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  1. fishbay perma'd because its just a horrible map + karelia since the way it plays out on standard is super campy and hard to get dmg on
  2. My stream is more of a quieter gameplay focused place, and while it's not very big it is growing quickly enough for me https://www.twitch.tv/hool__
  3. I had a pretty solid game yesterday showing the farming potential this tank has, 8.2k dmg. (warning- I do not carry any AP so if you hate gold stay away ) http://wotreplays.com/site/2699494#lakeville-bot_hool-m46_patton Also thinking of trying for 100% MoE (although it probably won't happen)
  4. My reticle (same for arcade and sniper mode)
  5. BatChat 25t: 2 FV215b: 17 T-62A: 11-3=8 Worse than the 140 imo, doesn't have any hull armor and the turret gets penned kind of randomly. Used to love this thing but its time has come to an end. 390 alpha meds masterrace.. TVP T50/51: 26 E 100: 22 E 50 M: 4 T110E5: 30 M48 Patton: 25+1=26 How are people downvoting this? Its such an amazing tank when played right. The best gun at tier 10 with a solid platform makes this tank a joy to play. AMX 50B: 31
  6. 113: 7 TVP T50/51: 19AMX 50B: 30Batchat 25t: 23E-100: 32E-50M: 26Centurion AX: 13 STB-1: 16FV215b: 25M48 Patton: 41 Such a great tank, fantastic gun on a fairly mobile platform that has workable armor. As others have said, you never feel out of place in this thing T110E5: 27 T-62A: 22Object 140: 22 IS-7: 6 A pretty weak tank, can hulldown really well but that's really the only situation its good in. Armor is butter for gold rounds and its not quick enough to make up for its flaws. IS-4: 7
  7. 121: 17113: 17TVP T50/51: 12AMX 50B: 23BatChat 25t: 25AMX 30B: 11Jagdpz E-100: 6-3=3 A really bad tank, armor is pretty ineffective, the gun hits hard but by the time you reload anything with speed will have flanked you due to having no mobility. Can hold a flank well if its not rushed, but that's about it. Its a 1-trick pony that shouldn't be here. Maus: 17E-100: 27E-50M: 25Leopard 1: 20STB-1: 22Centurion AX: 18FV215b 183: 11FV215b: 25T57 Heavy: 19T110E4: 17T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 24+1=25 A great all around tank, not too slow with workable armor, and the gun is absolutely incredible. Off the ch
  8. 121: 20 113: 20 TVP T50/51: 20 Foch 155: 20 AMX 50B: 20 Batchat 25t: 20 AMX 30B: 20 Waffentraiger: 17 Jagdpz E-100: 21 Maus: 20 E-100: 22 E-50M: 20 Leopard 1: 20 STB-1: 20 Type 5 Heavy: 11 Just a really bad tank overall. Slow, with armor that is easy to pen with gold shells and a mediocre gun, this tank just has no role on the battlefield. Centurion AX: 20 FV215b 183: 20 FV215b: 20 FV4005: 20 T57 Heavy: 20 T110E4: 20 T110E3: 20 M48 Patton: 20 T110E5: 21 Object 268: Object 263: 20 T-62A: 20 Object 430: 20 Object 140: 21 A really solid medium ab
  9. I have you on my friends list but don't think we have really played. Anyways feel free to spam me whenever
  10. The batchat was a pretty hard 3rd mark to do, I would recommend if you start to tilt just back off it right away, because 1 bad games drops it a pretty big amount. Best of luck to you, and I agree 100% that you need an objective to play for.
  11. Just noticed this thread, might as well post the tier 10's I have done
  12. lV5TpJL.jpg


    Finally finished the 140 marks off

    1. Fulcrous


      I guess I should work on mine ;_;

    2. TheMarine0341



      Sorry not sorry I had to clip you in the 50/51!

  13. Finally managed to 3 mark the M48



  14. Just wanted to say a big thanks for your batchat help, after reading your write up I was able to improve my game in it a fair amount, and was able to 3 mark it. Thank you so much for all your content!:)

    1. kolni


      No worries man, here to help :) 

  15. After a pretty unsuccessful session last night I was playing my Bat a bit today, and had a pretty great session. Pretty happy about this one as I just 3 marked my first tier 10 (the E100) a week ago.




    1. no_name_cro


      very nice, very nice.

  16. He is very solid and a good team player, would recommend for sure.
  17. @Siimcy Might have been 3k combined, but was not very hard at all
  18. Patron: At least $1 to either me or Solono. Ability to change your member title Patron³: At least $3 to both me and Solono. Ability to change your username Quick Question- What is the difference between member title and usernames? Just want to be sure
  19. @Siimcy If you do decide to do that it's a very easy third mark, 2.5k dpg did it for me I think.
  20. 3 marked my E 100, which is pretty awesome for me as its my first 3 marked tier 10



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    2. Briqs


      Conglaturations on your first t10 3-mark! I've never 3-marked anything myself, not even my KV-1 despite it being one of the easiest tanks in tier 5 to play.

    3. X3N4


      Pixel Ehanda best ehanda! I'm still grinding...

    4. Hoolfool


      @X3N4, Yeah, I saw you streaming a bit of the grind, Good luck friend.

  21. Feel free to add me too west coast best coast
  22. Feel free to add me, have TS but no mic. In game name is BOT_hool
  23. When doing that you need to be positioned very well in the bush, so people on the middle road from the other side cannot light you, and also the people you are trying to light cannot see any of you. Also you might want to turn once you get there so you can run without having to turn if they have tanks yoloing down the middle. In the 54 lightweight: In the 13 90:
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