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  1. How the $%^^ do you find people to platoon with that you enjoy playing with? Without having to troll through a ton of annoying people? And yes I am aware that question may make me look like one of those people and I am not sure that I am not. I like playing tanks and find it enjoyable to play with fun people who try to win and try to learn to win when they don't win. Any suggestions on how to find people to toon with would be greatly appreciated. Please bear in mind that I generally take a while to work well with new people and find it hard to jump into unfamiliar voice chat. Thanks everyone
  2. I would appreciate the opportunity to experience the full shit gift potential of this tank. Thank you.
  3. I am on a few nights a week generally after 8. What are you looking for?
  4. I don't have to carry it around too much, mostly just ride it in the passenger seat so I am not overly worried about the weight. Definitely worth the look, thanks. I have heard mixed reviews on the Acer products, have you had any issues or have had to deal with support? Just to cover my bases, any recommendations on desktop in the same $1300 range, just curious. I am lacking in a monitor and keyboard as I have been using laptops for the last few years. Thank you all for the feedback!
  5. Getting a new laptop to use for gaming and to use while I travel. Looking at something like MSI GE72 APACHE PRO-242 specs link below. Issues or recommendations on something in this price range/specs? http://us.msi.com/product/notebook/GE72-Apache-Pro-GTX-970M.html#hero-specification&sku_no=516 http://www.amazon.com/MSI-GE72-APACHE-PRO-242-17-3-Inch/dp/B014QSTWKK
  6. God I  suck. What's worse is this team sucked even more.M4A3E8_Sad.thumb.JPG.81b5382f4d70506d2bd

  7. DualMaster, Thank you for taking the time to review and provide advice. On the over extending myself on fisherman's bay, yeah I am bad for that. I am trying to overcome that but usually realize it just before I get my ass handed to me. For the IS-6 game, and all games, I need to figure out how I can stay more in tune with the mini-map and what it means. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you for the feed back and thank you for taking the time to respond. One of the things that affected my decision on cliff with the t29 was the arty and the possibility of getting hit again. How do you work to negate that, beyond normal anti-arty movement, in that position with a spotter on the hill and the time it takes the t-29 to climb the hill to peek over?
  9. Here are two battles. One in my t-34-1. It was a win and I had a few kills but they were generally against low HP tanks so over all damage was barely above tank hp. I tried to flex around but am I being too slow in responding to the mini-map/poor situational awareness? T-34-1 wandering around In this one it is an IS-6 loss. I have a decent amount of damage but what could I have done to increase the damage I did? At the end I am moving back to my cap, should I have accepted that the cap could happen and found a position more conducive to limiting the enemies coming at me? IS-6 Loss I unders
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