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  1. Bough Le ELC back. Curious: how much DPG is needed for 3 marks? Apparently its easily the easiest 3 mark in the game... When i was much worse, i got 1 moe for just yolorushing, lol

    1. Fulcrous


      An astounding 1250

    2. leggasiini


      o shiet

      well i can still try atleast

    3. Fulcrous


      Frankly it's low.

      You can get it purely by spotting dmg.

  2. Make mantle spaced, make cheeks 260mm (think that 260mm cheeks are actually better than 260mm front hull during sidescraping, since you want to keep as maximal angle as possible) and give it the gun stats it had on supertest (almost 2.4k DPM, used to have around 30% better bloom), and bam, it would be actually solid tank. I dont get it what made them think that it would be OP enough to get nerfed during supertest. Also wouldnt mind if they made it its gold to regular ammo, and then removing current reg ammo. So you have 286mm pen, which is neat, but as penalty you dont have gold. Think O-Ho and O-Ni with their 105mm guns. I dont like idea anyway that gold ammo is same type as regular ammo, making it 100% flat out superior.
  3. - make regular 268 tier 9, nerf HP to 1500 - 1600, slightly nerf DPM to 704 levels - make this thing tier 10 - make obj 704 tier 8 prem w/ derp gun, or alternative tier 8 like jpanther 2/ferdi (but no BL-10 to not make ISU obsolote) Simple changes, basically. Or... - same for both 268s as above; 268 to tier 9 with nerfed stats, new 268 as tier 10 - drop 704 into tier 8. Many options for this one: 1. derp as elite gun, but with very fast reload (like ~4 rof). Imagine JP heavies, same gun option from tier 6 to 8, but at tier 8 you have significantly better gun stats compared to tier 6 2. keep BL-10 but with very poor RoF (~3 or less). 3. give it something else as elite gun - make ISU tier 7 with SU-152 gun choices - make SU-152 tier 6 with 122mm derp from SU-85 as stock gun and then 152mm derp stats nerfed to KV-2 levels so its like stealthier, slightly faster KV-2 with better AP pen but in return lacks turret and has less HP. Remove HEAT for balance reasons. - make SU-152 researchable from SU-85; make SU-100 lead only to SU-100M1 - probably make ISU-152 with BL-10 as tier 8 premium. IRL it was called as "ISU-152-2" This would make two TD branches true branches, not just minibranches. 704 never had BL-10 anyway, btw.
  4. Lets be honest, O-I is actually alot like arty. Its broken, oneshots stuff, its very boring to play and its just cancer, in many ways. The main difference is that it trades sky view for non-gold proof armor, which still makes it slightly less cancer, but...ehh. 

    I just retrained my O-I crew for Type 5 Heavy. Even though Type is shit, its still lot more fun to play than O-I. I bought it for mostly derp derp, but i have ho ho ho now which is significantly more fun. Still not selling it because im keeping it for JP heavy collection (i might buy all of tier 5 - 10 back at some point...) and i might try to retry getting marks on it (pretty frustating to get even 2nd one because you cannot avoid those 0dmg games which drops your MoE by 1-2%).

    1. zapyoug


      srsly no joke

      we regularly bring fucking cancer to tier 6 stronks

      304 or m44

      because fuck yoouuu

      or we bring several heavies

      fastbois is dead

      & I can confirm that mountain pass with fat Japanese shit vs fastbois = fuck you



    2. Nekommando


      O-I is broken in a different sense- O-I is brokenly OP, it's not a diceroll, your oneshot isn't all RNG. Think along the lines of pre-nerf 183.

    3. MonoPanda


      They are cancer but on most maps you can deal with them easily. Spot them as fast as possible and  shoot them to pieces while they are still looking for a place to kemp bush. On mountain pass we just don't give a damn and lose the match ... you don't want to waste precious time of credit boost  :D

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  5. soo, since you talked about type 5 las t night (or did you? im probably 2 tired now to remember 100% correctly)... Im now curious to re-try type once more, but may i ask few questions:

    1. equipment? rammer and vstab is pretty obvious, but dunno about last one. i used spall when i still had one, but vents might be better because any DPM and gun stats boost are welcome

    2. loadout? although it has shitload of ammo capacity so this hardly matters , tho... Mostly asking because you talked about heavy gold spam.

    3. ...and consumables. This is normally obvious, but Type 5 is different because:

    - it didnt burn very often for me

    - with spall, crew death was very minor aswell

    - onigiri seems to be very good for this thing because again, any boost to gun handling and dpm is great

    Im not sure anymore what is best option, because it feels like that even something fucking crazy like dual repair kit + onigiri would be an option...so...

    thanks in advance tho



    1. Gandaran


      i'd do rammer/vstab/spall. drop medkit for food, train jack of all trades on commander. keep AFE because it has a 20% base fire chance.


      IF you have jack of all trades and and preventive maintenance i'd run double rep-food.


      You have 60 shells. I think I run 10/30/20. Ap for 8s/arty/soft mediums. gold for everything else. HE to fuck with hulldown stuff.


      Remember this thing is MASSIVE. there are spots you can use that you wouldn't be able to on other tanks. Things that would generally be cover for other tanks could be a hulldown position for you. Use it to your advantage.

    2. leggasiini



      thanks :) 

      its gonna be huge money sink but whatever

  6. Im guessing that this is going to be reward for next set of personal missions, along with german bulldog, either kirovets 1 or t25 pilot 1 and tier 9 bat. That, or CW reward. Either way, looks cool. Kinda like uptiered IS-8 with 152mm gun. Bit off-topic, but anyone been wondering about the Object 777? Dont think its going to be next PM reward because another t10 RU heavy, and it has been lying around on supertest for like a half year or more, yet we have no idea about its purpose. Probably nezt CW reward, who knows.
  7. last night one super retarded idea popped into my mind...

    im considering to re-buy Type 5 Heavy, and i would get credits by grinding marks on TOG...

    my retard-level is over 9000


  8. Wait, i thought you managed to quit tanks?
  9. Ritardgaymer's block is not working; according to Blogspot, it have been deleted


    1. Siimcy


      inb4 FTR returns :serb:

      I checked Ritardblog few hours ago when it was still here.

    2. hall0


      What she wrote on FB


      Status Report hasn't been deleted. Its being held by Google police due to fraudulent reports, I've already appealed.
      I went for SilentStalker's advice and this happened a couple times to FTR. He and Jingles are also proud of me, because you know you've made it when people hate you enough on the internet.

      Dont worry, I will be back!


      Fuck -.-

    3. leggasiini



      jesus, noooo, SS > rita

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  10. Why are they postponing it? I understand FV215b - Chieftain situation, because: - FV215b is generally liked or even loved tank by playerbase; while Chieftain would be awesome, it is shame to just remove 215b, even if it is 100% fake tank. Who cares about realism anyway these days; there is WTGF for history fags. - Chieftain is really famous, and atm likely most wanted tank by playerbase and developers dont want to risk to make it bad, hence multiple nerfs and buffs during supertest - They are planning to do a minibranch for it, with Chieftain prototype(s) at earlier tiers. - Chieftian also isnt only candidate for tier 10. There is stuff like Super Conqueror and apparently even third (dunno what, likely another Conqueror variant) T10 candidate. Believe WG wants to research those more. As for WT E100, dont get why they wont just replace it. Anything is better than WT e100, okay, almost everything. While Grille 15 is pretty retarded (by design-wise) like WT E100, atleast it was a real project and doesnt seem to be totally broken like WT is. If they are afraid that its UP, fuck that, just give us chance to try it on test server. If we dont like it, then just buff it. Really, anything is better than WT E100. WG really should listen at majority of playerbase, not to those 0.1% who are just butthurt for losing their lolol tank that can 1 clip everything that they used free xp into. also wtf @ "dont want another CAX". CAX is generally pretty solid tank. This argument really makes me think that WG dont play or even look at their own game at all. See: JP heavy line and CZ high tier balance, good tanks getting buffs in HD that makes them arguably OP (IS-3, E5) or then some good, okay or even bad tanks getting nerfed when they get into HD (Comet, Black prince, Centurion 7/1), and some retardely bad premium tanks, with newest one, FV4202, being the ultimate king of shittyness.
  11. And both of them should be much better than 4005, although that means nothing so dunno was this even worth mentioning.
  12. It is really that bad? Because i always seem to like it when i roll it on test server. Its fast, accurate (but has slowish aim time), has decent gun and armor. I believe that its more a allrounder that can both snipe and play agressive when needed. I know that its not great tank, but i enjoyed it on test so will get it regardless. Besides, i think WG accidently leaked its HD model in their sound and physics video, so here is a hope for changes.
  13. Paper stats are massive liar, really. On paper its flat out super to Maus at everything but HP, and from pure paper stats i would pick it even over E 100. Type however is bigger than those, has much worse ammorack problems, has 100% flat armor and cant sidescrape, and has worse bloom values than E 100. In reality, its either gimped E 100 or Maus with worse UFP and slightly better gun and it cant sidescrape. You decide.
  14. tbh when type 5 was revealed and especially when it was compared with Maus (and when stats were still unleaked), i actually expected it to have 3200 - 3500 HP Despite this thing is bad, i still might re-buy it in future if it gets buffed or is on sale and i have some credits lying around. 50b, 268 and probably E 100 before it tho
  15. fixed fuck anime also type 5 is not made from glorious nippon steel that is folded million times, its made from unglorious nippon (inb4 madeinchina) wet cardboard. Talking about glorious nippon steel, though... this gif always gets me realism/10
  16. That 260 flat unangleable armor, so OP. Those 210mm flat cheeks that has ammorack behind them, wow wtf mega OP OP. 8 hp/ton, GOTTA GO FAST! Huge size actually results in terribly OP camo, since Type 5 is probably first tank in the game with negative camo values, how OP is that? You know, btw, that this little tenk is so small that its just little bit bigger than a mouse! Has OP gun from fucking CRUISER, it can damage ships so it should destroy any tank, right? Yet it has worse damage, DPM and even worse DISPERSION than Hundo. There is already some Type 5 Heavy threads, but those are like from times when it still was on supertest. There havent been much talking about Type since its release...for obvious reasons. So its so poor tonk that there isnt even a thread for it other than those few "omg new big HT, hype"-threads. Now, half year later, we all know how "OP" Type 5 is these days, so made this thread to make you feel free to discuss about the shittiest tier 10 heavy in the game. ps: wanna count anyone who were crazy enough to go past O-Ho, and eventually sold this OP tenk. There must be more of those than me and Schnitzel...
  17. Alternatively: it hits you for 700 with AP through cupola, runs into cover, then loads HE, and then, rip t-150. One of the best counters to (derp) O-I that isnt arty, ironically enough is O-I with 10cm + gold spam (gold isnt totally necessary but 175mm pen has chance to not pen, while 200mm pen goes very likely through unless ur idiot and shoot UFP/LFP). Its highly effective against derp O-Is; you do same damage but twice faster, and you can probably take even as low as 150 - 200 dmg, as O-I has very thick armor. Only thing you have to remember is not to expose your sides as even HE can pen that weakspot above drivewheels which gets exposed if you angle your O-I.
  18. I agree that Maus would use slight rof buff, but before buffing Maus, buff the Type 5. Type 5 might have better alpha and DPM, and better top speed, but no way that Maus is worse than it. Type 5's armor is stupid; its very tough against AP which forces gold spam but gold insta-pens it. And everyone (should atleast) carry some gold ammo at T10. What is worse, you cannot even angle properly to resist gold ammo because cheeks. Type 5's gun handling is also derpier, accuracy stinks, and has so bad premium ammo that i almost never used it on my Type 5, expect when i tried to fish for highroll when E 100 facehugged me. Its not much faster either; it has much worse engine power and worse reverse speed. And its even bigger so cancer loves it even more. Not to mention ammorack that is bigger than most tier 10 heavy tanks. Believe also that Type 5 has worse global WR than Maus, but could be wrong. In fact, it was like 47% when i last checked, only FV4005 (unsurprisingly hehe) and probably some arties being lower. Anyway, Maus can atleast act as damage absorber, Type 5 is just XP pinata when enemy loads gold because it cant bounce a shit against gold ammo.
  19. Nah, dont see it being like T67 since it doesnt have pewpew gun or full turret. It doesnt seem to be uber small tank either. More like T10 Hellcat without full turret.
  20. Just re-bought 215b finally after like 2.5 years. Wondering about 3rd equipment slot, since VStab seems to be highly useless as i ran it on test server with VStab and now dont have VStab on live server and i dont see any difference. Should i pick optics, or heck, even spall liner?

    1. leggasiini


      yea i know, but not sure what to slap in since vstab seems to be pretty useless aswell since bloom is ridiculously good even without

      might just go with optics, i guess

    2. KingYoshiLuca


      Stabs are still better than Spall Liner.

    3. Dragos_CS


      Vert stab. Always. You dont have enough armor for the spall liner to matter anyway.

      Also optics are useless since you have 410m base VR. Run food and a good crew and you maxed the VR arleady. You wont need more.

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  21. leggasiini


    Dont own 121 (yet), but i think that 113 is definely superior now. I dont think that sacrificing depression, armor, 350 HP and power to weight ratio is worth it for marginally better gun stats all around (pen, accuracy, rof) and better traverse. 121 didnt even get buffed that much; -3.5 depression still stinks.
  22. How high DPG is required to 3 mark the O-Ho? With 1710 im stuck at 82 - 87%...so... 

    Its somewhat frustating how any game with sub 1.5k dmg can decrease your marks by 0.1 - 1% (depending on game, 0 dmg games are possible because big and slow HT) and then 2.5k dmg battles rises it like 0.3%... Seems like i need to constinently do 2k - 2.5k dmg at MINIMUM to get 3 marks, which likely isnt very easy for anyone because O-Ho is pretty inconsistent, like all JP heavies.

    1. GreyKnight9612


      VBAddict does not have any data for the 3rd moe yet, but it says 2300 for the second one (which would be extremely high for a tier 8 heavy and is most likely caused by a very low ammount of data, that vbaddict can acces). I sugest it should be around 2500 for the 3rd moe really, since most standard tier 8 heavy tanks seem to hover in that area. So yeah that means that you have to get a 3k dmg game for the percentage to actually go up properly (like 0.3-0.5% maybe, depending how high your percentage already is), also games with <2k dmg will pull it down quite alot.

    2. leggasiini


      2300 cannot be correct for 2nd one though, since i already have 2nd MoE on mine with like 1.7k average DPG.

    3. GreyKnight9612


      Well as I said the problem with vbaddict is, that it can only use the data people actually upload. Since only a small ammount of the people actually does that, it is not very precise, especially when it comes to new tanks (with the O-Ho being a relatively new tank and also not played by alot of people [atleast compared to other tier 8 heavy's]). That being said, vbaddict is still nice to give an idea on what you need to get 3 moes' on most other  tanks, that are in the game for a while already. Since the T34 3rd moe is at 2.5k, the O-Ho 3rd moe should be at the same level I guess (both are kinda slow while not having great dpm etc.).

  23. http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/top-tree-specials-reworked/

    Pretty interesting now that you can actually vote for tank you want to get ToT on. 

    The bad thing though, look at the poll. E5 is ultimate winner... even though it was featured just recently at ToT...great, another fucking E5 spam incoming, like there wasnt enough of them. This time its even worse since they introduced some kind of XP reward if your tank wins the poll. 

    Wanna hear something even MORE worse? The E5 spam itself is awful aswell, but tons of E5s = lots of furious tankers = tons of sky cancer because everyone will want to avenge for those OP murica tenks. g8

    Either way, what are your thoughts on this?

    1. Fulvin


      Nevermind which tank gets picked, but the rewards for having voted the winning tank are pretty sweet:

      x2 Crew XP

      10 Personal Reserves: x2 XP for 2 hours

      10 Personal Reserves: x3 Crew XP for 2 hours"

    2. Sergeant_Fgt


      from what I've read, u only get the bonus if u haven't already unlocked the tank  (t10), tho
      e.g. in my case, having all the 10s I want unlocked, I'm only waiting for ToT's to buy them cheaper -> I don't get the bonuses -> even more 10s to grind 75% crews hypu :feelsbad:

    3. BlackAdder


      @CarbonWard are you sure?


      4. Voting quotas: The vehicles subject to voting in the polls will be restricted to 1 class per month. This means that, for example, in March you will be able to choose only from Tier X heavy tanks, then in April only tank destroyers or SPGs will be available, and later in May we will put just medium tanks up for a vote, and so forth


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