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  1. Man the ANZ server is horrific. On the plus side, I finally aced the KV-4 with the most meh game ever - I thought it was going to be a second class.
  2. At least Metonic got banned in Dec 2016 - I also encountered him in a few games. He’s a purple compared to Angel____Kiss though.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen - I present Angel___Kiss. A player so awesome that he has played 800 games in the P.43ter an average damage of...2. Totally not a bot though, otherwise WG's bot detection software would have detected him. And lets have a look at some other tanks - the P.43 bis. 653 battles with an average damage of also 2. The KV-1. To be fair, he is way better in this tank, averaging 4 damage a game. TOTALLY NOT A FUCKING BOT WG!
  4. Let’s not forget FLAPDACOC either, which was the greatest clan alliance ever seen,
  5. That wouldn’t be a bad thing. Consider: - more open maps - no OP premiums - no 3/5/7 - no Japanese superheavies (I think) - no superaccurate bullshit arty. Although if you did get hit, it hurt. Sign me up!
  6. @Archaic_One trying to sneak it back in.
  7. When you drink as much vodka as Russians you don’t care about balance either Comrade!
  8. This. It needs camo and gun-handling buffs (both bloom and base accuracy -even fully zoomed in your shell will still go “ah fuck it” and miss.) Fuck you very much RNG!
  9. Common mistake bro. Don’t beat yourself up over it. beat yourself off...
  10. About the tier 6 arty. I was tooning with @StormCrowReaperManyHats who was in the AMX 13 F3 the other day. He said that it felt like he was hitting with about 90% of his shots, it was that accurate.
  11. Picked up 4 Top Guns and 1 Radleys over the weekend. And one Battle Buddy... sigh
  12. I don’t recall the 430v2 catching fire, losing an engine or being ammo racked EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME it was hit though.
  13. Never argue with an idiot. They’ll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
  14. Naughty @Saffee http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/81739-apac-league-s2-competitive-ruling/page__pid__1760303#entry1760303 fucking WG are turning into party poopers. Can’t talk about Dogs anymore.
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