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  1. I'm just coming back from a 6 month break and it seems all of the big clans are gone and more and more players no longer have tags... wft happened? The game is 4-5 years old now... are we near the end of WOT?
  2. when the 45% win rate player blames his team for losing...
  3. I was a far worse player at 1400 games then you are... I didn't really get the game until 6,000 - 7,000 battles. I think now at 12,000 battles I'm finally starting to break through to being a "good" player instead of an average player. The game also plays completely different at the higher tiers than the low tiers... if you only have a couple hundred battles at tier 8 you should expect to suck until you catch up with the pace. I know I'm starting to get multiple tier 10's and am struggling as tier 10 is another animal itself.
  4. Hope not... Slowly grinding my way to it for strongholds and cw's
  5. Update: picked up a 980ti and 27" 2K 144 hz g-sync display... HOLY SHIT! I had no idea what I was missing! Going from 5 year old cards and a 20" screen that wasn't even 1080p to this is unreal. Going with the 980ti was based mostly on price and a good deal I couldn't pass up... I'm sure the fury x would be just as pretty. Anybody want some xfx 6870's?
  6. I don't see the advantage of XVM, even when I would play arty I would focus on the locations that tanks would likely be at and then try to hit the tanks I could get the most damage from--not just the purple or blue players. (Maybe I was doing it wrong?) For all other games I think I have done much better without it... By treating every tank like it is driven by a competent player I have conserved more hit points and lasted longer into matches and win/damage more. The two mods I have left are the 2 row carousel and jimbos gunsight... All other mods are more distracting to me than helpful. If WOT ever makes the tanks easier to sort I'll go back to completely vanilla...
  7. Doh! I wasn't trying for a nvidia vs. amd thread as I have zero brand loyalty to either company... More of whether anybody has been successful running 4K on these similarly priced top end cards. In the end I think the general consensus is 4K on a single GPU is still probably out of reach, and 2K is still fabulous to look at. Oh, and to wait for pascal and artic island... The only problem with that is always waiting for the next thing is how I've ended up with two 6850's 2-3 years since they could really keep up anything.
  8. TRUTH! Even though I've been running cf for years now I've never thought it worked well (usually I don't think it worked at all)... I've held on to my moniter far longer than anything else (probably because displays were so stagnant and did not improve enough to pull the trigger for a long time)... But a single card and 1440p may be the answer at the moment since nobody is pulling 4K on a single card.
  9. I don't really want to wait any longer... My thinking is to pick up a second 980ti or fury x after pascal/arctic island drops. What about the displays? Is the g-sync/free-sync a gimmick?
  10. After 5 strong years my radeon 6850's in crossfire have finally met there match in Dark Souls III and Witcher III. So... deciding to updgrade my 10 year old monitor to a 4K display and trying to decide to go with the Fury or 980ti? Anybody running a 4K setup with these? Any issue with either?
  11. Yeah... I should've done a poll. 1) Stay with clan going down toliet 2) Jump Ship to greener pastures 3) Uninstall... you're a noob anyway. But sound advice... it's probably time for me to move on as I'm having less and less fun playing with the clan. That and I'm probably not getting any better being one of the best players in a clan in hard times.
  12. I've been loyal to my clan for over a year now... took a break from the game for a few months and when I got back into it I rejoined them. When I first joined we were a fairly competitive group that could push deep into Alpha tourneys and even take 1st a few times. For a while we held a 70% win rate in strongholds... but those were the good old days. We've now had a huge influx for sub %50 win rate players and below 1000 WN8 players in a attempt to get the clan numbers up to strongholds and hopefully tier 6 CW's (I know I'm just a joe average player at best--but there is a huge difference between me and sub 48%er's). I like playing and platooning with a couple of people in the clan still (the only reason I haven't jumped ship) but I'm starting to avoid teamspeak as 95% of the rest I don't want to talk to. Haven't really played this week... starting to avoid it as I'm not excited of getting my ass kicked trying to do the campaign next week. So... I like strongholds, tourneys and the type of play that a clan offers... I am loyal to the commander as there are some core players I wan't to stick with and try to bring the clan up -- but I realize this clan may not recover and be competitive again. Is it time to get the f*#$% out and see who else is out there?
  13. +9000k battles... still a scrub though and looking to improve... Wanted to say hello to the forum and if I've offended you in game you probably deserved it.
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