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    inb4 grass/fairy mega meganium Water/Fighting would be cool, but tbh i rather have that typing on Mega Samurott. Water/Dragon for Megagator, i guess. There isnt any other starters that doesnt have mega yet that Water/Dragon fits. Or just keep it as pure water. inb4 water/dragon mega greninja Mega Typhlosion, just give it Earth Power and there, Fire/Ground is way to go. Or maybe even Fire/Rock if it gets Power Gem, although it would be trash defensively.
  2. rebought at-2 for lolz

    basically played it last time when it was fresh and new...and thats 2.5 years ago

    pretty darn hilarous when top tier but becomes utterly terrible when there is open map + arty or t7


  3. Made acc apparently long time ago, however never posted or did anything on it and i guess i forgot i have done one until yesterday, so basically we can say i joined yesterday anyway on topic, slightly stupid question but why wont my number of battles and stats show up below my avatar etc.?
  4. leggasiini


    pokemon thread on wot forums, oh hell yes wish there was hard mode for games tho...cleared ORAS in one weekend because mega sceptile op (and lol you get fucking mega latios before 6th gym with no need to catch it), although i rushed story so i would get glorious hyper voice and earth power on my glorious aurorus . Personally tho story is still too easy even when you dont use exp share, megas or legends. Anyone else play VGC 2015 (battlespot doubles, also smogon)? Breeding teams for that and obviously playing it too is basically my post-game stuff. However, mega cancer mom, rock slide spamming, flinch-fishing landorus-t and thundurus spamming swagger cancer and just the hax in general made me take a break from VGC since summer, although JP heavies finally happening made me play WoT again like crazy (just like in my old "good" 2013 deep red tomato days) so most likely would have taken a break from pokemons anyway. But yeah, basically, pokemon is 2ndary game along with that-damn-boat-game (which i should re-install since the sign-in part always glitches these days) after tenks.
  5. The line doesnt really seem to have "terrible" tanks. Still saving some free xp as some of them seem to have terrible and/or long stock grinds. Also skipping lowtiers isnt tbh that necessary, as even such trash lowtiers like lowtiers of JP heavy line can be grinded in like what, 2-3 days without premium?
  6. TOG III TOG hull with increased lenght to fit in 10x Maus engine. Top speed of 60kph. RAMMING SPEED Front thickness of T95 with sloping of 113. No lower plate. Side skirts of E-100 with thickness of Maus sides because why not. ST-I turret with no cupolas with T32 mantle and -15 depression. Slap in some very big ass howitzer and its glorious.
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