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  1. Lets be honest, what exactly is the purpose of Tiger P? Tiger 1 is basically better at everything: its faster, has much better DPM, better depression and better HP. Tiger P doesnt even have true armor advantage like it should have because it cant sidescrape at all (cheeks that are weakspots even unangled) and that 200mm armor is useless because lowerplate that is butter and has some kind of mega fat driver that covers entire lower plate, turret is weak as hell against tier 7+ tanks and has big ass cupola that is penned by tier 5s. What is just sad is that i have nearly same armor use effiency on Tiger 1 as on Tiger P yet +400 DPG, i think.

    Tiger P isnt still the worst tier 7s around tho but damn, "balancing" is real on tier 7 Tigers.

    1. UnusualMedic


      Nigga I prefered the P to the H. Why? I've bounced shots from T30s with it and from multiple things. H can't bounce shit.


      Also, first rule of HT, hide the lower plate.

    2. leggasiini


      Only helps against lowtiers tbh. Turret is still weak against tier 7+, although it CAN do some troll bounces, but nothing to rely on. Guess hiding lowerplate is still better than nothing, though.


    3. BlackAdder


      I didn't play P,beacuse i didnt grind VKB (YET) but it's seems slow and bad armored. I pen it with everything as long as i dont  hit thick upper part.

      I'll see if i'll skip it or play, when i decide go for Maus. But yes, as enemy i see Tiger more competitve. 

  2. Gonna be dissapointed tbh if they wont bring 3 variants of Kranvagn (tier 8, 9 and 10) as heavy-minibranch; bit like Chinese HT line. Those are only Swedish heavies ever (correct me if i am wrong; also they are even less HT-like than AMX 50 since they are small-ish and pretty light too) and would be stupid to not bring them into release of Swedish tech tree. "Tech-stick" is kinda dull, since Sweds actually have tons of projects unlike Czechs. Also balancing and modelling 3 more tanks shouldnt be that hard.
  3. Nope, IIRC Italy's tier X candidate is actually proposed modification of Leopard 1 with magazine autoloader
  4. Damn it, 2 million credits made in 24 hours, although i played for entire day but still. And i mostly played JP derp trucks, grinded T-34/100 and farmed credits w/ TOG to train crew for 215bae, which is soon appearing on my garage

    damn, premium account is pretty overpowered:kwim:

    1. Assassin7


      Ha, i laugh at your puny amount of credits. We can make that much in 2 hours running tyoe 64s with s credit bonus in tier 6 stronghold :P

    2. Flametz


      Don't forget a few Crom Bs for when you want to fuck with heavy camps.

  5. Who the hell thought that 700 alpha and 280mm pen HEAT was good idea on tier 5 and 6 arties that reloads in like 25 (M41) or 20 seconds (M44) should be shot at head. Right. Now.

    Thats basically like a ISU-152 shooting from sky, you cant shoot it and pretty often you cant avoid it. Arty is bad, but i can (most of time) live with that, but these crosses the border.

    1. Kramburglar


      Dodge, it's arty, so there isn't really any advice for hitting reliably.  Just be prepared to dump credits at diarrhea levels and spam HEAT until the enemy tanks go byebye

    2. TheMarine0341


      @Dodge94HUN be within 400m for HEAT use, and if 600m+ use HE. Yes, theres a gap of 200m there cause at those ranges its much more unpredictable

    3. Dodge94HUN


      The problem is that if I try to use HEAT, it gets absorbed almost every time...

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  6. 3.6k dmg and 4 kills is only 2nd class, and i even ran out of ammo in that match (although when there was 200 hp Chaffee left i shot few on ground in hope of that medal which you get when you kill last enemy with last ammo). Wtf, what the hell you need to do to get 1st class, let alone ace?
  7. Im tempted to get hundo because after crushing dissapointment of Type 5. My friend got one on blitz, then i played few games on his phone and it was giggles.

    Got Tiger 1 researched from Tiger P, wondering that how is the hundo in PC with skycancer?

    1. RC_Tank


      I've blocked 183 AP and absorbed stupid shit in the sideskirts. Armor is extremely solid, and on top of that you have 2700 HP, so you can pretty much 1v1 anything and come out on top if you play well.

      Gun with AP is bad, gun with HE is bad, gun with HEAT is great. Fire HEAT, don't fire AP or HE. I run 10/30/10. It really depends on what you're shooting though, I preload HEAT if I know I'm going to fight something tough on their team, or load AP for soft targets, and HE for waffle turrets. Usually load HEAT to be safe and then change depending on what I know I'll be fighting.

      With rammer, vents, and BIA the reload is 16.5s

      Just passed 1400 games in mine, do recommend.

    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      HE-100 begs to differ, facehug T8s and pen their engine deck with HE, it is the best thing ever.

    3. RC_Tank


      True, HE and AP have their uses, but I'd prefer to fire mostly HEAT than AP/HE.

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  8. Isnt M60 Fatton worse now than regular Fatton cus Fatton got buffed last patch? Or am i wrong?
  9. Solid small patch actually. New sounds are honestly greatly welcomed; current ones are simply primitive. Im glad though that physics are not coming, while they were decent they still needed reworking, imo. Im curious though that if they are still planning to put in 2nd french HT line this year... no type 5 heavy buffs tho, probably never happening

    After almost 3.5 years, i finally did it and slapped 20€ into the game.

    premium accoount master race

    farming credits to 215b is going to be easy af

    1. Siimcy


      TFW I don't even play a single random without premium anymore. :serb:

  11. Spall liner is decent if it is super heavy, but often something else is better. The only tank that really wants spall liner alot is O-I, because it improves chances to win against other O-Is and it lessens the damage pretty notably from quick firing cancers which are common on tier 6. On CDC, why do you even consider when arty oneshots you anyway when it hits?
  12. Might have to consider re-buying it and then trying to three marking it aswell. IIRC you can get 3 mark even with like 400 DPG as long as you play enough battles lol
  13. Probably the same magic Japs used to make O-I Exp go 40kph or O-Ni 20 - 60 tons lighter than other JP Heavies despite the fact its arguably actually the biggest of them.
  14. whoops, meant that "will be" piece of shit after nerf, not that its POS now. Silly me. Now Midway is stupidly strong and probably better than Haku since its strike loadout is better. Haku however gets better air superiority loadout and better concealment which gives it some niches. After nerf Middie has both worse loadouts than Haku (its almost like Ranger VS Hiryu) along with the fact its still detected from space and is like 30 metres longer. The only advantages of Middie after nerf is...better AA and better hangar capacity, i guess?
  15. lol rip US CVs. pretty much means that im gonna trash my plans to grind US CV line. Instantly. Especially big lol at Lexington and Langley. Their stock loadout is fucking same. Why the hell Langley's stock loadout is superior to Bogue's stock loadout? Also, Lexy's best loadout (stock) is now same as Ranger, and Ranger was already UP at tier 7 with its loadouts as Hiryu is flat out superior. Lets not forget Midway, which will be now piece of shit and outclassed by Hakuryu. Haku gets both significantly better air superioty (more fighters in 2 more squads which can split up to cover pretty much entire map, has 8 TBs instead of 0, in return of having 4 more DBs...so useful) and strike loadout (more fighters, TWICE more TBs, in return gets 6 more DBs... again, "useful"). Haku also has much better concealment (25 IIRC vs 5 lol). Same for Essex, rip. Also russian bias strikes back, once again :/
  16. ehh so by your logic: nearly flawless = flawless either way, those two last "flaws" cannot be even really considered as flaws, leaving only ammo rack and weak side, i.e 2 flaws. Maybe not "nearly flawless" probably but pretty close.
  17. Yeah, some people still think its completely balanced, and i dont get it. E5 doesnt have one ridiculously OP point (okay, cupola is kinda bullshit though) like many other tanks had. In, fact, it actually kinda reminds of KV-1S now. Multiple great points combined together, giving tank very few flaws is what makes E5 and made KV-1S OP. E5 doesnt have ridiculous alpha like 1S but in return gets very strong armor and great gun handling, reload and DPM, something what KV-1S lacked. This basically means E5 is nearly flawless tank. Its only drawbacks are: - side and rear armor, and still mostly against cancer, since 76mm side + large tracks are still enough to sidescrape. - ammo rack problems - "low" alpha (hardly matters because gun stats make up for it) - "low" HP (again, hardly matters because armor makes up for it) It has good gun, great armor, and good mobility. I dont see how that is not overpowered.
  18. Not necessarily. Roof SHOULD prevent O-Ho's gun to depress pretty much at all. If it would be realistic it would have like -1 depression, i think. So there is hoping that Proto doesnt get nerfed
  19. Yeah dont think its gonna be monstrously good, but just because how super stupid it looks i actually might have to consider buying my Nashorn back. That accuracy is hilarous, though.
  20. I was deep red until 7k battles and red until like 12k battles...
  21. May i ask, how much credits you would be able to get if you sell one? 2 - 3 million?
  22. lG0n9mp.jpg

    gotta love this tonk

  23. leggasiini


    Mega Ray says hi Used to play end of VGC 14 and then VGC 15. Played 2016 only on showdown. Dunno, if Ho-Oh wouldnt be as super fun to play it would be lame meta tbh. Unlikely that i will be playing 2016 tho is because fuck SR. Already caught Ho-Oh and PDon with shit nature/IVs with obviously no idea that they would be useful in VGC lol, and doesnt have much to trade for, so yea. From my testing shodwon, Ray isnt even that bad at all. Its strong but far from uncounterable atleast. Primal Groudon or Xerneas + cancermom are much bigger problems, imo.
  24. Chance of nerf is pretty high tbh. Although it will take some time that WG realizes that its not balanced. O-I brothers are still on rampage at tier 5 and 6 and there isnt any kind of sign of their nerf...yet. Also took 3.5 years to nerf KV-1S so yeah...
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