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  1. T-34/100 researched...

    Waiting for Czech sales...

    Honestly im not very hyped about getting it since...reasons. But dat stock gun... eww

  2. German BBs and Russian CAs, i think. Atleast German BBs. About German BBs, Tier 9/10 will be H class-ships, right? H39 and H41 is probably the ones at tier 9 and 10 but would be interesting if we got H42 as tier X. H42 is already ridiculous but why not, we already got tank that is notably bigger than Maus at tier 6 so dont think it would be TOO ridiculous, unlike H-43/H-44 (H-44 wasabout 60 000 tons heavier and 80 metres longer than Yamato...) inb4 "fuhrer" class, aka ratte the boat edition
  3. So thinking which nations that has tier 8 LTs could have tier 10 LTs too: USA: this bulldog thing Russia: dunno, they have billions of ufo prototypes and i believe that is likely they have something. or they could use another lightened variants of MTs as LTs (T-54 ltwt was still medium IIRC, it was literally just lighter T-54). Or if there isnt anything, ^BT-2-203 *trollface* Germany: dont think they have canditates France: AMX 13 105, althought it would be clone or atleast have identical gameplay to Batchat. Bat itself would be tier 10 LT, even if it was historically medium. TBH there isnt anything medium on this tank (other than armament maybe but then again LTs with nasty weapons exists already). Both WG and players however seems to care less about historical accuracy these days, tho. China: its China, quite possible they might have something even as crazy as WZ-132-like thing with 122mm gun.
  4. FV is so shit though that it isnt hard to be superior than it at everything. Also keep on mind that original 183 outclasses 4005 anyway already so it wouldnt even matter lol. Also atleast you would be able to fight it on head-on, unlike things like Conqueror GigaCancer which can just lololol click click u. ... although it was kind of joke anyway
  5. Can this be tier X Soviet LT, then? BT-2 with 203mm howitzer. Think even derpier T49 with insane acceleration (in case you didnt know, regular BT-2 has highest power to weight ratio IN THE ENTIRE GAME at 42 (!)...twice or even three times more than tier X MTs, would still have ridiculous acceleration with dis gun) and twice higher alpha (looks like a SU-14-2 203mm for me so 1850 alpha). Also do not forget that those missiles are guided by hand of Stalin. Need i say more? Seriously though, i have feeling this is hoax. I thought that WG said many many many many many times that tier 10 LTs are NEVER coming and like you already said above, it would require quite a rebalance. I wouldnt mind tier 10 (and also tier 9) lights, however.
  6. -24 degrees in finland

    god damn it fck u winter

    ...better reason to play tonks i guess, heh

    1. edger2020


      Fuck I replied to wrong status. Sowy :feelsbad:

  7. WT replacement looks ok for me (atleast its better than FV4005 but that doesnt say anything, obviously). Jageru is OK but understand that not everyone likes it. Ferdi seems pretty solid. Now that it got buffed and JP2 nerfed, i believe that Ferdi > JP2. Jagdtiger is pretty nice too now that its HP got buffed, it basically became Tortoise but better at everything expect DPM and gun traverse. I heard that Borsig w/ 150mm is pretty fun tonk aswell.
  8. Dunno either what they are planning. Hell, i dont have any idea about even next patch. We knew about IJA superheavies and Czechs like 2 or more patches before got released. Only things i know that something with arty is indeed planned, 2nd french HT line, Swedish tech tree w/ MT line (and hopefully HT minibranch with Stridsvagn KRV variants, basically swedish version of AMX 50 series) and waffle replacement (that one actually might happen in next patch, who knows). Physics and sounds might come too but i expect atleast one more test, also i have feeling that penetration nerf isnt completely scrapped.
  9. Honestly, should i sell my T49 for WZ-132? Originally had T49 for my lololol derp gun tank... but its ultimate amount of derp is sometimes killing me. Today missed juicy side of Batchat from 100 metres lol, despite i aimed like 2 seconds. Plus i feel like that WZ is significantly better for LT missions anyway...


    EDIT: Or should i just give up with LTs completely and buy something else (secondaries from other X-15 missions doesnt seem that hard anyway and might be actually easier than LT-15 lol)?

    1. Fulvin


      I'd buy back a bulldog or WZ-131 if I were you. The MM is so much better on t7 lights than on eights that get constantly fucked in tier ten games

    2. arthurwellsley


      WZ-132 is such a good scout tank, unlike the T49 which is a scout destroyer.

    3. TheMarine0341


      131 > 132 >>>>>>>>>>>>> T49. 

      49 is a troll tenk. You cant scout until you have a shitload of crew skills, and good luck doing consistent damage. 

  10. Probably the same person who thinks that... - nerfing armor of Comet, Black Prince and Centurion 7/1 (UK anti-bias anyone?)... - buffing armor of E5 so you need gold to pen its cupola reliably... - O-I Exp and O-I are totally balanced - that there is too many open maps and too few city maps in the game...
  11. Got IS-3 in christmas, have been playing with it lately...my god...

    It has to be one of the most brainless tanks in the game. Really, it doesnt need any kind of thinking. Just press W, aim, and shoot. Nothing else needed. Win.  No wonder why newbies plays IS line as their first line.

    1. Assassin7


      my very first game in it I aced it, It wasn't even fully upgraded

  12. 110 is still good but now that IS-3 got lol armor buff when it became HD, there is next to no reason pick one over IS-3. Armor isnt as trollish anymore expect when pointing it directly at enemy and when LFP is hidden, mobility is worse and gun is arguably worse too. WZ-111111111111111111111111 1-4 now has competition with T-10, since that russkie tenk got buffed like in 2 patches in row. Keep on mind that WZ however still has alpha advantage and it also got small gun handling buffs last patch (dunno why, it didnt need it). WZ should be still good, i guess. 113 got small acc and aiming time nerfs, however since its accuracy on move and turret rotation got buffed, i honestly havent even noticed those changes. Meanwhile it reloads now as fast as E5, and now that it got pretty big terrain resist buffs, 113 reaches its top speed actually easily that it leaves IS-7 in the dust rather easily and can now play as true fat medium. Lets not forget that its gun depression, probs biggest flaw of 113 along with module placement and unarmored LFP, got buffed into -5 while still mediocre, is quite solid now and difference is NOTABLE. 113 became actually pretty good tank, imo. Personally either WZ or 113. 110 is atm overshadowed by IS-3, tbh. IS-2 is good but it can be very frustating because gun handling is just so ass.
  13. was playing with type 5 heavy

    then wild T-10 appears

    decides to go full speed down the hill of overlord

    rams me and loses 1k HP

    then yolo 110 decides decides to follow his russkie cousin, while flying, fires HEAT at my side, then rams me, loses 800 hp



    ...got 1.8k dmg for free... WUT IS WRONG WITH U PUBBIES WHY U RAM 150 TON TENK WITH 50 TON TENKS?

  14. JP Heavy invasion actually helped Ke-Ho if anything. Every scrub wants O-IE/O-I, so they have to play tier 3 and 4, which are just XP pinatas from deepest dreams. Imagine TOGs that doesnt have good guns to defend themselves. Having multiple Types makes up for having less HP. Also you can park yourself at side of O-I and troll it. Killed an O-I from 75% HP, hehe. O-IE eats this funny bugger from alive, though.
  15. Armor is still stronk enough to sidescrape (be careful because turret isnt that strong though). Its actually mobile enough to flank stuff. Combine that with decent survivability and good DPM + alpha combo, you have pretty scary heavium.
  16. One step closer to Conqueror GigaCancer...


    tomorrow, after i get its crew trained and ammo fully loaded...CANCER SHALL SPREAD :disco:


    1. leggasiini





      today when i played CrusaderCancer i spammed "click" on few matches because why the hell not. Probably was one of those CDC players i clicked nearly 1k damage at first minute of match:disco:

      OH nvm it was that battle where i abused AFK Tiger II as meatshield, dodged several shells, and just when i was about to die decided to click myself at dead Tiger's hull... *trollface*

    2. Folterknecht


      Most boring arti in the game imo. Many games tend to be over before you fired 4 shots in that thing.

    3. Deus__Ex__Machina


      i never used to fire over 5-6 rounds a match in mine cause of the reload, but thee splash radius will save you regardless. so 5-6 missed shots will equal around 2.7-3k dmg a game anyways.

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  17. and i thought i had ok xvm camo then saw this :((( On topic tho, Ke-Ho is very good tank. It is true hidden gem. The gun is just crazy.
  18. god damn it i got rekt by weeb shit
  19. Only worthy keepers are tier 6, 9 and 10, i guess. 3 was kinda fun, but its low tier so most uf doesnt tbh care. Tier 1 - 2 are nothing special and 95% of us doesnt even play those tiers at all, tier 4 and tier 5 are shit (skoda t 24 is probs worst tier 5 i have played, and i have played huge arsenal of tier 5s so thats saying something...), tier 7 is probably meh and tier 8 seems to be shit so yeah, pretty much 6, 9 and 10 are only real potential keepers, i believe
  20. https://www.google.fi/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=5&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiMg_y1rojKAhVJxRQKHTsSDOMQtwIIKTAE&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DP3ALwKeSEYs&usg=AFQjCNF7BNLxh9WmfwDnpZbi-Dnk-4r_iQ&bvm=bv.110151844,d.bGQ
  21. "past 24 hours, battles: 20, wn8: 2417"

    last summer, my WN8 (recent) was like 1k or something lololol






  22. D25T isnt tbh workable at tier 9 even with APCR spam. It has super derpy and inaccurate, and even with gold you need to aim at weakspots heavies at tier lower, and it can miss weakspots at short tanges lol. Just grinded IS-3 with D-25T with mix of APCR and HE, and it felt awful enough. You dont want to play with that gun on tier 9, since imo it is pretty garbage at tier 8.
  23. - wakes up - takes tablet and goes on wotlabs - .... - remembers this anime shit - pukes - leaves the thread
  24. few hours and dis animu cancer is already getting old

    maybe i should go sleep 

    then again not sure because animu cancer will probs follow me at my dreams

    damn it



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