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  1. No, I'm saying that the thread title was boring. And that you're a dick for fucking up the 30,000th post. Clear difference. Also, fuck Siggy.
  2. I fully approve of the change of thread title. everything is Adrian's fault, whilst true because he fucked up the 30,000th post (dick), was just a tad boring
  3. I aced it with 1186 raw tonight. I'd done 1300+ raw games on the old 430 which were only 1st class.
  4. http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/78664-im-leaving-the-wot-forums/page__pid__1710778#entry1710778 Germi being precious again. http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/78664-im-leaving-the-wot-forums/page__pid__1710778#entry1710778 Germi being precious again.
  5. The mod 1 gets the same engine too, but with even stronger armour. Best tier 8 med?* *meaning effectively the weakest tier 10 med...
  6. If you like the QE, you'll also like the Warspite. Warspite is slightly better due to the higher turret traverse which makes the ship even more comfortable to play, although QE's HE and AA is better. Warspite has better secondaries and heal too. Im close to the KGV which I'm looking forward to. I got the Duke of York which I don't mind, so I expect the KGV will play similar.
  7. fwarken, my best was around 1360 from memory which was a first class at the time. i had a 7.1k game in it a few weeks ago which I think was low 1300s - another 1st class...
  8. It's an ambush TD. It's only an assault TD if you're top tier and late game when you can blap low health enemies.
  9. Running food, camo skills, and with camo net up the stationary camo rating was around 66. Park behind a bush and it's ridiculously high. Some Ace Tanker replays below http://wotreplays.eu/site/3694063#malinovka-sammich-jagdpanzer_iv http://wotreplays.eu/site/3669090#stats
  10. Fuck yeah. "That's not a gun. THIS is a gun."
  11. You should be the last person to own one of these Val. I'm ok with 45% pubbies having one though...
  12. I'd be surprised if it was the PSU as what I have sure be more than enough for my system, even including the increased load from a 480 (EVGA 650W bronze) and I hadn't experienced any issues previously. Since I haven't experienced any issues with the new card I don't think it was the PSU. One thing I did notice was that the Radeon ran noticeably hotter than the Nvidia.
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