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  1. I don't think I outright qualify for any one of them. I went on Reddit and went through the list of requirements for each one and I'm not quite there yet. I believe I could get into RDDT0 but it's also the least active as far as I can tell. RDDT0: ???? sarcastic requirements (0/0 achieved) RDDT6: also fairly inactive, requires 1k rWN8 (0/1) RDDT9: 52%WR, 1.3k rWN8 (0/2) RDDTX: 1k rWN8 & at least 1 tier VIII. (0/2 achieved) And that's all they have for casual clans
  2. Hey guys! I created this account over a year ago and only started actually playing on the PC version about ~5 weeks ago. In that span, I've gone from an ugly 100 battle tomato to a ~950 battle banana I'm approaching lime/yellow recents and overall and I'm looking for a clan that will help me continue my journey to purple I have a pretty solid understanding of the game mechanics but I have yet to be tested in the upper tiers. Below I have attached a few bits of information that may be helpful in suggesting a fit for me! Highest Tier Purchased: 6. I have the KV-85, T-34-85, and a stock Cromwell Highest Tier Researched: 7. I have the IS researched, I'm just waiting on the 1.4m credits to come around. Strongholds experience: I recently left a clan where I did ~50 strongholds with them over the course of a few days. I made the mistake of joining the clan before I really met anyone and I almost immediately regretted it. The organization was abysmal, most of the players were new/tomatoes and didn't even have Tier VI yet, and the lack of in-game strategy was appalling. Basically, it was a pub match with only 7 tanks on each team. Clan Wars experience: Similar to strongholds, I joined my last clan to hopefully participate in Clan Wars. I assumed, since they had two provinces on the map, that they were decent. As it turns out, I believe they had them from technical victories and no resemblance of skill. I only had the opportunity to play one Clan War game with them and I did fairly well in it, our team was just not the greatest. What I want in a clan: Well, recently I was looking to join a clan for Strongholds and Clan Wars. However, my last clan was a disaster in that regard and I think it may be smarter to find some platoon-mates or something of the sort that can help me improve as a player and grind some tanks. I don't like trying to do SH/CW between grinding my tanks out and trying to get viable tanks to use in said SH/CW. I was playing a public battle the other day and I was able to platoon with a blue guy for a bit and he asked me if my clan was making me a better player. I reluctantly realized that it was only frustrating me and taking up precious grinding time, and it really just didn't make any sense to stick around as I wasn't learning anything, nor was I having much fun. Yes, I have TeamSpeak and a mic. Yes, I will join TS when I am playing WoT. Tank wish-list that I plan to acquire (roughly in order): I am willing to play Strongholds/Clan Wars, but I think maybe it's best to find a clan I can platoon with and focus on getting better. I am moving up to school this weekend so I may be busy Friday/Saturday, but after that I should be on pretty regularly. I'll be able to make it online at scheduled times if I need to. I will likely play 5+ days a week during school.
  3. So, I was playing Random Battles this weekend and I noticed that there was a guy in a top clan on my team because XVM had his clan symbol next to his name. A simple request, I figured, I asked if he had any simple advice that could go a long way to make me a better player. Being a kind gentleman, he invited me into TeamSpeak and platooned with me for a few games. As we played, he guided me in decision making and always took note of how our team stacked up to theirs in terms of heavies and Tank Destroyers. I thought that was interesting, and something that I never really payed as much attention to as I guess I should have. So, my question is: what should I do differently when my team has more heavies versus less heavies? I've been having a consistency issue where one game I'll easily get 1,500 DMG at Tier V/VI and 4/5 kills and then there are other games where I get to the frontlines only to get bombed by arty (Widepark is the worst). What other pre-battle signs should I look for and how should it influence my gameplan? (i.e. noticing that the other team has 4 arties so grab my umbrella)
  4. Perhaps this weekend Where you from in LA, ging?
  5. Sweet! I'll add all of you guys when I get off of work. I have: KV-1, T-34, Churchill III, and the Wolverine. I also have many Tier IV's but I prefer to focus mostly on my KV-1 and T-34. Also, on weekends and next month when I move back up to college I'll be able to talk on TS/voice chat in general. I look forward to playing with some of you guys! Also, @"TotallyNotAReroll": I already tried adding you, I think. You never accepted
  6. I'm nearly an orange now, yay! I've been having mostly 1k WN8 session stats but it's tough winning games and improving by playing solopubs. I'd be much interested in platooning with others from 7pm-10pm CST on weekdays I do have teamspeak and a mic. However, those are at home on my desktop which, until next month, I only have access to on the weekends. So, I'd love to have people to play with if you don't mind being unable to voice chat Simply having someone to point out when I'm doing/about to do something stupid or having someone to chat with while I play is a big plus! My IGN is xCoNFuSe, you can add me if you'd like. Or, you could post your name and I'll add you when I get online.
  7. I tried manually associating the files with the game executable rather than the launcher as well, no luck. I think the replay is likely started with a built-in script that sends parameters to the exe, and said parameters may have changed with the micropatch. I can't provide an explanation as to why dropping the replay on the executable opens it properly, but it works for me.
  8. It's not just you. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/459308-workaround-for-replay-bug/
  9. I played three sequential games just now for you to analyze. I picked my KV-1 because it's one of the tanks that I feel I could definitely improve on. I'm COMPLETELY willing to hear that I was an idiot and probably shouldn't have done half the things I did. Please, be as critical and precise as possible Feel free to elaborate as deeply as you wish, I'll read it all. For the sake of self-scouting, I've included a description of how I felt about the game. Feel free to read this before you open the replays, after you open the replays, or not at all. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9zbU-BeMQNfOF9laEVjSzBsV3c/view?usp=sharing First battle: Second battle: Third battle: Edit 1: as a side note, my WOT won't let me open replays as of right now (I just watched one a few minutes ago but it's being weird and automatically closing as soon as it opens). So, I'm hoping they are the correct replays. Let me know if my descriptions don't match what happened. I played 6 games in total during this session of replays. Here is my session statistics. I wish I understood why my winrate is always shit. There's likely a correlation to my only survival being the battle won. Man :/ Edit 2: it appears that the replays not working isn't only me. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/3hk3a2/psa_latest_micropatch_seems_to_have_broken_replay/
  10. So, this cool lad who offered to review a replay and help me not suck as much is depressed and ready to quit the game? You're a hero to young chaps like me looking to make it big in the world You can't quit on me now!
  11. Thanks so much Britzz!! I agree with you. I'm going to buy the T-34 when I get a chance and advance down the RU meds at the same time as the IS-7 line. I'll look into a TD line to go down as well. I have the Hetzer and Wolverine (the Wolverine is already Tier V). Would you recommend the E3 or E4 line for the Wolverine? Or, would you recommend another end-tier TD altogether? I hate those guys just as much as you do
  12. I do record each game! I will be sure to set aside a recording of a game where I don't instantly die because of my complete idiocy. It'd be pretty boring to submit a replay where I did something dumb in the first two minutes and died. I'll try and give you something that you can critique meaningfully (particularly something where I live long enough to make many poor decisions worth criticizing rather than just one huge mistake). Thanks so much! Yeah, surviving is one of my weakest points. Aside from that, I generally make poor decisions on where to go on the map. I'm still learning the choke points and often times I'll find myself out in the open getting obliterated by multiple enemies. I read something someone on here posted about angling armor such that the barrel of the gun is just within the front tip of the tracks. That has been working somewhat well for me (when I'm not getting pelted from multiple sides, that is). Would it be a mistake to finish off all of my tanks to Tier V before I do so? I think I've decided that I would like to halt my lines at Tier V because that's generally where they stop varying so much. Like, say, rather than a mix of tank types (light -> medium -> heavy) they start to get to the point where the rest of the line is of the same class. Would it be a good idea to play two lines all the way up to end-tier at a time, rather than playing 8 lines at once? Or, even, should I play three at once? A TD, medium, and heavy perhaps? I think someone previously mentioned that by playing too many tanks at once I'd be hurting myself because I'd forget what happened last time in my tank that caused my death. [and other reasons I cannot recall] I am definitely interested in going up the IS-7 line. I also find the FV215b line easy with the good armor and ice-pick guns (but the line doesn't seem to be great end-tier). Plus, they're not very mobile (maybe that's every heavy line, though). If so, what line would you recommend climbing in conjunction with the IS-7? I enjoy medium play. Tank Destroyer is a bit harder for me because I seem to be poor at finding good spots to be useful at without being seen by everyone on the enemy team (although perhaps that can be attributed to the lack of proper team formation in the lower tiers). I like to be up front doing a lot of damage and seem to be a bit less smart at deciding when to flank and where to flank to without accidentally running into the entire enemy team. Should I play two heavy lines at once to get the full effect of heavy play? Should I play a heavy line and a medium line/TD line get more diversity and practice with other classes? [edit: I have researched the T-34 in the USSR line; that's the furthest medium I have thus far. In terms of TD, I have the Wolverine at Tier V and the Hetzer at IV] Thanks in advance for all the helpfulness!
  13. Hey, I agree with you there. I've read many guides on that (including the WG wiki here on Battle Mechanics) and I feel as though I've got a pretty good hold on the basics. No, I don't know everything about them. That's still a ways off But, I do know enough to understand why I died each game. I've been taking more careful shots into the Cupola/Machine guns of tanks when I'm playing as the Churchill or KV-1. I've been trying to sit more than 15m behind bushes when sniping so that I don't get lit when I shoot. I think I'm doing pretty well in that phase. I want to believe I can focus on stats, at least a little bit Heck, in my recollection of the game in my OP when I killed the M4 Sherman I did so by putting every shell into his small Commander's Hatch. (it was easy to hit because I was shooting downward at him)
  14. Hey everyone! So, lately I've been trying to step my game up and be the best tanker I can be. I've been trying to advance about 8 lines to Tier V that lead to good end-tier tanks (E-100, IS-7, T-62a/Obj. 140, E 50M, Jagdtiger (Tier IX), T110E3/E4, etc.). So far, I have 3 Tier V's purchased and 2 more researched with many more soon to be researched. (I'm hitting a credit barrier, doh!) Throughout this, I've had to play my fair share of "OMGWTF" tanks as well as the "oooooh yeahhhh"s. I've been playing with a few guys that I met over on the WoT forums and listening in on their TeamSpeak as they played the special tournament this past weekend. We've platooned a few games and they've helped me improve a bit by giving me simple tips. So, my question to you awesome individuals: what steps can I take to improve my game and challenge myself to raising my WN8 to 1k by 1,500 battles? I had one game where I was playing a Covenanter and got into a Tier VII game since I was a scout. The guys I was playing with told me to sit pretty far behind all of our teammates until at least the first third of the battle had passed. I thought that was kinda dumb, right? I mean, surely I could be more productive. I could be up there in the frontlines finding a good bush to sit in and get spotting damage! Eh, whatever, I'll listen to them. And I did. I sat around and the flank I was on was pretty much falling. I retreated as best as possible and ended up being chased by an M4 back to spawn. I outmaneuvered him (largely by luck) and he fell into a pit and got stuck, at which point I picked him apart 80hp at a time with my little gun. Then, the guys I was platooning with made it back over to me after our flank had fallen and our team managed to get another few kills throughout that. Ultimately, there was only one guy left and I was accompanied by two teammates. As I was the fastest guy on the team by far, I was left to go cruise around and find the last tank alive. And, when I did, he was nearly dead so I managed to take the last shot on him and pick up two kills. A match that I thought the advice given to me was dumb ended up in a victory and two kills. How the hell did that happen? Just yesterday, I installed the OMC mod which allowed me to add a few things to my client. I added simple things like Session Statistics so that I can easily monitor my performance to ensure that I am getting better with each battle. No matter how many videos I've watched, I can't seem to find any great videos on being the best noob there is. I can't even find any admirable Tier IV and V gameplay videos. It's tough being the new guy! Edit: Also, no matter how GREAT or POOR I play in a match, I am having an absolutely dreadful time trying to keep my Win Rate up. I go on mad losing streaks in certain tanks even when I'm playing above average. I also get the annoying first victory of the day when I'm the first one dead. Will that be a byproduct of improving my gameplay? Should I worry about my WR at all?
  15. Hey Drostcol! Thanks for that bit; it certainly helps. You did spark a question in me: when I go for Sixth sense, should I go for it outright? What I mean by that: 1. Should I go for 6th sense as my first perk, outright 2. Should I go for Repairs and then 40% of a second skill and then "reset" skills/perks and get 6th sense? (This enables me to utilize SOMETHING instead of going from 0% to 100% without any benefits. I've heard of a lot of people doing the latter and I didn't know if it was somethihng I should standardize when going for Sixth Sense on my commanders
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