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  1. we did fantastic work last time we played together, i'll make sure i poke you for tooning when i get the motivation to play tanks again.
  2. didn't check in a while but whenever i joined it was dead? was it ressurected recently?
  3. so i'm playing way above my overalls and even better than my recent says roughly 2400wn8 in 8 games and i have 2 wins. (yes, i know it's not much but hey, baby steps). 

    sometimes i just want to uninstall and never play this game again :(

    sorry for QQ-ing but i needed to vent. 


    after a short break i played worse but won more. why do i even bother to try and get better at this game?

    1. Snoregasm2


      Dude, it takes time. You're still very early on in your WOT career - keep working at it and it will improve. This week has been weird - I won 2 out of 7 on Tuesday night and played 2 last night before realising the teams weren't worth playing against.

    2. kestenovski


      i'm aware, i'm aware. it doesn't make it any less depressing though. 

      also like i said, i needed to vent instead of keeping it all in me. helped me win some games after a break :) 

    3. Snoregasm2


      Yeah I know. Sometimes when you're feeling like that or the teams are completely retarded you just have to accept that and not play for a day or two. Going tilt never helps, unless you literally play about 50 games to get through to the other side.

  4. TFW you reset 3 man enemy cap at 97 points. :dealdog:

    1. woe2you


      That was a short month off...

    2. kestenovski


      haha, well you know. i couldn't stay away. only played the bromwell as that's my "fun" tank. 

  5. PLGF16WG16


    bonus code given out on the stream. 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Medjed


      probably day of prem

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      Reddit seems to say it's some shitty grand finals mission, win 10 ranked team battles or smth gay like that

    4. Shoop_da_whoop


      It was "win 10 battles of any time, get 10x personal reserves, exp and crew exp". Worked on RU.

  6. lol, bit of a necro but yeah can always do with more ppl on friends list for tooning. added you in game.
  7. games on EU servers are either 15-3 losses or wins with that score :( not fun in either case.

    1. Stige


      Weekend warriors are so fun huehuehue

  8. bit of an update on my time with this tank, i had to play 60-ish games with the bad gun, people laughed at me when i shot them for 230 damage in tier 9 and 10. but now i have all unlocked modules and it's a breeze to play. currently sitting at 98 games, 56% win rate, 1650 damage per game (skewed by majority of games with bad gun) and just turned to blue stats in it with 1620 wn8. pretty happy with it so far as i'm on the way to my desired stats at 5k battles (blue-ish wn8 (1600) and 55% wins!)
  9. i only have 43k free xp. i don't play tournaments and i'm not willing to buy gold en masse to convert so i have to slowly accumulate free xp i do have those personal reserve boosters so i can get xp a bit faster
  10. since it was buffed in 9.13 and most replies are before that, i think... what's the optimal research path now? gun -> turret -> engine -> tracks or something else?
  11. thank you. we played some tonight but the teams were too bad, even snoregasm couldn't carry them didn't help that i played apsolutely attrociously as well but i don't do well when teams crumble and fail early, that is exactly why i asked for help. hopefully i will be able to carry more than a couple of games when it is required of me soon enough!
  12. Ok so, this is me: http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/kestenovski I am looking to team up with players that are better than me... you don't have to be unicum or even close to it since i am not looking to be carried. I need someone who can help me develop game sense. When to be hyper aggressive, when to be more passive, how and when to recognize situation where i can do damage (i need a lot of damage since i'm doing the fv4202(p) mission!). I have 3k-ish battles under my belt and 53% win rate and dropping, unfortunately. I realize i can't win every battle but sometimes i feel like game lik
  13. right, i should've said something about it when i opened the thread. voice chat is ofcourse an option, i have ts3 installed but i can get whatever and i'm not shy. i don't mind you playing premiums, but do remember if you pick preferential mm 8, that you might get into tier 10 battle with me in the centurion
  14. Hey guys, i've been stalking this forum for a while now, first unregistered, then i registered not so long ago... I would like to find people who are willing to play tier 8 with me (a lot of tier 8 ), why you might ask yourselves... well the answer is simple. I really want FV4202 before it's replaced by Centurion Action X. I'm currently at centurion mk1, just about unlocked engine + turret, need to research radio and tracks as well and then cent 7/1 so there's a lot of games to be played. My average xp in cent is around 760 (for now, might fluctuate) so i calculated that i need close to
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