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    Hoolfool got a reaction from PityFool in Your Excluded Maps   
    fishbay perma'd because its just a horrible map + karelia since the way it plays out on standard is super campy and hard to get dmg on 
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    Hoolfool reacted to crapcannon in How does one not rage and contribute to a horrific team?   
    I'm sure that bullshit works wonders when arty is on your dick the whole game or no one bothers to listen to that siren indicating that someone is stealing your base and either no one bothers to cap even though there's 3 right near it or no one bothers to go reset.
    Being that my WN8 has gone up and winrate has tanked indicates that I'm not the fucking problem.
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    Hoolfool reacted to zapyoug in How does one not rage and contribute to a horrific team?   
    The "fuck tems it nut mah fualt. ium gion 2 git xvm and reyl on it nawo" is why you are being negged becuase that is a fucking retarded mentality to play with. 
    speaking of said post, I'm going to go neg it now. It burns my fucking eyes.
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    Hoolfool got a reaction from Rexxie in Elimination: Tier 10 - E5 Triumphant! (COMPLETE)   
    121: 20
    113: 20
    TVP T50/51: 20
    Foch 155: 20
    AMX 50B: 20
    Batchat 25t: 20
    AMX 30B: 20
    Waffentraiger: 17 
    Jagdpz E-100: 21
    Maus: 20
    E-100: 22 
    E-50M: 20
    Leopard 1: 20
    STB-1: 20
    Type 5 Heavy: 11 Just a really bad tank overall. Slow, with armor that is easy to pen with gold shells and a mediocre gun, this tank just has no role on the battlefield.
    Centurion AX: 20
    FV215b 183: 20
    FV215b: 20
    FV4005: 20
    T57 Heavy: 20
    T110E4: 20
    T110E3: 20
    M48 Patton: 20
    T110E5: 21 
    Object 268: 
    Object 263: 20
    T-62A: 20
    Object 430: 20
    Object 140: 21 A really solid medium able to perform any role well, can do everything you need with a good top speed, great gun handling and workable armor. A really great tank overall
    IS-7: 20
    IS-4: 20
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    Hoolfool reacted to Megrin in Can you make me good?   
    Uh...I remember when I used to stuck at 2k recent...Not sure about your situation, but at that time my problem was that I was overly aggressive and kinda tend to rely on my team to support me (basically I was always trying my luck)
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    Hoolfool got a reaction from DOM1NO in TS Wasteland...   
    Feel free to add me, have TS but no mic.
    In game name is BOT_hool
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    Hoolfool got a reaction from djdefjam89 in Hello Friends   
    Welcome friend
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    Hoolfool got a reaction from Mudman24 in Looking for Silent Toons   
    Add me
    I normally listen to music too,
    preferably tiers 8 and up
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    Hoolfool reacted to Vetro in According to WG, they will allow users to hide stats, both ingame and API...   
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    Hoolfool reacted to Solono in Garbad   
    Cuni has become self-aware of his own existence, about time 639
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    Hoolfool reacted to TheMarine0341 in Garbad   
    So is jerking off, but either way its fun from time to time
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    Hoolfool reacted to X3N4 in [FAME] Deal with it!   
    Get used to it, you will get banned for that regularly now. I'd advise you to turn chat off and give the potatoes no reason at all to report you. You'll get enough reports already for goldspam, being part of FAME (and everyone of FAME is now a rigger in the eyes of tomatoes), cheating or just beating scrubs in SH.
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    Hoolfool reacted to kolni in [FAME] Deal with it!   
    IDEAL biggest scam ever made
    *joins skrim with only me from S3AL*
    "Hey Yung! You take that spotting bush that's totally out of the fight so we IDEAL guys can farm SH stats?  "
    next game:
    "Yung, you know what to do!  "
    Fuck Keezoo  
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    Hoolfool reacted to aaveq in [FAME] Deal with it!   
    and here, when we lack influence idead guys dont give a f about SHs 
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    Hoolfool reacted to X3N4 in [FAME] Deal with it!   
    gril since 12:30 we've had two credit bonuses and we were playing with 2 T8 SHs for multiple hours, farming them credits and getting that dank influence. The early bird catches the worm!
    Time to rid yourself off that blue in your stats and apply bruh
    Thanks for the random negrep @_DeathWing_, FAME has always appreciated the haters. You ran into us yesterday or what?
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    Hoolfool reacted to zapyoug in Day of evil   
    The plan?
    December 12th, we get as many people on the server as possible (consisting of non retarded people ideally) to go play arty, fill the ques with them and teach all the pancakes how fair and balanced artillery is.

    Destroy the NA server (will be focusing east server but will not be leaving west untouched)
    (reverse xvm sniping & cancer platoons are strongly encouraged)
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    Hoolfool reacted to kolni in Is the Use of Food That Dynamic to Performance?   
    I have 20 3MoE's so I've got plenty of experience when it comes to switching out AFE for food regarding damage output. 
    What food will do vs AFE:
    Shorter reload Increase viewrange (this is probably the most notable for me) Better aimtime Smaller bloom Slightly better terrain resistance (engine usage) track and turret traverse increase Need for FF skill if you can't accept the inconsistency of an RNG fire In the STB you're already having trouble hitting your shots so every gun buff you can get is one you should take to make use of that DPM. On Nato meds I've always preferred vents over optics for that very reason, along with BiA and food to make the sexy trio of 132% crews, and most meds reaching 450 VR by then anyway so you'll be able to spot for yourself, but also your teammates more often which'll net you assist damage that can make a good game a great one in terms of damage output. 
    Since I put food on my T-54 I've noticed an up for 1 hit per game along with spotting increasing over 600 per game, that makes for two more shots extra than without food in regards to how MoE's are calculated, which is often enough to push far enough to get the MoE. 
    You'll also want to be consistent in every way possible. This means running JOAT and dropping the medkit instead, being slightly more passive early game to eliminate yolo derps, and at the same time always being in the fight. Try to predict how things are going to play out, if you're about to win a flank, you should relocate before you win, not after, so you're ahead of your team for the next engagement/cleanup and other stuff. You really want to eliminate the low damage games more than anything. It's better to play it safe and the MoE goes down a little instead of hyper over aggressiveness because you want the damage, because then you'll get even worse damage and it'll just go down more. 
    Aside from that there's other things I personally noticed:
    Stay calm when you know you're close to the MoE. You're already that far so that means you can do the rest, no need to change into full X3N4 mode aggressiveness that almost noone can pull off because you'll fail at it more often than not. Damage will come if you're patient, when I did my E 50M MoE (arguably one of the hardest I've done yet) my effective DPM was pretty low, but I stayed alive and took a lot of no risk shots that allowed me to use my HP during cleanup instead, it led to higher winrates and much, much more consistent DPG's. Not getting the MoE isn't the end of the world so just stay calm, play like normal and kill the enemy team off.  Spotting will turn bad games into endurable games very quickly if you know when to be aggressive on the maps that allow it. On city maps you're better off going for track shots which'll help you out a lot when you find that full HP E 100 that's about to get circled by everyone and has no rep kit. Then I'd rather track him for 2500 assist instead of 390 damage, and playing like that will be rewarding MoE wise, but not WN8 wise.  If things go bad, quit immediately, 1-2 games that went bad is enough to put you on tilt and just don't play it for a while, take a break, play smh else but you'll ruin it if you keep playing. 
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    Hoolfool reacted to mereelskirata in The Super Duper Pershing   
    Throw a dollar at Never and you can get more upvotes.
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    Hoolfool reacted to Joyrider216 in The Super Duper Pershing   
    George Washington  
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    Hoolfool reacted to Joyrider216 in The Super Duper Pershing   
    Same place as these

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    Hoolfool reacted to RichardNixon in Wn8 pls   
    Imagine if you went through your entire 50B career with no kills. There would be something seriously wrong with your playstyle, right?
    WN8 isn't designed to be used as a single battle measure, so it also uses frags as a multiplier to other parameters. All your spots and defence and a chunk of your damage are only counted if you get some frags. It makes some sense over the long term, but for a single game it's just broken.
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    Hoolfool got a reaction from MajorAidan in Wn8 pls   
    Thanks guys, I get it now
    Sorry for the dumb thread
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    Hoolfool got a reaction from Monkey in Wn8 pls   
    Thanks guys, I get it now
    Sorry for the dumb thread
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    Hoolfool got a reaction from Lord Kurtz in When should I be concerned?   
    I am having the same problem, normally play 2.7-3k wn8 but these teams wont give me a break.
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    Hoolfool reacted to Zesshin in [AWFUL] is Recruiting   
    Okay what the heck I clicked upboat but it showed as downboat. Can an admin like fix this plox.
    ...No but seriously please fix this or I won't be able to walk straight for a week.
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