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  1. Those feels when you get to 94.6% MOE on a tank, and arty goes thou shall NOT get to 95%...

    1. SmurfReroll


      Not on a Waffentrager 4 by any chance was it? :P

      #feelsbadman, gl with the mark

    2. Hellvn


      Nope, M4 improved actually (because reasons).

      It's the bishops which are cancer at that tier.

  2. 3x Matilda BP platoons, while fun, isn't actually that good for your W/R...


  3. 9 game losing streak - 2k wn8.




    1. Gasai__Yuno


      Carry harder 2k wn8 is not enough work to complain about losing yet.

      Good luck friend.

  4. For some reason I am wearing two belts with my jeans today.  This is what a one year old and sleep deprivation does.


    At least my pants won't fall down I guess...

    1. Siggy




    2. Politx_Killer


      One for the pants, the other to whip strippers?

    3. ADeadMan1


      I was going to suggest that one was for spanking the kids and the other one was to hold your pants up while spanking.

  5. Evidently 80k damage, 4 kills and 22 planes shot down in a tier 7 game is not enough to win in a Cleveland...

    1. Assassin7


      but 232K damage in a Nagato is :D


    2. AdrianK
    3. Hellvn


      Noice. I wish that our afk Nagato had have done that.

  6. I have a confession to make:

    I sniped with a heavy tank on Malinovka...

    However, it was a VK45.03 and I did 3k damage and top xp'd for my team.

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    2. garryallen


      nah in sea the further back you camp when not in a med platoon, the higher the win rate. Best results occur when using the chai technique of moving the red line, or when combining chai with sturmscouting :P 

    3. Hellvn


      SEA server damage taken ingame = damage taken IRL


    4. garryallen


      so what happens if you are like me and have a 22%ish survival rate??? How much is my lifespan reduced by???

      i like doing the 3x ru med tactics. In a solo leopard one. might explain why my sr is so low....

  7. VK 16.02 Leopard
    Experience received:509    Credits earned 17,337  
     Battle achievements 3 Marks of Excellence, Mastery Badge: "III Class"

    1. Medjed


      Now if only you could see them on that tiny pew gun

      Now if only you could see them on that tiny pew gun

    2. Hellvn


      Yeah I know.


  8. Got hit by 183s twice last night.

    Much fun.

  9. That moment when you realize you've bought permanent camo with gold rather than 7 day camo...

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    2. Hellvn


      It was the t-25 Czech skoda which isn't a bad tank, but the keeper will obviously be the tier 10.

    3. KruggWulf


      Slap some polystripper on it ya bogan

    4. Hellvn


      Nah, she'll be right mate!

  10. First game in the Farragut.

    2085 raw, Top XP in a tier 8 game.

    Not bad for a bottom tier stock destroyer, with a captain who's retraining so no skills either!


  11. That WTF moment when you're clearing out surplus equipment in your depot and you discover you have 27x Fug 3 radios...


    1. FreddBoy


      'Fug'ing hell. What were you planning to do? Set up a shitty bratwurst CB radio circle jerk?


    2. Hellvn


      I have no idea. It's used by virtually every low tier German tank so I must have somehow not sold them when I upgraded their radios.

      On the plus side, I made a staggering 8.5k selling them all so free frankfurters and beer to all my crews tonight...

  12. Sing it with me:

    No more waffles, no more waffles!

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    2. Korb3n_Dallas


      Strongly considering trolling the WTE100 for one more session tonight just because I can.

    3. Trumpetah


      Still two waffles in tier 8 and 9, and technically the Grille 15 is also a Waffentrager Panther.

    4. Hellvn


      I think we all know which waffle I meant...


  13. Don't you hate it when your team wins 15-1 and you're the only one who has died?

    1. bolagnaise


      In those situations I gain much pleasure from turning battle chat back on and typing 'lol noob 'insert tank name' can't even not die' 


      Its the small things you know.........

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Just say that they need the kill more than you do. Or that you felt bad.


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    2. leggasiini


      ...and everyone who plays it

    3. Politx_Killer


      No, no, no. Arty FUCK YOU!

    4. Saffee


      wew reported for being bad at arty safe 

  15. Mission completed! Reward:

    Vehicles added: T28 Concept (crew 100% sent to Barracks)

    Slots added: 1


  16. Yay. Just Aced the Japanese Tiger. 2.6k damage, 5 kills, 1200+ raw.

  17. Blocked 4k damage in a t-14 tonight.

    Still lost.


  18. Tier 4 mediums should not be allowed to run around with 85mm guns...

    Looking at you T-28e f30!

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      Russian Bias Comrade :serb:

    3. Assassin7


      @M4A3E8sherman the benefit it has is with tier 5 and 6 games, its actually bot useless against those tiers. But yeah, at tier 4 its low RoF and bad gun handling don't make it anywhere near OP, in tier 4 games I'd rather have the 57 on the nornal T-28

    4. Hellvn


      It's always fun to be able to 2 shot most things at your tier and potentially 3 shot tier 5 tanks. 

      Even in tier 6 games I rarely end up having to use gold. I treat it like the BDR - let another tank take the hit for you if possible, then peekaboo and bam!


  19. Gotta love the IS-3 sometimes. I was one-shottable and bounced a round on my side from a full health WZ-111, which I then proceeded to kill in a brawl.


  20. Confirmed: Japanese heavy players are the most retarded shitters to ever play on this server.

    So fucking angry right now

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    2. TheMarine0341


      I see you've been snap-shot 1 shot killed by an IO from 500m+

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Can confirm I have a retarded shitter :^)

    4. Hellvn


      Actually the retarded shitters were on my team.

      To make it worse, there were two of them.

  21. The KV-4 is giving me the shits.  It's slow, blind as a bat, and your one advantage of armour is negated by everyone slinging gold rounds at you.

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    2. Luna


      Be more aggressive with your side armor when scraping. 150mm can be angled pretty hard and will bait out a lot of shots in eager plebs.

    3. Serene_Potato


      Yup, your side armor is more important than your front armor in the KV-4, people will be tempted to shoot it, and as you know, prem rounds don't have normalization. So you can basically angle it at 45 degrees, almost.

      Vs anything up to 240mm pen guns, this angle is best. See how nice the side armor is against such guns, even at this angle.


    4. Hellvn


      Thanks for the replies guys, I'll just keep on trucking as I'm stil getting used to the tank somewhat. And I'm running the stock engine and tracks as previously mentioned, so hopefully upgrading these will give me a bit of a traverse and acceleration boost and allow me to position myself more effectively.

      My first game in the tank was ironically my best one where I only took one damaging hit but did 2.5k damage and unfortunately ran out of enemies to shoot at. It was ruinberg so it gave me the ability to play the tanks to its strengths.


  22. Finally managed to kill 3 heavies for HT 6.2. (Yeah I realize I'm a bit behind here)

  23. PC just died*


    *actually stuck on a "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart" loop

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    2. Enroh


      reset BIOS by pulling the battery then reboot and start in last known good or safe mode w/networking

    3. Hellvn


      I'll try the bios reset, otherwise I've got two options:

      1. I can create a USB by using another PC e.g. Work laptop.  It's a 4GB download evidently

      2. I have a backup of the SSD from when I cloned the data to it initially. I'll need to install the old hard drive again, format the SSD and then copy the data across.  I'll lose some recent data but nothing unmanageable (unless my FO4 saves are stored there - hopefully they're on d: where steam's located)

    4. Hellvn


      Fixed - finally. The bios reset didn't work, neither did Startup Repair using the USB boot drive.

      However, for some reason startup repair decided to work when using the Windows 8 DVD, even though this should have been identical to the USB...

      thanks everybody for their suggestions!

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