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  1. bjshnog

    WoTLabs Community Discord

    You need a special role for the good other NSFW stuff.
  2. Did you know there's a Discord server for this community?


    1. Haswell


      Use IRC to avoid eye cancer. #wotlabs

  3. bjshnog

    WoTLabs Community Discord

    We still alive, bois!
  4. Solono has informed me that his doctor has given him a prescription for a blood pressure monitor, but his insurance won't cover it because apparently they don't cover equipment. It's going to be $65. Thanks again to everyone for your generosity.
  5. Why the hell do you people still play this game?
  6. Solono's washing machine has been broken for a couple of weeks. He tried to fix it himself, but couldn't. He's going to need to hire a repairman, and it'll cost around $90 (cheapest he could find afaik). Any donations would be very much appreciated. Thanks again for all the help so far. Update: $61 down! More shit: He has been prescribed a new medication for acid reflux that isn't covered by his insurance (good job, American healthcare system). Cost is $49.26. Covered.
  7. If you guys can believe it, Solono's car battery has died (again...), and here's the one he's looking at to replace it:
  8. The due date is the 8th, and I assume after that, there'll be interest. Also, $70 $20 to go now...
  9. The remainder of the tax costs is about $120 as of this post, for anyone wondering... thanks again for your help, guys.
  10. bjshnog

    WoTLabs Community Discord

    IPS Chat was shut down as of the beginning of May. So...
  11. Many of those chemicals are very good for plants. Keep that in mind if you're into gardening.
  12. bjshnog

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Open World

    I don't think this game will be as memorable as something like Ocarina of Time. You can literally do almost anything in the game in any order, and I think that takes away a lot, for me. I like the mechanics and the world a lot, but some things just make no sense, like the shrines of trials. Why are there standalone self-contained puzzles like these scattered around the world? Why can't they be incorporated into some sort of larger structure like a dungeon, so that they would actually have a place in a Zelda game?