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  1. Looks bit more useful now. Accuracy nerf stinks, but at least the gun has DPM now. Before the changes the gun had nothing going for it except base accuracy.
  2. Completely pointless as a tank, tbh. Im surprised that they havent updated its stats, because it is literally massively worse VK 100 with nothing interesting niche over it. Also 4.6 hp/ton haHAA If it was actually unique I would get it but ehh. I am pretty fucking sure they buff it, no way in hell they release it with 4.6 hp/ton
  3. Anyone have tank inspector for test server or have an account for tanks3dmodels websife or whatwver it is called?

    They have added ”vk 168.01 mauenbecher” on test server, I wonder if they have updated its stats

  4. ...so 263 and 268 V4 remains unchanged So they literally completely ignored the massive negativity by Russians towards this change? The line changes has gotten literally only negative feedback, literally, by Russians, the community that matters most for WG. Murazor has to stop eating thise fucking crayons 24/7
  5. Dont forget AMX CDA 105. Also fairly balanced. The WZ-120-1 is arguably a bit too good but its still a turretless TD so I guess its okay.
  6. One useful thing to note is that the view range is now so high that you can use vents now and get enough view range, even without using food, so this boosts accuracy so its not that much worse than the original one if using optics Top speed buff is cool, can do ram memes better than ever Dont rly mind the alpha buff/rof nerf. It is technically a buff tho because while not high, 180 is much better than 135 (or 165 like it has on test server), while the dpm stays the same. I would also have preferred just a raw RoF buff instead, though. Pen nerf really sucks ass tho because you no longer can pen a few things anymore, like the O-Ho from front, have a chance to pen Defender/Chrysler LFP, and IS-3 is now very unreliable. Bigish nerf in that regard. Overall ehh, its still unique but was more unique before and I hoped they would just have buffed the top speed and then the DPM a bit. Given that with the old stats the gun was literally top contender to be one of the most reliable guns in the game (seriously, tell me one turreted tank that has amazing accuracy + practically no bloom on turret rotation + insane aimtime + great shell velocity all combined together...), it wouldnt even need ultra high DPM, just like 10% more would have been enough.
  7. Maus also got a big gun handling and accuracy improvements as well. As for the OP... O-Ho :^)
  8. The AMX has actually quite good base accuracy, good gun handling and practically enough mobility to be considered as a heavium, so it doesnt actually have to brawl superheavies all the time. Type 4/5 14cm is shit accuracy, shit gun handling, shit DPM and shit gold pen all combined together on slow platform.
  9. They would also give the 120 something like +270 / 335 pen or something. Make it like Löwe's gun but at tier 10 - shit DPM + shit alpha but absolutely amazing pen and great gun stats that makes it super reliable. I would argue that 130 might be better even with current gold pen because of 560 alpha, and 280 gold pen will be much lesser problem on live because you actually see tier 8s there. Atleast it has a niche with 130 - with 120 you just might as well play the Cyka Conqueror.
  10. Has the hull armor of old Caravan, has less DPM and the turret, despite the spaced armor, is overall worse It also has 230 alpha VS 280 alpha, which is rather significant, too. Dunno really, its not really better than the Caernarvon. I would say good comparison is Patriot. Bit more DPM, higher base accuracy and better UFP armor, but worse dispersion when moving, useless LFP armor, more incosistent turret and more bloated. I guess thats a fair trade. Also at least Brits are finally getting actually good tier 8 prem and something else than most polished turd in the game that has gotten like 5 million buffs and still is pretty bad (1.7k DPM + mega shit GH + 230 alpha at tier 8 with current powercreep and MM, haHAA) or a tank that literally the only thing that isn't utter shit about it that it has "Chieftain" on its name which makes bots go "OMFG ITS CHIEFTAIN WTF????"-
  11. If only the 130 has better gold ammo...560 alpha heavium with a good GH is just sex...
  12. Most of the tier 10 front is resistant to HEAT which will be pretty keks The armor of tier 8 is quite awful tbh, the hull is trash, turret has holes and that cupola is weak enough to be pennable by same tiers. Its also not very fast and the gun seems highly mediocre outside of 120's gold pen. That is the only saving factor for that tank IMO and I still kinda feel like its a placeholder
  13. ...Look at the date if the quote. That was when test server was on the first stage, where Super Conqueror wasnt really that good. It has -7 depression, way worse DPM and way worse gun handling than the Conqueror for some reason. Then they buffed it on 2nd stage, which probably slightly overdid it, IMO. The -10 was not necessary.
  14. Waa, people still remember me even though I have been very inactive here for last 5 months? :thinking: Thats kinda sweet tbh <3
  15. At least I got to play the French Superheavies in some form :kappa::kappa::kappa: 

    1. Siimcy
    2. leggasiini


      The halloween event maybe...? :doge: 

      Franken and Stein are the FCM F1 and FCM 2C haHAA

    3. saru_richard


      maybe they may show up in about 3 years, then we can forgive you for that time you claim that french super heavies where coming 

  16. 14cm Type 4 is still absolute trash, not surprising that you struggle. In fact, its actually worse than before 9.17 becUse worse traverse speed and those bit weaker patches on hull. Derp Type 4 is broken but even with gold HE not really that great, Type 5 is however still utterly stupid
  17. Given how things have changed, how my opinion has changed, how everything has gotten turret armah and depression buffs, I would rate the Kran way lower than that nowadays. I actuallu rate it as the 2nd worst T10 HT now. EMIL II is not that bad, just cancer to play but it does perform well. Generally I would say that the Swedish HTs are not rlt worth it, they are cancerous to play, IMO, and kran is not so good
  18. Type 5's 14cm still has 282 gold pen after 2 years and that gun has much worse gun handling and 0.07 worse base accuracy on a slowass platform, so... I really hope they buff the 14cm on Types some day, its still such s shit gun
  19. Super Conqueror is quite bad tbh so its not really only AMX's fault its poeercreeped before release lol. Like seriously, SC has notably worse bloom than Connqueror and its slower...
  20. Fucking hell, remember how E5 was considered as the best tier 10 in the game like less than year ago, and now the powercreep has gone so far that it might be in state of needing a buff. I mean, the cupola nerf came but the tank was already great with the shit cupola like it had before HD.
  21. 0.33 accuracy + 2.2 sec aim time + ok bloom though, it should actually be very decent. Its bit like Type 5's 14cm except it has 0.07 better accuracy (lol), better GH and its on a faster platform. Type 5's 14cm would indeed be way better if it was more accurate and on faster platform. The pen is still a problem, though. The 127 on tier 9 is horseshit tho, dunno why anyone would use it
  22. Nah, Cranevagina also has 390 VR. Same problem with Liberte, its shit sidescraper and so are these. Just angle the front from corners
  23. The gold pen on T8 is probably a placeholder. Remember thats the gold pen the tank used to have when it was leaked in 2016, but it slso had 257 AP or something. They did the ssme thing with the AMX 30s - they nerfed the regular pen but didnt nerf the gold pen - gold pen got eventually nerfed as well. No way this is intentional, especislly considering the fact its APCR. Looking at the normal pen, the gold pen is probably supposed to be like 240-250, which will be very shitty in current mm. The 100mm looks already better on that. Small gun is the best for tier 8-9 but for tier 10 the bigass gun is visblr because almost the same GH, very good acc and aim time for that gun and even the DPM is almost the same. 280 gold pen is super sucky, though. Atleast Type 5 14cm no longer has shittiest non-HE gold in its tier, though that is gun with 0.07 worse accuracy and slow as fuck platform.
  24. THE TIER 10 NAVAL GUN THO THE T H I C C UMMMM YEAAA ITS SOOO THICCC Liberte, Type 5 and M103 banged each other and this is the result I know what i am gonna grind next heee heee Also the stats are real, I was one who noticed them first among the TAP team, just didnt post cus I dont speak cyka blyat :^)
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