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  1. There are many more than 2-3 ban-worthy maps.
  2. When I platoon with CrabEatOff, we focus on winning above all else, unless we stated beforehand that we had other goals such as missions or marks for that session. We work together and play tanks that synergize well to maximize our chances of winning. Yes, there are a lot of wins that just happen, and there are a lot of "unwinnables", but the games in-between (the carries) are where I get the most enjoyment from WoT. The important thing, like others have said, is to ignore the things you can't control and focus on what you can learn and where you can improve. If I lose a game, I look to see if there is anything I could've done differently, and mark it down mentally. If we lost and I have done literally everything I could to win, I mentally consider it a win because I know I played my part perfectly. Be honest with yourself with your personal evaluation and avoid blaming others, you can change yourself, you're not going to be changing pubbies. My only issue with the damage farm mentality, is a lot of new or learning players see "damage/WN8 > wins" and never learn things like map control, how certain maps work (what controls what) or how maps progress. In -G- we had this issue a few weeks ago with one of our callers getting after some fairly recently recruited players who were making poor positional and threat focus choices in CW related to winning. When their defense is how much damage they did, or how much WN8 they have, you know there's an issue. I really enjoy watching Kolni or others of his caliber play, and I learn a lot from it. There are loads of different playstyles, and I think it's good to use pieces of others' to build what you enjoy. I just worry about the "green to freshly purple" range of players who are joining during the damage farming era of WoT and never learn a lot of basic winning principles. Players of Kolni's caliber know how to win, but also get a large amount of wins from sheer damage farming. Whether your focus is winning or damage, the principles are the same. Do your best, learn from your mistakes, and only worry about what you can control.
  3. Pretty happy about this one HJgCeDE.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. kolni


      nice one, can't be easy having to rely on other people to hit what you light

      esp when the combined is high along with a pretty bad gun, that combo alone makes it off-putting for me lol

    3. sohojacques


      Which maps did you ban?

    4. TheChang


      I banned Himmelsdorf and Ensk after 92%. Ensk is probably the better of the 2, with more angles, more opportunities for assistance damage, and the smaller map can be better for the speed for faster flexes.

  4. +1, thanks for the read. I miss this constructive and beneficial wotlabs, though I suppose it is as you wrote, practically everything to be said has been said.
  5. 2 T49s and a 5.5in. HESH shooting Conway is also loads of fun. And it's all glorious holy he(sh)
  6. Rear armor is 50mm, so at least anyone who buys this can expect a 152mm HE shell up the booty
  7. If this is about the universal "special ammo" nerf, then the Defender is basically getting an HP buff because now premium rounds that do penetrate the ridiculous armor will be doing less damage.
  8. For signature: Click on your name in the top right -> Account Settings -> Signature (on the left). In account settings, link your wot account to your forum account for your stats to show under your name.
  9. I've been working on getting better at TDs. Strv feels so filthy, yet so good at the same time. LzYbQp1.jpg

    1. Nicarasu


      Best scout in tier :doge:

  10. TheChang


    I was running vstab/optics/rammer for my first 10 or so games, then switched vstab for vents. The extra view range is really needed for piercing camo, even with a max crew. It also has identical handling to the M48 Patton, so not so great that a vstab is unnecessary/unhelpful, but not so bad that you absolutely have to have one. Run food for the extra camo/view range, though pay attention when your fuel tanks get hit, it happens quite often in this tank. My ammo loadout is 24/24/3, I could probably run less ap, but a few games it's been useful for carrying. They also have decent shell velocity at 1k m/s. The HE shells have really excellent alpha at 300, so worth having a few of those. The tank is big, but very low profile which is very nice. Combined with troll Russian armor, you get some weird lucky bounces. I've bounced tier 10 TD prem rounds on multiple occasions. It's quite mobile, with 70 kph as the top speed and an excellent hp/t at 33. It doesn't turn great, but I don't often find myself wishing I was a bit nimbler like I do in the M41 GF. The tank isn't super great at vision to do the lack of view range, but has enough camo to allow it to do the job just fine. The gun is good, especially combined with the low silhouette, and a random 7 degrees of gun depression.
  11. Old but Gold https://i.imgur.com/Mz7S7SF.gifv
  12. I'm excited. Any tank that's an auto-pen with my T49 makes me happy.
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