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  1. leggasiini

    M3 Lee

    Duck feels like a god when compared to Type 95...
  2. WTF is that thing?!?!?!?! So its murican carrier (low tier) with fucking three torpedo squads, right? What the hell was it and how quickly it got nerfed? (assuming its CB times, right?)
  3. Bought Santazilla back two days ago, after truth won JP heavy "hype". JP HT hype was so strong even with Types that on 5 i thought i was just unlucky when i got bad games mostly. Then saw tomato IS-7 just snap shotting me with APCR, not aiming at all and killing me from full HP, while i only managed to pen him once, which made me finally realize that Type 5 is just not worth keeping at its current state, and sold and moved my crew on O-Ho. Damn, its even more fun than i thought. Its simply hilarous. It might be my very favorite tank in the game atm (maybe going over even the 113). Its stupid, huge, has fast firing derp gun that you can snapshot with, it looks simply hilarous, makes credits even without premium account, and can do (sometimes) well even at T10. Perfect..., well, nearly. If it didnt have depression problems above its boobs (lol), it would be literally perfect. Its hilarous even when solo, but i heard that solo ho ho ho is nothing when compared to platoon of ho ho hos. Cant wait that my friend unlocks one aswell.
  4. Yeah, this tank is super disgusting, because how OP it is (thats why i am playing it alot along with O-I; enjoy OP tonks while fun still lasts). It basically can rape even tier 7s as long as it doesnt get shot at and it pens. Having 2k DPM with 300 alpha, being able to do 700+ dmg with ramming, and you cant even run away from it, makes it imo even more OP than O-I.
  5. O-Ho is wonderful, utterly glorious, beautiful, awesome, its pretty much now my very favorite tank in the game.

    Losing quite alot of credits when i sold Type 5 doesnt even feel bad anymore. O-Ho's giggle value more than makes up for it.

    ho ho ho, christmas never ends, motherfuckers!

    1. woe2you
    2. leggasiini


      Had it, played about 200 - 250 battles with it, sold it, bought it back few months later, but then it rot in my garage for 6 months and i played it only like 50 battles in that time, then finally sold it not so long time ago.  Cant stand its accuracy and arty-like aiming time, while O-Ho actually is surprisingly accurate and can snapshot darn well, especially for derp gun.

  6. "Myyty: 'Type 5 Heavy' Myyty onnistuneesti. Saatu krediittejä: 3 096 319. Kultaa käytetty: 30"

    "Ostettu: 'O-Ho' ostettu onnistuneesti. Käytetty krediittejä:  2 680 000."

    O-Ho, the true top tier JP Heavy. The only person in the world who liked Type 5 Heavy is now gone aswell. O-Ho master race.

    1. no_name_cro


      Even google translate doesn't understand half of it. :D 

    2. leggasiini


      fucking tomato noob google translate l2p uninstall pls

      cant translate finnish properly, stop playing translator and play skycancer instead, much better for such tomato b0b like u!!!!!!!!1111oneone

    3. no_name_cro
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  7. 113 will remaing always close to my heart for my many reasons, so believe that takes the crown. Some other fun tanks include: - KV-1S, KV-1: Gotta go fast edition (btw i dont use 122 w/ HEAT spam :P) - BDR G1 B, glorious french steel potato (...expect its atm outclassed by O-P Experimental) - O-I cancerwagon brothers for obvious reasons, enjoying glorious Nippon steel when its still OP. O-Ho is also one of the most hilarous and funny machines i ever played. I miss it so much, its probably coming back to my garage soon. - Skoda T-25 is fuuunn EDIT: oh, "console", screw that then
  8. Type 5 Heavy...

    TL;DR: Should i sell Type 5 Heavy (cant enjoy it anymore) for O-Ho or should i keep Type, wait until it gets buffs, buy O-ho and move my Type crew on it? If you want to know full story, read below. DO NOT IF UR LAZY


    I grinded entire JP heavy line all way to Type 5 Heavy with pure joy. The grind, honestly, was just so much fun that it will always stay as fresh memory. Then got Type 5 Heavy itself, and it wasnt different: i liked it aswell. Yeah, you heard it right. I liked it. Not joking here. I played about 300 battles with it, got MoE (and not far away from 2nd one aswell), and i had quite a fun with it.

    Recently, however, things have been changed. As i got free premium from WoWs Project R, i played Type 5 alot trying to get 2nd MoE. I noticed slowly that after every match i started to dislike it more. I didnt want to think about that, because i waited for JP heavy line so long and i grinded to it in like 2 months without single premium day used, so i instead started to think that i have just bad luck.

    I always thought it like that...until today...

    Somehow idea about selling Type lurked into my mind (not new thing, same happened actually for my 113 many times and now thank god i didnt sell it thanks to 9.13). After that i realized that...yeah. I used to be literally only person in the entire world who liked this tank and thought it would have potential. I just feel like its general concept kinda stinks. Armor that is borderline unpennable by AP but then its autopen by gold and you cant even angle it. I just dont enjoy it anymore, so thats probably why idea about selling it popped into my mind today.

    Another thing which encourages me to sell is actually Type's little brother, O-Ho. Unexpectabily, when i sold O-Ho, i felt so bad that i almost wanted to buy it instantly back. After that seeing O-Hos having fun with derp derp guns made me just miss my O-Ho more. Only reason why i havent re-bought it is lack of crew...but now i noticed my juicy 3-skill Type 5 crew...

    Considering to sell the Type 5 Heavy for O-Ho. I really, really regret selling a tier 10. I ragesold 215b almost 2.5 years ago and i still regret it and promised that i will never sell a tier 10 again... but now here we are again. I could obviously just let Type 5 sit in my garage, buy O-Ho and move my crew into it and wait until WG buffs Type 5. Then again Type 5 is still new and it will probably take like 2 years until WG realizes its UP and will buff it. And since its weird concept i dont even know how WG is going to make Type 5 work. Removing cheeks would be an option, but that would quickly make Maus obsolete as Type has better mobility, no lower plate weakness, better gun and better depression... so yeah. Either way, dont expect that it gets buff anytime soon...

    1. Crossfader


      Dont sell Type 5, i just love feeding on them in E100... or better yet get both Typer 5 & 4, rolling free HP whales

    2. FavreFan4ever


      That tank looks good on paper, but I've seen about 3 of them in random battles.

      The O-I spam is real though. Makes every other tier 6 heavy pretty much obsolete.

    3. RC_Tank


      Don't sell a tier 10, that's a massive waste of credits.

      I'd wait to see if they plan on buffing it in the future, just like with the 113. Don't give up on it yet.


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  9. Panther 8.8, 8 battles played, 88% WR... lol. the amount of 8 is real im not hatin, people just seem to generally dislike it, doesnt necessarily mean its bad tonk doe
  10. Decided to open a thread for skycancer carriers, obviously because there is NO threads for carriers. Carriers are comparable to sky pigs...because: - both sits back (although not always on carrier's case but still outside detecting range if possible so whatever) at base/behind allies and clicks - both deals hella amount of damage - both are very vulnerable at close range fight; often dead when found - both are priority targets - both frustates hella amount of their opponents. There is key difference, however: RNG. As you know, one of the main reason why arty is cancer (for everyone basicallly) is because RNG. Arty is kinda no-skill RNG machine. Carriers are nearly opposite: they arent complete RNG and not only takes skill, they take actually quite ALOT of skill (or atleast in my opinion). Im at Ryujo ATM on IJN CVs and mostly use strike loadout because those moments when you land +5 torpedoes at BB... although i ocassionaly use air superioty loadout. Havent tried US CVs, yet, but will get eventually there aswell. Whats your thoughts about CVs?
  11. What if you are poor, doe? (although using some money isnt bad to make SerB happier ) also afaik panther is a stinker
  12. cant train dem stronk deutsch med crews doe
  13. Decided to play T-34/100 when stock, even when i originally plan oppositely... I thought that getting that 10k XP (have 5k free xp already) would be easy...but no...


    Its worst fucking shit tank i have ever played when its stock. Stock tanks are bad, but this thing is unplayable even when top tier. Its virtually tier 5 with HP of stock tier 7. It has paper armor, its sluggish, has no depression, and has KV-1's gun with 1.4k DPM. This tank has very literally 0 redeeming features when stock, NOTHING is good on it. NOTHING. ABSOLUELY NOTHING. Played only 3 games and some kind of brain cancer is already growing in my head. 


    Okay, its stock...but god. I would rather play stock Centurion 1 with Comet gun than this thing. Or ST-I with D-25T. Its that awful.

  14. Bought it today... It looks disgustingly unplayable when stock, even when top tier (no depression, no armor, mediocre mobility, gun that is taken from tier 5 heavy and then DPM nerfed to tier 3 levels...) so i want to skip stock gun with free xp. The thing is though im now farming creds into AMX 50bae and need some free XP to research it (it will build up nicely when i farm credits) so im not gonna play Konstrukta any time soon. Only reason why i bought it now because its on sale at EU server.
  15. Im finally doing it...

    Will wait until tomorrow and then buy T-34/100 (wont play it yet tho because only reason im buying it now is because its on sale and i rather train my crew in Skoda T-25). Other than that, taking break from WoT for few days (unless my friend wants to toon with me) and grinding my Ryujo in WoWs instead.

    After gaining enough power and endurance from break, i will finally buy AMX 50Bae. The thing is, however, im farming credits to it with tier 5/6s (no prems expect TOG which i got from TOGtober) without prem account from like 300k credits (after buying the T-34/100). Might sound boring, but will try to get as many marks as possible on my credit farming arsenal. 

    ...After all, its actually going to be pretty blast. 

  16. Just checked... -12, wtf... So: 8.8 + GOLD SPAM + STOCK TURRET MASTER RACE?
  17. How to fix O-I: - nerf view range to max. 330 metres. Having so high VR that it spotted my Skoda T-25 with half-ready camo skill at same time when i spotted O-I (around 330 metres IIRC). Usually big slow heavies can be outspotted safely, but thats not the case with O-I. Especially when it aims you there is a good chance that you go instantly back to garage. - nerf or just remove AP shell: Although HE is better on most cases, AP is just cancer. It pens (and also oneshots) almost every tier 5 actually pretty easily, can still pen frontal armor of most tier 6 and can overmatch and pen stuff when you expect it wouldnt do it. The fact it has 700 dmg makes it fucking same as BL-10 hits you, but thats coming from tier 8 TD that focuses entirely on damage and pen. KV-2 has AP, too, but it has less accuracy, dispersion and 20mm pen, not to mention it often doesnt get chance to fully aim because it lacks armor, meaning that AP is significantly worse on KV-2. - give proper weak spot on front: There is none. Okay, some spots are weaker than others, but you need basically 160 - 170mm pen to go through unangled armor of O-I. Anywhere on front. Everything with less pen than that is forced to either flank or press 2. Gold spamming however makes O-I's armor often nearly completely obsolote, which is...kind of bad thing. Giving small weakspot for god sake, even something like miniturret cupolas (BTW THEY ARE ALSO 150MM THICK LOL) are better than nothing. Giving it weakspot isnt direct nerf since you can pen it without gold but you have to aim and newbies would still get owned by it, but it doesnt completely force gold spam on many cases like now. All JP heavies from tier 6 and up needs reworking in armor, imo (tho definely not nerfing if we talk about tier 7 - 10). - slightly increase terrain resists and gun handling (to further nerf cancer AP and make it very very niche option) O-I would be still very good but not OP killing machine like it is now. Little brother also needs massive DPM nerf and terrain resist, traverse and VR nerfs, imo. Other JP heavies however needs some kind of buffs: O-Ni some gun buffs and better side armor, O-Ho gold on 10cm, and armor of both Types should be reworked. Type 5 should also get its gun stats like it had on supertest when it appeared there, and Type 4 should get better gun handling and mobility.
  18. Honestly while 8.8 was better gun indeed when i tried it on test server and makes grind faster because you still need to research 8.8, i might still just use 10cm + elite turret. Honestly its most likely horrible tank anyway, and i rather play horrible but unique tank than horrible AND boring tank.
  19. ^^ Pretty much this. Until i researched 15cm, i also had hella many tier 8 battles, but after several hundred battles on O-I, it doesnt feel anyhow different than other tier 6s when looking at matches i get at.
  20. T-34/100 is researched...


    Damn, probably gonna prepare myself for some more lame turds just when Skoda T-25 felt so awesome after 2 shittanks. 


    btw keeping skoda, its so gud

    1. Visn0r


      oh they will feel bad despite your low expectation... We cannot have more than 3 good tanks in a tree can we? :serb:

    2. leggasiini


      Just reading horror stories of VTU makes me feel so sad. I hated Centurion 1 so much that i rage sold it pretty quickly and will (probably) never look back even when Centurion AX is so sexy and awesome. And im nearing a tank that is basically Cent with armor of CDC (including turret), much worse accuracy and gun handling, no depression, worse pen and apparently modules that are prone to damage EVEN FUCKING MORE THAN THAT GOD DAMN SHITTURION! In return you get better top speed and better DPM (which hardly matters because worse pen + accuracy + gun handling + depression). Pretty much you take a shit (imo) tank and remove all remaining good points of it... Why WG why, is making :serb: swim at money ocean so important? :feelsbad:


      Its sad but true that Czech line is pretty much a new Foch 155 line. Has almost exclusively trash tanks from tier 2 all way to high tiers and then top tier(s) are god-like but gets (over)nerfed later making entire line basically worthless. 

    3. Vindi


      t6 is feeling painful in tier 8, occasionnaly get r3kt by arty in the first minute w 0 dpg:feelsbad:

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  21. Because T54E1 is better? The problem with 50 120 is that it has paper armor like other high tier Frenchies. The thing is, however, that unlike things like Lorraine, 50 100, Bat or 50Bae, 50 120 isnt simply mobile enough to justify huge profile + lack of armor. Another letdown is terrible in-clip reload, godawful gun handling and terrible elevation values, which severely hampers its close-combatting options and basically forces it to play at range if possible. With the corridor meta like we have now, however, there is just situations where you are forced to get close.
  22. use derp if you want spam HE i believe rng just hates u
  23. oh fuck and i hated shitturion so much that i ragesold it rather quickly... the "czech turd" is probably really as bad as everyone says. It just didnt feel THAT awful at test server (even w/ 10.5cm although 8.8 is obv better gun)
  24. How comparable VTU is to Shitturion mk.1?
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