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  1. Hell yeah! Im not animu guy eiter, so i guess im nor... *remembers that bought churchill gc back even when at 7 was researched and then played like 150 games on it because why not* nvm, forget...
  2. Just tested my animu resist levels...with jp heavies... MAYBE SOMETHING JAPANESE CAN PROTECT FROM SOMETHING JAPANESE, RIGHT? - hides in his O-I Experimental - it fails, animu penetrates and destroys gojira, its super effective - fuck - jumps in his O-I - animu fails to penetrate it, " HAHAHA MUTAFUKA IM SAFE" - animu loads gold, O-I is kill - jumps in his type 5 heavy - animu loads gold, fails to pen "HAHAHA EVEN GOLD WONT SAVE YOU" - bigger level animu appears - its gold is so stronk that it cuts type 5 in half - 2muchgold4type5 and it got shrekt - hopelessly buys o-ho in his dreams and tries to hide from animu once again - amount of animu increases, o-ho is shrekt conclusion: leggasiini's animu resist level is worse than poor - jumps in ke-ho and stealthily drives away and shouts "fck this im done"
  3. It is BONUS or invite code? nvm was 2 slow, should have been more sanic
  4. Ehh... was just considering moving at wotlabs from wot eu because there is baboons who thinks this... is real: edited it with using PAINT in like 10 minutes, called it modernized TOG 2 "named Super TOG II", tog with chieftain turret and 4x centurion engine so it can move 55kph, and despite that, someone was still stupid enough to believe this is real and just when im moving here, some anime shit is flooding here, great so everything where i go becomes cancer? am i cursed because i finally started playing cancer (without selling it after 3 battles) again after like 2 years?
  5. Chi-Ri that is fast instead of fat, reloads clip faster, has similar gold pen but tier lower so it isnt completely useless at T8. has meh gun handling but like said, this is basically what chi-ri should be.
  6. The moment when you click typical Polish pubbie with arty, then he cries about arty, after battle check his stats, and his most played class is arty (3k total battles, half of them with arty, and 850 ONLY with Grille)


    1. no_name_cro


      Remember: It's OK for them to click you, but arty is broken if you click them.

    2. MacusFlash


      Nah, he plays arty just to know the enemy. 

  7. It is, the problem is that Type has shit accuracy, gun handling is nightmare and shell velocity is just...terrifying. Combine that with HEAT's mechanics, it is very, very unrelieable. It is also horribly expensive, since this tank likely wont make much credits anyway because how much it stinks.
  8. This tank... Although i grinded it away like in 2 days at first day when 9.10 came, it leaved a scar at my memory, and still gives me nightmares. This thing is literally shittiest garbage i have ever played. Type 95, ladies and gentlemen, is most retardely balanced tank in WoT's history. No, its not OP, its far more UP than anything was/is OP. Its so shit it makes AMX 40 look like an IS-7 with machinegun made of T92's guns, cloaking device and homing missiles. It doesnt have really any redeeming features. No, im not kidding. Its actually not easy to say what is not "absolute trash" on this tank. Because, look at its "pros": - it has good DPM. Yeah, good DPM. On paper. The thing is, this thing has no ability to abuse it. First of all, it has accuracy of drunken walrus, shell flies slower than fat chicken that's one wing is cut out, gun handling of IS and trash pen. If that was bad enough, it doesnt have mobility so it cant flank, further making DPM less useful. And then it cant snipe either because "great" gun stats, as mentioned earlier. And then it cant take hits either. Result? Great DPM becames crap DPM. - it has good depression. Yeah, -12 is awesome. But honestly, it isnt that useful either. It cant hulldown, okay, it has smallish turret, but has no armor, so good luck. Also because nightmareous aiming time it has to expose itself very long, not to mentione because shit accuracy, velocity and damage you need to also wish that you do damage. Also it has mobility nearly comparable to Maus so it cant get into any position fast either. - It has good HP. More a con, imo. Just more XP and credits to farm. Its big, slow, and has no armor, so having nice HP doesnt help at all. Also it still gets oneshotted by derp guns. Useless pro. - It has limited MM. This one is only true "pro". Really. Obviously not meeting tier 6s is big plus for any tank. The thing is, however, its so bad it doesnt even matter do you get raped by O-Is and KV-85s or KV-1(S)s and O-I Exps. - ...atleast its good XP/credit pinata for enemy team - Type is so fucking shit garbage that it can make enemy (hopefully) laugh so hard that they are unable to do anything for short amount of time, and maybe, maybe gives your allies chance to finish them off. Why wouldnt you finish them off, you would ask? Forget that. Really. Cons: - armor - size - mobility - pen - accuracy - dispersion - shell velocity - aiming time - gold isnt useful either (100mm pen HEAT with such gun handling and shell velocity? how about...NO) - its fucking ugly too - when it is on your team - it wastes game's data - it doesnt have any role - you have to research it and (unless u have enough free xp, and you SHOULD do that) even PLAY it in order to play JP heavies How to play it: Free xp it. Thank fucking god its lowtier. Imagine if it was tier 9... you would have a ST-I, thats engine is dead and top speed limited to 22, armor of Centurion 1, and only gun being BL-9 with gun handling of D-25T and premium ammo replaced with some kind of super crap HEAT. I sounded very harsh, this is my opinion. Fuck that, however, Type 95 is utter shit, DW2 is 50x better, and DW2 is total shit too. If it had stock gun as only gun and RoF nerfed to ~10 and HP to 220ish, it would work as tier 2. It has no purpose and role. It cant snipe, it cant brawl, it cant flank, it cant take hits (because tier is filled with hetzing hetzers that just oneshots Type), it cant do anything, other than being utterly hopeless 2nd line potato launcher that hopefully makes enemy laugh so much that your allies gets chance to kill them. Type 95, definely deserves an award as worst tank in the game. Amen.
  9. Very fun little tank to drive, especially after trash tier 4 and mediocre tier 5. Agreed with all of you, it struggles alot in T8, probably even more than other T6 meds; while it is sanic, it turns slowly so flanking isnt as effective, and it has horrid AP pen too (tho APCR is solid, but you still cant pen most T8 heavies reliably from front). Its even better atm, because its a new tank, so many people actually dont know that it has autoloader. I faced a Cromwell, shot him, thought i was reloading, peeked from corner, i blowed his tracks off, he repaired, blowed them off again, and even managed to unload 2nd clip on him before he even repaired his track. And killed him. *trollface*. Tbh, i might stay on Skoda a bit and train my crew. Going up on Czech line maybe later. Despite TVP T50/T51 is absolutely wonderful machine, T7 looks meh (and has nearly unplayable stock grind so i def want free XP for that), T8 seems to be horrible stinker and T9 has long (even for tier 9) stock grind. 50/51 is however so awesome that i eventually will grind it anyway, i guess.
  10. HO HO HO HO




    Wait... Ho Ho Ho... O-Ho-Ho... ohh... O-Ho.... :( *cries in corner* 


    *cries more*  why on earth i even sold O-Ho, i would want to get her back but too much other stuff to buy (skoda T-25, IS-3, youngest one of the british doubledecker cancer trio) 


    Someday i buy her back and get threetwo MoE. One of the funniest tanks i ever played, seriously.


    Still remember this...





     One of my last games with O-Ho. Doing 5k dmg and 5k assist damage in Malinovka with 5x cancer  will definely stay as nice warm memory.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina
    2. SchnitzelTruck


      I dont like it solo, but in hohoho platoons its comedy

  11. how much credits you get from Toldi III when you sell it?

    dont want to check it out now because i dont have time to play in christmas and i dont want to waste that good premium

    also curious because you got only 1k from BT-7A but from others you got 150 - 300k, curious how the situation is with toldi

  12. Got my first T6 in ships (Fuso).

    Yeah, legendary stock Fuso, first match? Nearly purely tier 8. I manage to fire 1 salvo and then 5x tier 8 cruisers yolorushes at me and rapes me before i manage to even fire 2nd salvo. What is worse i was forced to go close because with dat 13km range you wont do anything. and no plane either. gg

    So shipgame's MM trolls you even harder when your stock than in WoT?

    1. SoliDeoGloria


      Ships has a tiny serversize compared to tanks, it'll be rare that you find yourself top tier, but besides that, good luck doing much while you be outranged by tier 4s.

    2. OnboardG1


      It's just the Fuso that gets boned that hard stock. The rest are usually ok. I've found the server meta has a lot of T7 matches lately because of the ranked battles (sixes are in ranked, eights are in ranked) but 8 is a popular tier because of the Derpitz.

  13. For god sake, save enough free XP to get all modules. Its one of the most laughably unplayable tanks with stock gun + turret. Seriously, you have worse gun handling than IS, accuracy and aiming time of KV-1, meh pen (even gold), and worst of all, 110 alpha with whopping 7 second reload. DPM of 1k... You know something is wrong when you want to avoid close-range fight against low HP (even sub-150) heavies or even T-34... That being said, now have all modules by myself. Its okay tank, gun sucks (pen is nice on elite gun tho) but great depression and its FAST. Armor isnt that paper since its atleast enough to avoid getting oneshotted by 105/122mm howitzers frontally and being usable against low tiers, but obviously it isnt still that good. Think T-34 with 76mm that has -10 degree depression and moves like Cromwell.
  14. omg JP heavies, what is wrong with you?




    Judging by their looks, i think they are not from this planet... Now after i saw their turrets hovering after ammo is blown up, i guess im right...


    1. Tedster59


      what RNG video was it where a KV-5 got ammoracked and its turret just kept rising, and rising, and rising...

    2. leggasiini


      dunno, but i remember one where Kv-5's turret got blown up and then it left at balancing on top of the R2D2

  15. Oh crap. And i was just so hyped to get tier 10. Tier 7 looks rather meh (w/ stock gun seems literally unplayable) but after reading several topics about this thing, i dont even know do i want to go past tier 6 anymore (loved that thing on test server and most likely keeping it). After that, its basically very long journey until elited tier 9 (and T9 has very long stock grind it seems). So shame, i want tier 10 so much and cant really free xp all way up to elite tier 9
  16. Stock Skoda T-24 with 75% crew reloads in just below 7 seconds and has alpha of 110... 


    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Stock T-25 has a longer reload because it doesnt get a gun rammer :D

    2. leggasiini


      i mean the very stock gun

      t-25 has 12 rof, this shit has 9.3

      i guess reload is still slower on this thing even if it mounts rammer

      its different story though when you have elite turret & gun

    3. Private_Miros


      Fully upgraded T-25 still has longer reload and same alpha.

      It has a 3 shot drum though. But you'll miss 2 of each drum.

  17. For a second thought that free Type 59 for WoT... nvm (scrolled new topics and didnt see that this is in AW section)
  18. leggasiini

    Toldi III

    Honestly im since im cheap bastard and havent bought anything to the game (yet), free slot is always welcome for me. Also do you btw get 200k credits from it when you sell it (its not on EU server yet)? Just curious, since from BT-7A IIRC you got only 1k.
  19. 4005 is clearly worse. Imagine 183 with no elevation/depression, 100% useless HE magnet turret that makes it probably taller than even JP heavies and thus much bigger target (and no camo obviously). It also has -150 HP and even worse power to weight ratio because why the hell not (even thought its supposed to be more "mobile", although terrain resists are probably better). All that for +0.02 accuracy and marginally better (still trash) aiming time. Definely worse. Although, agreed that 183 isnt that great. foch is also probably worse than 183
  20. For god sake, really, what is with WG having fetish for making super shit tier 4s? Type 95 is worse than DW2 which was probably worst tank in the game, and that new tier 4 Czech is fucking shit too. Feels like Covenanter (which isnt good either) with stock gun and damaged engine. Oh and no sloping because why the fucking not to get penned by any machine gun...

    Tbh i still dont want to use my remaining free xp because gonna save that up for as many modules as possible for tier 5 and gun for tier 6. But yeez.

  21. Do you have stock turret? IIRC autoloader gun has like 10 sec base reload and worse aiming time.
  22. I always loved mine, even when it is atm sligthly UP. Feels pretty good tonk after buff, or atleast felt like that in test server. Looking forward to buffs. So worth it? After buff, yes, imo.
  23. Great tank, totally worth it. Very fun to play and makes very nice credits, too. Gonna try to get 2nd MoE on mine when farming credits to finally re-buy FV215b
  24. Tbh angles of BDR cannot be even considered as advantage over O-IE (BDR also has some flat parts and oppositely O-IE has some angled parts, and tbh if you can aim at flat parts of O-IE you can also aim at flat parts of BDR), and O-IE has significantly better side armor so even armor is actually better on O-IE than on BDR. BDR only has marginally trollier turret but still easily pennable by other tier 5s in close range. BDR does have better gun handling, though (still mediocre), but isnt still enough to prevent it being completely outclassed by OP Japanese cancer steamroller godzilla wagon. Bit shame, because BDR was my key (along with Wolverine) credit farmer in my early days. Wolverine did rot in my garage already quite a long time, but i did play it ocassionaly. Its HD remodel was its final nail in coffin, as its only niche over T67, armor, was gone. Okay, Wolverine never had great armor but atleast it didnt get insta-killed by derps and it was enough to stop lowtiers. Now derp guns can pen it frontally with HE and low tiers can pen it easily too. Also rip troll bounces on higher tiers. It ended up being T67 that is bigger, fatter and slower with obviously worse camo, so after that it just sitted in my garage until few weeks ago i finally sold it and bought T67. It sadly seems like that same destiny as Wolverine avaits my BDR aswell, if O-IE doesnt get nerfed.
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