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  1. I'm disappointed Lakeville isn't there. That is my least favorite at the moment
  2. Have fun man! I don't have to deal with that this year. Just going out to eat with my immediate family.
  3. For your equipment, you shouldn't be using binocs. You're a heavy, so you won't be needing to scout. I would recommend replacing that with an enhanced gun laying drive. I can't give you any other advice without seeing your gameplay.
  4. That's what I was thinking. Which is why I really started grinding my tier 9 and 8's
  5. Hello. I am currently looking for a clan. I'm making this post to see what offers I can get or recommendations that people can give me. This post will also show what I'm looking for in a clan and my experience. Background On Me I'm 16 and have been playing this game for about two years. I did have an account previously but hardly played it. After 1.5k battles, I made a new account because I didn't like my original name. If you consider this to be rerolling, then cool. I really don't care about rerolls. I don't play any sports but I do referee soccer. Also, I'm a big hockey fan, so you will h
  6. I haven't been playing this as much as I should have. I'll probably play a good bit this weekend. Nice post, by the way, Garbad.
  7. While we may not have the members, 1776V is a clan that is focused on what you want. We do Clan Wars and are building up our stronghold. We only have 20 members, so if you are not sure about joining, I'd encourage you to send me a friend request and I can invite to one of our detaches or platoon with some of our members.
  8. Hello all! Currently, I am trying to recruit for my clan, 1776 Iron Death Division. We recently split from our old clan, since it was not competitive enough. So, the clan was made with the intention of becoming a competitive clan. We do tourneys, detaches, platoons, and clan wars. The clan currently has 20 members and is continuing to grow. The members that are responsible for recruiting members are working their butts off since we started about 2 weeks ago. So, we are trying to get new members to continue to do well in clan wars, as we can only hold one piece of land reliably. So, on to requi
  9. Hello. I am looking for someone who can platoon with me for an hour or two for a couple days of the week or all days of the week. I'm looking for this person so I can get better and eventually get unicum status. This would just give me some live feedback and someone to platoon with to help my win rate
  10. Thank you all for the advice. Zoid, Pity, I'll be trying what you recommended. My survival rate might go down, but I play to win
  11. Recently, the highest I've been able to get my recent win rate up to is 56%. This is solo, so how can I improve my win percentage in solo play? What should I be looking for in games and is there any advice anyone can give me to help?
  12. I'd love to but I don't know if I'm the best choice to learn from. I'm not exactly great yet, but I'm working on trying to get there. I will platoon with you and share some of the knowledge I know at the moment.
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