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  1. This game is 2 ez. https://www.twitch.tv/burdenedfungus/v/78835634 https://www.twitch.tv/burdenedfungus/v/78835957 Pro roadhog in overwatch is my next new passtime
    1. kolni


      steel wall EleGiggle

    2. sr360


      Steel Wall... in a SKODA? Mmkkay. 

    3. juhaas


      Other than possibly trying to speed away from the T28 instead of wasting a clip in last 15 secs with 20+ reload salt totally justified. No comment on Waffle, minimap speaks for itself. Still, nice work.

  2. Why is everyone so triggered about SR? Have you guys seen the retards and shit players we have in the clan now?
  3. MFW people rig missions while I'm on my sheriff account watching them http://cdn.niketalk.com/5/52/200x200px-ZC-527d93cf_883415.gif

    1. KillerTiger


      what cancer virus link is that

  4. Remember when bulba was a place that had standards for joining unless you were tom?
  5. Later nerds, forum is dead to me.

  6. The thing with the IS-3 isn't that you can't rely on the armor. It's that the armor CAN bounce shells. If you're making good trades, peeking a small amount of your tank to shoot at the red tanks then you shouldn't be losing hp. But because it does have the armor it has, it is very forgiving. You can bounce some really dumb things off the IS3 armor just because how its angled or because RNG puts a shot into your black magic spaced armor. There's a reason its the main staple of Gold league heavies. Not because its immune to gold shells but because the IS3 can bounce shells from bad aim or bad R
  7. These are the comment chains and Garbads last heavily edited post. I asked a question and he was hostile, I did not start it. He was even a dick to the other guy who asked why he doesn't post to the actual AW forums/sub forum also (I don't know the situation on those because I don't give a shit about AW.) If you're a dick to me I can only reply the same way. Give and take. Granted I will never be sad anytime he gets ROed. I personally and know many other people who think he should have been perma banned a long fucking time ago. There was a time when 60% of the binned threads and super binne
  8. Look I understand you have mental problems and NEED to have attention from everyone. But wouldn't you get more attention from people who actually care about AW rather than the mindless few that still suck your dick?
  9. Doesn't Neverwish have a fucking forum for AW? Why do you keep posting this shit here?
  10. Never pls fix status updates. I want to there to be an expand option so I don't have to go to someones profile page to see the rest of their status because it was too long

    1. kolni


      as I have to, trying to read this post and not wanting to go through it so I just read half and post

  11. Stronkest bot I've seen in a long time http://wotlabs.net/na/player/toaster3 pro leo 1 player

  12. I wish I could stream again... Damn you OBS

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nelson2011


      It crashes Wot for him since he updated to windows 10 I believe lol

    3. Assassin7


      Rip. Meanwhile its fine for me

    4. Patient0


      you could always use shadowplay. :eww:

  13. No reason to cater to your average unicum as they will use you and be doing things without you even realizing it. It's better to try and do they best you can in every match. But sure, if they are yolo him and he's 1 shot or something and you can eat a shell that's being a good teammate. Trying to be infront of him and losing hp for no reason is not a good thing though. These unicums are still unicums. They just need their team to pickup the slack. If a guy can farm 10k damage in a losing match then who failed? His team or him?
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