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    leggasiini got a reaction from Private_Miros in Roadmap to a Better and More Kawaii WoTLabs   
    was just considering moving at wotlabs from wot eu
    because there is baboons who thinks this... is real:

    edited it with using PAINT in like 10 minutes, called it modernized TOG 2 "named Super TOG II", tog with chieftain turret and 4x centurion engine so it can move 55kph, and despite that, someone was still stupid enough to believe this is real
    and just when im moving here, some anime shit is flooding here, great
    so everything where i go becomes cancer? am i cursed because i finally started playing cancer (without selling it after 3 battles) again after like 2 years? 
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    leggasiini reacted to koel76 in Dear Neverwish   
    I feel oppressed.
    For many years wotlabs has been home to a great community. We've had all kinds of hardships, from popular streamers calling us elitists to internet lawyers threatening to sue wotlabs. But I'm concerned that we may not live on as community as @Roku seems to be destroying everything that we have worked hard for. 
    Anime people have always been confined to their own little space, you can compare it to lions at the zoo. You let them do whatever they want, as long as they stay within their boundaries. You don't let them loose to do as they please. When Garbad disappeared, a hole was made within wotlabs. There was no longer a notorious shit poster. Roku has with the aid of Solono exploited this hole, increased it in size and filled it with questionable 2D content which is on the boundary of being considered "loli" (I learned about this term today). Somewhere out there, Garbad is laughing.  Laughing extremely hard, together with Misterrogers and Tioga. The place that banned them for being a place of quality has deteriorated into a place where not only an anime fgt is allowed to stay free, he has admin powers.
    I demand a
    Stand up for your wotlabs, because if you don't I will.
    A concerned green shitter.
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    leggasiini reacted to Medjed in Roadmap to a Better and More Kawaii WoTLabs   
    fuck off animefags
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    leggasiini reacted to Solono in Complain about Roku here   
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    leggasiini reacted to Gharirey in Roadmap to a Better and More Kawaii WoTLabs   
    Bye, see you, was nice here ... once upon a time. Leaves utterly disgusted.
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    leggasiini reacted to hallo1994 in Roadmap to a Better and More Kawaii WoTLabs   
    QB doesn't approved this 
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    leggasiini reacted to Stuka76 in Škoda T 25   
    This is what Chi-Ri should be.
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    leggasiini reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Type 95 Heavy - Tier 4 JP HT   
    I just want to note this tank is an epic pile of utter shit. It's like a TOG with no HPs and paper armor.
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    leggasiini reacted to Shifty_101st in 113, worth it after the buffs?   
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    leggasiini reacted to GehakteMolen in FV215b: Underrated Gem?   
    I srsly cant wait till Fv gets removed, wtf, good armor they say, its fucking paper, 1 vs 1 IS4 and E100 always win, unless you outplay them, IS7 and E5 can only be beaten with full gold spam, because bounce once and RIP, all autoloader faggets easy pen you, arty rapes it, big TDs fuck it over, -1800 from HESH in da face? YES PLS!!!
    Double fires, engine breaks all the time, the list of ridiculous bs is endless, there is not 1 tank with so many ridiculous weaknesses, i have never been so mad playing a tier 10 tank.
    Its fucking worse as Conqueror, a tank a fucking tier lower, Conq burns less, the modules break less, it takes less arty dmg, and no mtfking rear turret to screw you over, it cant corner, because rear turret + no front armor + no side armor, it cant fight hills, because no side armor + rear turret, there is litterly no situation where im like: glad im Fv, its a worthless as a Maus, and if it wasnt for 113 beiing suchs a turd, it would be the worst t10 tank, srsly, W.T.F.
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    leggasiini reacted to GehakteMolen in GM rates all tier 9 tanks!   
    [massive wall of text, had to sit in train long time and f******n spoilers not working]
    Since the last tier 9 ranking is old a new one, and since I own (and play) 21 of the 29 tier 9`s I think I can judge them fairly well. Another reason is that imo many people under or overrate certain tanks because of play style preferences (I’m sure I will also fall in this trap myself).
    For this rating two things are important, solo play & platoon play, if your 100% platooning or 100% solo it might differ a bit, I assume that ``you`` play between 1/3 and 2/3 solo and 1/3 and 2/3 platoon. Rating is based pure for ``winpower``, damage and wn8 are thus not important, it’s about winning! In terms of importance: Firepower (inc gun depression, and gun handling / bloom) > Armour > Mobility > Soft stats (camo, view range module dmg). 
    On a number scale it would be 10 > 6 > 5 > 3,  the gun is by far the most important mobility and armour are about equal and soft stats don’t matter much. It also means that a tank with a crap gun has to be phenomenal in other aspects to make up for it. As final note, mobility is mostly a ``negative stat``, having good mobility doesn’t make a tank good, but having bad mobility does make a tank bad. 
    The average is 6.4 and not 5.5, since 5.5 would mean the avg tank is a turd, and that’s certainly not that case. Tier 9 contains many strong tanks and is as a whole a very good tier. Also not one tank gets a 10 since not one tank is that good, the only tier 9 tanks which would be a 10 would be tier 9 IS-4, also beta Obj 704 and beta T-54 come close (9-9.5 or perhaps even 10). 
    Lowest rated tank is a 3, even though a 4 can also be justified. The numbers below a 7 are fairly meaningless; I placed the tanks from strong to weak and put numbers behind them so the exact number doesn’t really matter that much down there. I gave for example both Amx-50-120 and Amx-30 a 5, yet Amx-30 is the better tank, but amx-30 is certainly worse as the 6 tanks, while amx-120 is not as crappy as the 4`s. 
    ps: I also included the following buffs in this rating: IS-8 mobility and gun handling buff and JT hp buff to 2100.
    10: Beta IS-4
    9: E50 & St-1
    8.5: T54, E75 & M46
    8: WTF-P4, VK-B, T30 & Conqueror
    7: M103, Wz-11111111-4, Jagdtiger, Wz-120, Cent mk7, T-10, T54e1, Obj 430 v2
    6: Obj 704 & Type 61
    5: Foch, Amx-30, Conway & Amx-50-120, 
    4: Su-122-54, Tortoise, Leopard PTA, Type 4 & T95
    3: Lorraine
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    leggasiini reacted to LemmingRush in 113, worth it after the buffs?   
    113 is worth it prior to the buffs
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    leggasiini got a reaction from ZXrage in Supertest - Kreslavsky's KV-4   
    expect no derp 
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    leggasiini got a reaction from FreddBoy in Supertest - Kreslavsky's KV-4   
    expect no derp 
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    leggasiini got a reaction from Nekommando in Supertest - Kreslavsky's KV-4   
    expect no derp 
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    leggasiini got a reaction from Cunicularius in Supertest - Kreslavsky's KV-4   
    expect no derp 
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    leggasiini got a reaction from profa007 in why my stats wont show up in wotlabs   
    Made acc apparently long time ago, however never posted or did anything on it and i guess i forgot i have done one until yesterday, so basically we can say i joined yesterday
    anyway on topic, slightly stupid question but why wont my number of battles and stats show up below my avatar etc.?
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