because its still a flat out worse VK 100. At least it is bit more agile now but eh. Making a similar clone of standard tank and then making it just worse doesn't feel like by 2017's standards. Quite interesting move by WG, not sure if they are going back to original policy "prems should be worse than regular tanks", or if it is about the get buffed, or maybe the VK 100 gets nerfed, who knows
  9. It still overperforms, I can definitely feel it when playing it and the statistics also show it. It has still very high winratio despite its played often by braindead retards, and the WR curves show overperformance. It is made even worse by the fact that on tier 10 average WR curve should be actually slightly below the reference curve until high skill levels because on average most players WILL lose more on tier 10 than on average. That being said, removing the gold HE and reducing HE alpha to 950-1000 and then buffing RoF and giving it low-pen AP round should do the trick in that regard. And ofc buff the 14 cm. However, the armor layout is still broken, because it is immune to standard ammo. I would buff the mantlet armor to the point even HEAT won't go through, make the cupola smaller but nerf the armor slightly on it, remove the hull cheeks, make the upper front 300 mm thick, make the lower front weaker (235 - 240 effective), and nerf the side armor to 140 mm. Now there is areas that you just cant gold spam through, but on other hand it has weakspots now and side armor is worse so it is more vulnerable to flanking.
  10. I also like how they say how Type 4/5 are "among the least played tanks". You wot m8? I see those quite a lot on EU, and they will become only more and more common with all the armor buffs and retardely overarmored tanks. With the Badger spam going on, the best tank to deal with them is...Type 5. Like being a derp itself wasnt bad enough, it also does way more damage with non-pens than pretty much any HT gun except the E 100. Derp (on HT like this that has armor) should do clearly lower damage with non pens than average HT alpha in the tier. I.E, Type 4/5 derp should never do more than 400 consistently (unless they get lucky), so if they really have to keep the derp, the HE alpha should be no higher than 1000. Then buff the RoF and give it low pen 750 alpha AP shell. I would preferably just fuck remove the gun, but WG won't do that so better just rework it instead. Then buff the 14 cm. The QA was literally the most awful and retarded QA I have ever seen in my life and really gives me impression that they give absolutely zero fuck about the game anymore.
  11. I have played it now with all configs, still utter horsetrash. I would say the 120+top > 100+stock > 100+top. 120 is on top solely because of alpha being the king and lower aim time (lol).
  12. Even with the big engine it goes like 30 on flat most of time. The 17hp/ton is the biggest lie ever. Because nerfed Liberte with the best part about the tank, hull armor, entirely removed is gonna work out so well... Tried it in all configs, the 120 + top turret is the best IMO. 100 mm is just fucking trash for that platform (Liberte has armah so it works way better there). At least with 120 you got alpha.
  13. Black Type 5 Heavy and Defender just because
  14. Could try, but ehh. The side is still just 80 so that involves having the side at autoricochet angle
  15. Do I? I just want the tier 10, it seems fun w/ big gun
  16. Heheey, its been years since I have made a thread here. ------- Dear fucking god this tank is a massive piece of shit. hull armor, haHAAA, nope, tier 7 HTs rape it with standard ammo from any angle, even tier 6 HTs can pen it (with AP) even tier 6 meds can just punch through it with gold... gun handling is fucking terrible, 3.2 sec aim time huehuehue the mobiity is a lie, it has mobility of the Liberte; hell, Liberte feels actually more mobile than this, the terrain resists must suck REALLY hard, goes like 30 on flat typical Liberte's shitter cupola 1450 HP sucks 300 alpha is not rly that good when the GH feels like something that has 400 alpha Funnily enough the stock turret seems to be way better than top one. The top turret cupola is Foch levels of huge, it has only -8 depression, less elevation, quite a lot higher mass (even worse mobility), and the turret is only 250 effective so tier 8 gold and tier 9/10 standard ammo can actually pen the turret, and its huge. For that it has more HP, bit better DPM, better aim time (still fucking bad), and 10m more view range. Oh and it can mount 120 mil tho I am uncertain of using that because that just means playing 50k XP more with this and it no longer has that BS 325 pen APCR. At least stock turret has very nice armor when hull down unless they shoot your cupola (but its not huge like top turret), and is a much smaller target, and has -10 depression. Small sample size (7 battles), but my DPG is only 1400, which is 350-600 (700 lower than the O-Ho) lower than my other tier 8 HTs... and Im afraid that RNG has actually FAVORED me (I hit utterly retarded snapshots and got top tier 3-5-7 3 times, only 1-2 tier 10 games). My M4 45 has almost the same DPG and we all know how great that thing is. Dear fucking god, did we really need a literal HT version of TVP VTU?
  17. Looking with the comparison tool, looks like it now has 1600 HP engine so the power / weight ratio is comparable to VK 100. Dunno about armor model, I wouldn't be surprised if they changed that as well.
  18. AMX 65t is probably the worst tier 8 I have ever played :eww:

    1. Vindi
    2. kukis12345


      Because it doesn't have an O-HO armor profile :kappa:

    3. leggasiini


      Imagine Liberte.

      You know what is the best thing it has going for? Oh yes, the frontal hull armor.

      Now imagine the AMX 65t. 

      Basically take the Liberte. Remove the frontal hull armor. Nerf view range. Nerf aim time which is already bad. Make it fatter. Nerf HP.

      And you got AMX 65t.

      And thats the tank in its best configuration. Top turret is actually worse because it has much worse armor layout, is huge and bloated and gives less gun depression and elevation, for 100 more HP, marginally higher RoF and 0.2 sec aim time. THe bloom does not even improve with it. And 120 costs like 50k XP and is unnecessary for the tier 9, so...

  19. And thats the tier 9, I think. The tier 10 supposely is much more heavily armored
  20. On tier 10, definitely, because it gives the tank a niche. And an unique niche as well. With 120 its just a shitty Super Conqueror. On tier 9 will roobably use 120 because 127 is just 60k more XP to grind, and tier 10 is p cheap when it comes to XP cost. On tier 8 will use stock turret + 100 mm (TVP VTU, anyone?)
  21. Tier 8 looks like a massive piece of donkeyshitrrash, so looking forward to play it tomorow... Tier 9/10 looks fun, tho.
  22. I dont think it will be a derp gun tbh, I feel like it will be a weird result of IS-7 and Faillöwe having fun in a bed, so expect a gun comparable to the E 100. In fact I believe it will be very comparable to the FailLöwe, 152mm gun and rear turret. Will be kinda keks to see what kind of armor it will have, tho.
  23. It looks utter trash in its current iteration (bear with me in this one). By far the worst hp/ton in the game, twice as bad as Maus. Even good terrain resists it has wont save it, as it badly struggles going up any hills. Weakspots that are basically KV-5 levels on weak on a tank that has literalky twice as bad mobility or even worse, actually. Side armor behing tracks is 60 which means that if it angles more than 30 degrees fucking tier 6 mediums can pen the track with AP and then track AND damage the tank Turret is pretty far in fronr, sidescraping without exposing the side too much is not simple, reverse sidescraping with this slow shit...no The turret location would be wonderful for peeking corners but LFP is bit too weak for that Turret face is much bigger and flatter than VK 100 so with gold you can actually reliably pen it. And then it has no statistical advantages over the VK. The 4.6 HP/ton alone makes it just no no purchase for anyone with brain. However, it does not fit the recent policy of premium tanks and in general it doesnt seem anyhow logical statistically. It is about as much downgrade to VK 100 as pref mm tier 8s were to regular tier 8s back in day except it has no pref and we live on day where prems are treated as equal or even better than regular tanks. Because of that, you can be 95% sure they buff it. Im gonna laugh my pants off if they release it in this state.
  24. These armor buffs and new tanks like Badger are all just indirect buffs to the Type 5
  25. 62 500 XP. You need to research the long 90 mil, though, so there is that to keep on mind if you used the 105 + gold spam (like I did).
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