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  1. I agree to a point, but with the prevalence of WN8 rounds flying everywhere, the KV-1S isn't effective as it should be except in the hands of outstanding tankers like yourself and a few other unicum clans.
  2. Well put. I avoid playing it unless I'm in a platoon with a Victory or a "Bromwell". I still enjoy it and wonder if I'm the only one that does. It's a difficult tank to do well in, that's for sure.
  3. In World of Tanks Blitz, I've seen a considerable absence of this Tier VI Swedish Premium medium autoloader. I assume the fact that it suffers from a small power creep given its lack of mobility and penetration keeps potential drivers at bay. What do you think of The Steve?
  4. I'm giving away a $25 (US) gift card to one lucky winner. Recipient can be on EU, NA or ASIA. Details below: Good luck for any who consider participating.
  5. I know the feeling. My Blitz gameplay is entirely dependent on what chores my wife wants me to do after work.
  6. All this talk about "Fuck Trump" or "Crooked Hillary" and I'm over here like "I'm going to do whatever I want anyway".


  7. Did you have any luck finding a viable clan?
  8. I got carried once and sent a congratulatory message to the guy who did it. He invited me along for a few platoons and I ended up in his clan months later. Great friendships can come from strange places.
  9. Have you ever carried so hard you get an influx of friend requests and platoon invites after the battle?
  10. For you Blitz players out there, you all have had lag from time to time - especially during peak times when your ping goes into the 3-digit range. Sometimes it's you... More so than not, it's other guy on your team. This is how it feels
  11. It's seriously awful. Despite the community voicing concerns and speaking out against it, the ubiquitous "they" opted to do it anyways.
  12. In Blitz it's hit or miss. More times than not (given the +1/-1 Matchmaking) you'll find yourself in a tier 4 game, struggling against a Hetzer or a Matilda platoon.
  13. Pz. IIJ drivers know what it's like when the Matchmaking is in their favor. Unfortunately with the +1/-1 MM spread Blitz has to offer, you'll find yourself in tier IV games struggling to survive more often than not.
  14. My PC is ancient and simply can't handle WoT PC. I've found a home at Blitz and am quite content playing the mobile version for personal entertainment.
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