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  1. Some common behaviours in #pol that I was formerly too lenient on now have a rule against them. Enjoy.
  2. It does make it show up on the front page
  3. benis

    1. Tman450
    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      did BJ finally give in to Haswell's requests? oh no

  4. It works this way because the formula calculates your WN8 over your account-wide stats ((a+b)/(A+B)) and not for each tank (a/A+b/B)/2, and because (a/A+b/B)/2 is not generally equal to (a+b)/(A+B), there is a discrepancy. It would be too computationally intensive to do it the other way, because there is just too much data to process for that many accounts at a time (on WoTLabs' or XVM's end). Naturally, since damage is the highest weighted stat in the formula, battles in higher-tiered tanks are going to have a greater influence on that part of the formula and therefore the final result.
  5. I've just pressed a button: That kicked 28 accounts from the server, so if you're wondering why the server disappeared from your list after not logging in for over a month, it's this.
  6. You need a special role for the good other NSFW stuff.
  7. Did you know there's a Discord server for this community?



    1. Haswell


      Use IRC to avoid eye cancer.

      irc.sorcery.net #wotlabs

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